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Friday, 10/12/2012, 11:00 pm

QUICK TWITT | Jon Jones Contemplating Fighting Chael Sonnen For The Fans | UFC NEWS


24 Responses to “QUICK TWITT | Jon Jones Contemplating Fighting Chael Sonnen For The Fans | UFC NEWS”

  1. What? says:

    Boo this man!!

  2. Haha says:

    Should of done it for the fans when he had the chance.

    • Tossers says:

      exactly, the dumb shit, we don’t give a fuck anymore. He wants to fight him when he gets 4 months of watching every single footage of chael sonnen, along with footage of chael sonnens camp training. The guy didn’t want to fight chael out of principle so fuck him. IDGAF about the LHW anyway, its a boring division now (ie after he systematically cleaned it out, so props to him).

      • Stal says:

        I have to agree with the sentiment in regards to preparation. There was an opportunity to fight the man who is out of his weight class and given a week to train. I know its a business and fighters have to look out for #1, but I feel like you should be ready to take on anyone if a) the champ and b) completing a full training camp. It makes me miss the tournament format…you have only a few minutes to work out what to do as opposed to spending months watching film. The interest isn’t there any longer as its now more of a cash grab than ever before.

  3. JSTSCRP says:

    & the other part says “I wanna get PAID!!!”

  4. G1ANT says:

    It’s not about fighting him now. The fact is after a full training camp you declined to fighting Chael a guy in a lower weight class trying to step up and fill a spot.

  5. Bjj BB says:

    Wow! Every1 still butt hurt after jbj turning down a fighter who aint shit!! Dont do it for the fans jbj cause the fans that talked shit in the 1st place dont deserve to see you smash sonnens face in cause there all F-UCKING CrY BABYS!! Just keep fighting the best and keep winning and shut all these half ass mma fans the f-uck up. (Haters reply below and eat a fat d-ick)

    • Not a hater..i agree says:

      F all the haters, Jones! Fight for your kids and yourself, not the fans! Your fans will back you no matter what you choose; it’s the haters that just are full of hate for you that it eats at them because you are successful. Just laugh at all of them losers for wasting their time (and lives) away hating so much.

      • fatasskboardwarriors says:

        It’s funny when a professional fighter makes a personal, and professional decision, everyone comes out of the woodworks to act like little bitches.

        Most of you bitching and moaning have never spent a single day in the gym training for shit; and you blast a guy who has singlehandedly demolished and entire ufc division in less time than any other ufc veteran.

        Are you guys butthurt because he fights for himself as he should? That man owes nobody shit, if you don’t like it go back to watch wwe where they play to the crowds adolescent emotions; or maybe you guys shouldn’t post so much while you’re on your periods LOL!

        • Sugar Ponybear says:

          Fatass Key board warrior, at least you live up to your name. Welcome to America, the land of celebrities and freedom of speech. The land where you can blast any body you so choose. It comes with the territory. And we blast him because he does not live up to his contractual obligations, which is fair. Any time a fighter, specially a Champ for that matter, fails to live up to his obligations, yes there will be backlash. And the fans that aren’t so sucked up his ass will sway, fans can come and go, very easily at that. If you can’t respect your fans you don’t have a bright future. Specially if you bite the hand that feeds you in the process. Contrary to your belief Jon Jones owes A LOT of people. He owes the people that employ him because they don’t have to. He owes his sponsors which are like fans in the sense if they don’t like what your doing they’ll drop you in a heart beat. You do owe your fans because without them you would have nothing. Which obviously he’s getting this now if now he’s saying he would fight Chael if he had to.

        • Haha says:

          Dumb ass, He backed out the first time thinking for himself and now he’s saying he wants to do it for the fans? Come on now. The fans have a right to say what they want. People pay big money too watch these fuckers fight. All Jones has to do is train, the fucking guy will never have to worry about working a normal job in his life again. Your the fucking keyboard warrior. Cant handle peoples opinions then shut the fuck up.

  6. Big L says:

    They were going to pay him less, and he had more to lose… Watch don frye’s interview. I think he did the right thing,

  7. Tim says:

    Stick a fork in this bitch.

  8. alfie says:

    just put the bullet in strikeforces head take cormier and anyone else who would be any worth to the ufc and just end it there is only like 2 or 3 guys in strikeforce that would even be able to contest with guys in ufc whats the point of having another organisation were everyone knows that they are not the best fighters

  9. Sugar Ponybear says:

    If that is the case this dude needs to be cut from the UFC immediately. I don’t even get how they let Rob Emmerson keep fighting. You can’t say anything inappropriate on Twitter but go ahead a beat random strangers to near death, it’s cool. Although almost ALL the criticism of MMA is that it’s just a violent sport with a bunch of unintelligent meat heads beating each other to a bloody pulp. Allowing people like this (if this WAS the case) and Emmerson to fight only exasperates that belief. MMA is still banned from quite a few states and still has a lot of work to clear that belief. I personally view an MMA match almost similar to a game of chess but people that don’t fight or don’t know the sport don’t see it like that. Most people don’t even believe fighting is a technical skill. People like Stephans (allegedly) and Emmerson are bad names for this sport.

  10. B-rad says:

    If thats how it went down then thats fucked up.. Unless he had a damn good reason to do it..

  11. Hjortur Halldorsson says:

    Phil Davis is truly wonderful. He can’t wait to see him fight Jon Jones, that fight will happen sooner than later.

    I must admit that I have a new found respect for Jon Fitch. What a fight!!! He absolutely destroy one of my favorite fighters in MMA today.

  12. 757 says:

    I guess all those fitch haters who comment on this site are crying ha ha ha

  13. Hope Silva was wearing protection he might be prego from being humped so hard.

  14. Irie Nation says:

    All you little queefs that say jones should just fight for himself think about this…..think about the time in your life’s when you saw chuck liddell step into the octagon….that man truly cared for his fans and probably a part of him fought for his fans….what the hell is a fighter without fans? Let me give another point…ill go with flyweight…they don’t have many fans cuz ppl don’t like the smaller weight classes so they ain’t that big…the UFC stresses when they had them headlining at first cuz it’s not a big draw…so to me a part of every fighter should fight for the fans because in a way the fans are what makes the fighter blow up…not saying its the only reason they blow up just saying fans also have something to do with it

    • Haha says:

      Fuck’n A! Idk what the hell these people are saying “keyboard warriors” when themselves are keyboard warriors. They wanna be heros and suck his dick then go ahead. But dont hate other fans for their opinions. Fans that do that to other fans are keyboard warriors. Basically what were pissed about is, dont say youll fight for the fans when you had the chance too but you ended up letting the fans down anyway. Its like selling something but not giving the buyer the purchase. Thats the fucked up thing about UFC blowing up. You have these fighters that are made and back in the day you have these fighters that were born. The difference is back then you would just fight, now theres all these politics and more money is involved makes UFC look like McDonalds. Everything processed, everything already made. Then you get these people addicted too it turn into obsessed fans and pay big bucks to see more bigger better exciting things. So people get pissed man when a fighter doesnt put out, then they want to go back and see the Born Fighter again instead of the Made Fighter that wanted to fight because he saw it on T.V. Therese a big fucking difference between the fighters today and the fighters in the old ufc and pride days. These born fighters are old already and pass there prime. They still do it because they love the fans and they love the vibe the fans give them. They lose here and there but they dont give a fuck because they know the fans love them because the fans paid to watch. In bones situation, he gotta taste defeat. In order to really taste that fighting spirit. He will be great one day, but until the whip is laid then people have the right to say there opinions. Dont call us keyboard warriors cuz you aint shit. You might think you have big balls but the shaft does all the dirty work!

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