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Wednesday, 10/05/2011, 08:00 am

Quick Twitt: Jon Jones Buys A Toy Following UFC 135 Win

“Got my first new car today in Vegas #stoked … 2012 Bentley Continental GT … Even came with a Bones logo 😉 … One of the best days of my life.” – Jon Jones via twitter.


28 Responses to “Quick Twitt: Jon Jones Buys A Toy Following UFC 135 Win”

    • Leigh trask says:

      Good for you buddy! You deserve it! I don’t know if you remember this, but I tried to buy you a drink at the mix on top of Mandalay bay after your victory over bader and you refused lol.. live in the moment man and always remember that what makes you great is how you adjust and you my friend are the ufc’s greatest adjuster. Keep on keeping on buddy! Good luck to you in your recoveries and in future fights

    • Roy says:

      Can you pay for it? You can’t be a Pro Boxer so you made as a wanna-be MMA fighter

  1. dustin says:

    Much Deserved!

  2. jake says:

    jones got tha gayest face in that pic.. i’d prolly have tha same one tho if i jus got that whip

  3. Trey says:

    Buy me one? Haha

  4. Nick says:

    Should of got a Lambo or Ferrari. Well I guess he likes Luxury.

  5. UnpluggedAbroad says:

    How are the rims? Be they spinnin’? They SPINNIN’? Awesome car if you’re pulling in millions per year and likely to continue to do so for decades, but what a monumental waste of money for a 23 year old MMA athlete with a kid. Chris Rock needs to sit this nitwit down and teach him a thing or two: “Oh, you rich, but you ain’t never gonna be wealthy.”

    • Joe says:


    • Dude.. says:

      I am a HUGE Jones fan, but I kinda agree with this comment. It goes against the plea Jon made after the Rampage fight about helping out Endicott NY due to a flood. I know he donated money to that cause and he has every right to spend his money anyway he wants, but $200K+ could’ve helped so many more people in Endicott, since “half the population is homeless” there.

      The Chris Rock comment is true, though. One thing about being an extremely wealthy athlete is that it can change in an INSTANT due to injury in training, in a fight, or just in everyday life. I hope someone has Jon’s back in securing his future now.

      • MMA All Day says:

        what?! dude bought a nice car with his earned cash after first winning then defending the UFC belt…at 23! and were talking about his financial future? wtf, are you an investment banker, financial planner? Maybe they should of ran a story about some RRSP contributions he made…or maybe he opened a savings account…ooooh ohh, I know. he’s flipping properties in his spare time so he can ensure a steady and reliable income for years to come. I’d just love to see this young mans portfolio.

        FaaCK OFF! He’s a young champion and he bought a car. Good on em’.

        • Dude.. says:

          No, Mr. Day, I am not an “investment banker” or “financial planner.” But I wish I had one when I was 24 so that I could understand the effect time has on investments. Almost all young people have a lot of time, but not much money. But when you invest with a lot of time ahead of you and a lot of money in front of you, dude, you’ve got the best of both worlds. Make it count.

          Jones is the one who made the plea for Endicott asking for money. My assumption is that Endicott is fine now because Jones, their most famous resident, just dropped over $200K on a car. All is good in the world.

  6. Meatus says:

    Nigga, I drive a Nissan Altima.

  7. tim says:

    Not very humble imho, but hey that Jones. I love to watch him fight, but nothing will be sweeter than when he loses

  8. Joe says:

    timmy the toof, Jon Jones is going to become the wayne gretzky of mma

  9. irony says:

    LOL! He still lives with his Moms.

  10. DanaBrown says:

    Look at the picture.. Definitely gay

  11. Mike Diaz says:

    Nice, hence commences the reign of Jon Jones! PENN NATION!!!!!!!

  12. Mario says:

    Wtf is wrong with spending a little money on yourself after you put in all hard work to earn that money? Quit finding small reasons to hate on jones… haters!!!

    I’m not even a jones fan

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