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Thursday, 09/08/2011, 12:28 am

Quick Twitt: Jon Fitch Ready And Willing To Step In For Condit Against BJ Penn


87 Responses to “Quick Twitt: Jon Fitch Ready And Willing To Step In For Condit Against BJ Penn”

  1. GET RID OF FITCH says:

    when is Fitch going to realize noone wants to ever watch his LAY N PRAY bullshit in the cage ever again. FITCH is the most boring fighter in the history of all MMA. Dana knows noone wants to see Fitch he already said NO FITCH

  2. Troy says:

    I just posted a thread in regards to Nick screwing BJ…..and the possible fight with Fitch. This is messed up….i would hate to watch this fight again.

  3. dreadhead says:

    Does anyone actually care what fitch has to say about anything anymore?

  4. syche says:

    omfg not jon bitch fitch…its the wrong fight for u BJ, you should fight Diaz bro!!!!!

  5. Luke says:

    BJ should fight Diaz, both for the fans and to give Nick a second chance after what must be an anxiety related issue caused him to lose his title shot.

  6. Pomai says:

    Dana says he got something “crazy” planned for Bj if he can make it happen .Machida @ 170-185 catch weight sounds crazy. Is this a possibility?

    • syche says:

      seriously ? where did u see that ? shit i wonder what it is….cus jon bitchass fitch aint crazy thats for sure….crazy staller maybe, i mean i love all mma and all facets of it, but im sorry fitch may have this grinding style which essentially is very good and tough to beat, but the way he NEVER finishes opponents is what does it for me….i hate that in fighters, at least diaz goes balls to the wall everytime and so does BJ, GSP and Fitch cant even finish a fuckin childrens book these days

    • Squid says:

      No not a possibility …why would he fight Machida they already have fought and why would Machida drop down to fight BJ what purpose does it serve? Machida should be fighting for the belt again soon it does nothing for either fighter or the UFC… NONE

  7. Objective BJ Fan says:

    I’m not a big fan of Fitch either, but I am not against Fitch getting the fight. Why? BJ needs to finish him. He obtained redemption against Jens and Hughes, right? The fan in me wants BJ to finish Fitch, GSP, and Edgar, period. The draw and those losses (which I think he won the first Edgar fight and lost the second) are bothersome to me. Yeah, I know I’m not the one fighting, but I KNOW BJ can beat those guys. Imagine he finish Fitch in October, beat GSP next spring, and then drop back to LW and win the championship there….that would be cool.

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      Only problem is by next spring Edgar will no longer be LW champ. Noone wants to see Fitch’s lay n pray suck ass bullsh’t using the shitty rules to win boring ass decisions. BTW fitch is no longer the #2 WW in the UFC. compare what Condit has done in the last year or two which is far and away beat more higher ranked fighters than Fitch not to mention Condit finishes fights something Fitch can only dream of. Does fitch look as old as the Nogeras or what in that picture or maybe its those big monster size monkey ears. Dana white can’t stand Fitch and I believe Dana wants to get rid of his boring ass because he knows the fans will not pay to see fitch fight. all you have to do is look up Dana’s interview from earlier in the year SB Nation/Fitch Dave Meltzer. Dana says Fitch stinks up his fight cards and he has no fan support

      • RCS says:

        hate to stand up for boring fighters. but i think fitch beats condit 9 out of 10 times. if he grinds (bores us to death). I’d say bring in yellow cards but hate giving judges and refs more weight in the out come of fights. I’d say give double pay for all finishes.

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    • Lobo Draco says:

      Totally agree with you, BJ Penn definitely defeated Edgar in their first fight, and also his first fight with GSP. Don’t believe me, watch the fights again and score each round. Record should be BJ PENN 1 EDGAR 1, and also PENN 1 GSP 1

      • dontbescaredhomie says:

        How can you guys even say bj beat Edgar at all your guys weird man love for bj has made you blind!

        • Objective BJ Fan says:

          dude, if what you said was true, I would have said BJ won the 2nd Edgar fight also!! lol.. Edgar OUT-DANCED BJ in Abu Dhabi. But it’s not the Ultimate Dancing Championship, is it? Fight Metric showed (which I also saw with my own little eyes MANY A TIMES since I had to watch that fricken fight many times ’cause I COULDN’T BELIEVE Edgar got the win!!!!) that BJ out-struck Edgar. But I digress…

        • Tyn says:

          I second Lobo Draco. BJ beat Edgar in the first fight and did enough in the first GSP fight to beat him as well. The 2nd GSP fight should have been a NC due to the greasing allegations. Even the NSAC said, “we caught him, we got him cheating”. Watch some of the videos and you’d see how bullshit that fight was. Not saying GSP couldn’t have won, but he was cheating and it should have been disqualified. BJ just wants his “fair fight” and he didn’t feel that he got it.

        • Findog23 says:

          you are dead on with your points! i feel same way

    • syche says:

      man youre right it would be amazing to see penn smash fitch and gsp

      • shane says:

        yeah ryt, bj won the first fight against edgar and same to GSP

        • Lambo says:

          Watch the youtube video of GSP in the hospital after the first fight. He was fucked up!! and its funny he admits it. The judges saw him wrestle fucking bj and gave Him the W. BJ’s face normal, GSP’s face DESTROYED LOL

  8. BiggoTrav says:

    You know what would be a Fitch fight worth watcjing? Kos. You know what would be a GREAT fight to watch? Penn/Diaz… Let’s make them both happen!!!

    • blackfox4187 says:

      whats up with all this penn vs diaz talk diaz doesnt deserve to carry penns workout gear was in the ufc before never beat no top tier fighter left went to strikeforce where all those who cant cut it in the ufc go to be champion well most of them and now every one wants him in there against penn why he dont even want to get in there with penn edgar will lose to the bully gray maynard and if he does get past him ben henderson will take that belt off his hands and penn is one of the best and one of my favorite fighters but he doesnt want to go back in there against gsp the last time he was in there he quit in his corner after being taken down at will he will go in the hall of fame and is to the lightweight what anderson silva is to the middleweight but he really doesnt want to go back in there with gsp and as for gsp he doesnt need to finish fights anymore everyone says he does the same thing well until someone stops that one thing and take that belt from him hes going to take people down and jab em all day

  9. Sebboss says:

    Honestly, i would love to see either fight. Alot of people are crappin around sayin “he slees through fights” and “john bitch fitch” but in all reality that dude is livin the dream! and fighting has become about match ups and knock outs when, i culd watch the most boring fight and love it. its about conquest, its about seeing who has more skill and heart. If john fitch lays on someone for 5 rounds, let him! lets see if BJ can work around it, play his best, and it will be a good fight.

  10. court1124 says:

    I knew this guy was gonna try and put his 2 fuckin cents in. He was hoping something like this would happpen. This whole situation urks the shit out of me…Hopefully something good for BJ will come out of this. Can’t wait to find out who he’s fighting now. Oh well, no matter who it is, still cheering for Penn.

  11. Dc0199 says:

    In reality, I do not believe most fans want to see BJ and Fitch 2. BJ won the first fight. Yes he did lose round 3 but he pulled a GSP. Fitch is a boring fighter and does not bring any excitement to his fights. The only memory I have of Fitch was watching GSP drop him and how humiliated he looked on GSP’s highlight reel. Enough said, move up to middleweight Fitch and see what happens to you there.

  12. Johnny says:

    Wow this is like watching scary movie 3 its not funny anymore mother fuckers!

  13. dwayne says:

    dana should cut diaz, bj should whoop fitch up..winner gets a title fight next year in hawaii????? ufc in hawaiii???? idk who could beat bj with the hawaiians behind him

  14. kris says:

    jon fitch = poor man’s gsp

  15. Stoyan says:

    I want to see a rematch between Fitch and Penn

  16. Kevin says:

    All respect to BJ but Fitch erased his soul in their first fight. If the fight would have gone into championship rounds it’d have been a 4th round TKO. I do think BJ would do BJ/Fitch 2 because he’s a man and would step up to handle unfinished business, but I don’t think it’d go any differently the second time (other than possibly the judges not screwing it up this time).

    Also, ask BJ sometime how getting cuddled by a L&P’er like Fitch felt. BJ looked like he got hit by a bus.

    • sQrLLZ says:

      4th round TKO ? You think the first guy Fitch is going to finish in how long is going to be BJ ? Your outta your fkn mind. Was it close ? hell yes, I thought BJ mighta lost. Than it was a tie and I was kind of relieved. Than I watched it again and I’m left wondering how BJ lost.

      • Creature says:

        Are you serious right now? i understand you are a big fan of BJ but seriously the 3rd round was nothing but Fitch beating a gassed Penn’s face in, Fitch broke him, it Def was a 10-8 round, and i guarantee the Ref wouldnt have let it go for another entire round like that. He would have stopped it. Im a big fan of BJ but if it had been a 5 rounder he would have been screwed, Fitch/Penn 2 needs to happen, it was a draw for the number 1 contenders spot, Fitch is like 12-1-1 in the UFC he deserves it rather you hate his style or not.

        • Chris says:

          Youre deluded.

        • Ryan Love says:

          I get Fitch’s beef. I think BJ won the fight 29-28 cuz I don’t think that was a 10-8 round, but I don’t think it was a travesty… I can see how it was scored how it was. I also don’t put Fitch in the GSP category of trying to merely outscore opponents. He is just a wrestler, and doesn’t excite people, but atleast he fights his fight and brings it. As a BJ fan, I don’t want the fight to happen. Its not a knock on BJ. Styles make fights, and this contrast of styles is not good for BJ. That is what makes his first fight so impressive. I would rather both fighters went different directions until one of them has the title. Then the other can have a title shot.

        • Kevin says:

          Round 3 of Fitch/BJ was at BEST a 10-8 round. 147 unanswered strikes in the ROUND (BJ had literally 2 strikes that entire round per Fightmetric), 3 takedowns total grappling domination. You can make a better case for 10-7 than for 10-9.

          As for round 2, Fitch landed 14 sig. strikes to BJ’s 5 and 59 total strikes to BJ’s 18 and really took control toward the end of the round, again, a clear Fitch round. It’s scary to think that every single judge on that fight made a mistake somewhere, but, that’s the state of the sport right now.

          Hilariously, as for Fitch’s previous UFC opponents, BJ did better against Fitch than most but worse than Mike Pierce.

  17. Leelegend says:

    Penn vs Diaz would be a bad @$$ matchup. A mans man fight! Two scrappers. Would be like the Bears playing the Steelers in street football with no pads. The fans would love it. Shields would be a better matchup to fight Fitch. As boring as Fitch is, that would be a great fight.

  18. GET RID OF FITCH says:

    BOTTOM LINE NOONE WANTS TO WATCH FITCH PERIOD END OF STORY.If you were the UFC and you were in the business of putting on the fights the fans want to see what would you do with Fitch? Dana wants to get rid of his sorry ass cause the fans won’t pay to see him fight and UFC loses money when Fitch does his lay n pray stalling act which is running out the clock and not actual fighting. you guys will see soon enough after Fitch fights someone like Rory Mcdonald who will finish him and the UFC will do what Dana has been saying forever and that is they want to get rid of his boring ass and they said he is overpaid. Therfe is plenty of awesome exciting WW that everyone can’t wait to see fight to want to keep Fitch around. Mark my words here next time Fitch loses he will be released. Before the Bj Penn fight Fitch was put on notice if he didn’t perform and win in domainating fashion that his job was on the line. Fitch is on thin ice like i said before read it for yourself SB Nation/ Dana/ Fitch written by Dave Meltzer who interviewed Dana. All the UFC brass were rooting for BJ to win that fight because they couldn’t wait to get rid of Fitch

  19. Ur all Trolls says:

    Hmm BJpenn’s website. Talking about Jon Fitch. Of course guy’s will hate Fitch he beats BJ penn all day.

    • Dana Black says:

      It’s about his style, boring as hell. If I wanted to go see dry humping for 15 minutes I’d rather go visit my grandparents and watch them. At least pops finishes!

  20. Chris says:

    Dana already shot down the idea. Back to the boiler room Fitch.

  21. Squicker says:

    This shit seems staged… the Gracie call while at the press conference

  22. Xaninho says:

    Noone wants to see Fitch fight.

  23. Dana Black says:

    Jon “Dry Hump” Fitch should go into gay porn! He would be a star!

  24. dustin says:


  25. T.DADDY says:

    no way can this happen!!!! fukk u fitch u garbage azz nikka!

    junkie blows goats!

  26. BX81 says:

    Fitch is wack. I thought the fight was a draw. I had bj in rounds 1& 2 and fitch in round 3. The problem with fitch is he tries to grind you down till you’re tiered and bj tries to win the fight not the match. It’s weired to see the sport evolve so much to the point where you have guys simply trying to win using the point system and other guys trying to win a fight like some other guy said he could beat your ass. Bj has that mentality. He doesn’t go for points. That’s why I will always be a bj fan. He beat GSP and edgar the 1st time and He clearly lost both those rematches. GSP was suspect as hell and He gave frankie his props the second time. Fitch vs Penn 2 would only end in fitch getting racked imo. Fitch will try to wrestle earlier but we saw what happenes when BJ trains with matt huges. He can counter that to keep it on the feet for 2 rounds. I would like to see BJ wrestle more. It’s the only thing that he’s missing from his game. With that comes the muscular endurance that is needed. I was actually surprised that bj was able to go at that pace for 2 rounds considering that’s not his style. Big ups to penn and Penn Nation

  27. MTRAN83 says:

    Diaz is the only viable opponent for GSP. Granted the man got what he deserved for acting like a bitch. His striking is better than GSP’s, his jujitsu is better& all GSP has got is wrestling. Diaz is a super athlete for christ sake the man does iron man competetions when he’s not training for fights. Everyone needs to stop hating on the man. Ya’ll are just disappointed you don’t get to see GSP punished on his feet then eventually choked out.

  28. Digs says:

    F*ck a jonfitch. BJ v. NickDiaz.

    I know BJ has ties to the Gracie camp and said he wouldn’t fight Jake Shields, but as soon as Shields called him out BJ was ready to break his face.

    In reality, Nick Diaz isn’t even a top 10 WW now that he’s in the UFC.

    Here’s a list of people that would stomp Nick Diaz at WW.

    Brian Ebersole.
    Rory Macdonald.
    Thiago Alves.
    Rick Story.
    Carlos Condit.
    Chris Lytle.
    and BJ PENN.

  29. bob says:

    give it up fitch we dont wnat to see you fight

  30. Gip2345 says:

    I thought Nick and BJ are friends. Actually, they have trained at the RVCA gym in Cali.

  31. Fortyb4five says:

    No I guarantee it won’t be Fitch. Dana said its gonna be a “crazy” option for bj and the fans will go nuts…and Dana knows the fans don’t enjoy Fitch’s fights.

  32. SPASE says:

    personally, I’d rather watch Fitch fight Diaz. that sounds pretty exciting.

  33. Dustin says:

    They are bringing back Marquart so they can fight in the ring and not at the Jackson Gym. LOL

  34. Ryrie says:

    @digs are you insane?

    nick diaz beats almost every ww u named apart from maybe Penn, Condit and gsp because of his lay and pray style! have you even watched any of his fights!

    Look we as fans pay alot of money for good tickets to these events, we want to see actual fighters…..not rent boys looking for a free ride! John “Bitch” Fitch is just a boring fighter, and to be honest, no one wants to see him in a main or co main event! we used to wen he was up and coming but hes become so attached to this boring style that we’re sick of it!

    Hed be better off in M1 with fedor :)

    I really do hope theyve got someone amazing for BJ! im sick of him only doing rematches and boring wrestlers! needs some fresh highlight reel victims :)

    • Digs says:

      I dunno mayn.

      I like diaz, he’s a brawler and his jitz is legit.
      But majority of WW’s are wrestlers who grind it out.

      He is on a long win streak against easier competition in Strikeforce.

      He lost a lot of his big fights in the UFC.

      Only way to know for sure how he’d do agianst UFC elite is to see him show up for fights. And homie just messed up a solid chance to prove me and a lot of people wrong.

      [ and i think they’re bringing back marquardt. if he can pass his tests! ]

  35. GET RID OF FITCH says:

    Go to any MMA website and its obvious 90% or 9 out of 10 MMA fans have absolutely no desire to ever see fitch in the cage again regardless who its against so for the 2 idiots on this site that think people are saying what they are saying about fitch is because its BJ.penn website you are wrong. Fitch is hands down the most boring fighter in all MMA history and will always only be known for that. i can’t believe that anyone could actually respect a guy like Fitch who walks around at well over 200 pounds and has the freakish ability to drop weight and then walk into the cage at fight time at over 200 lbs. Only reason Fitch is able to eeeeek out his boring ass decsions is using his 30 lbs of weight advantage to wear down his opponnets. His fighting skills are sub par comapred to most MMA fighters and his ability to hump someones leg for 15 minutes does not impress me in the least. Fitch started his career at LHW and got his ass kicked. Fitch clearly lost 2 rounds to a LW so how the hell does that make him a great fighter or even mentioned by Yahoo sports as p4p one of the best. if fitch fought at his natural weight or if the UFC had same day weigh ins Fitch wouldn’t even be agatekeeper at 185 or 205. Fitch will always only be known as a boring as WRESTLER who used his huge weight advantage to lay on his opponents and couldn’t beat a LW in BJ penn. I want you all to take a moment and try and picture how Fitch would do at LHW, nuf said he’s a great weight cutter and thats it

  36. mikeA says:

    fitch is borrrrring…

    theres a reason why, his tweet said ” havent”….

    ufc doesnt offer ish to boring fighters that dont scrap…

    and… yess bj won penn vs fitch1 …. he pulled a gsp … for points and he still gets hated on??!?
    cmon bj finishes they hate, bj wrestles them on points they hate… wat do u haters want?!?!

    PENN WAR!!!!

    dana better make it up to bj for this BS … i was all hyped for a real scrap then this ish happenss…

    diaz vs fitch
    gsp vs condit
    winner vs winner
    then winner vs bj !!!!!

  37. matt says:

    everyone hating on fitch is fuckin stupid. hes the best ww wrestler in the ufc, if you cant wrestle & cant get off your back then youre not a fighter simple as that. thats part of mma so if you think its “boring” then watch K-1 cuz fights dont always go how the fans want to see them

  38. charlesh says:

    Jon Fitch.. What a joke of a fighter.. If he quit twitting and crying.. Train.. You might win a fight.. Well one that counts.. He doesnt have the ability to beat St.-Pierre.. Still wondering why Bj wrestled him in that fight.. I heard shoulder injury… But as wide open as his chin was for the first 2 rounds Penn should had knocked him out.. But (Penn) won 2 of 3. BJPENN please knock fitch out.. Also teach Matt Hughes how to box.. I hate to see him lose.. Esp. to Kos…

  39. Kevin says:

    Fitch smashes everyone at WW except for GSP and then maybe sometimes he wins there too. If you can’t stop his takedown then prepare for the worst 15 minutes of your life (or less).

    All of you idiots whining about Fitch being a ‘boring fighter’ should go watch Toughman or something. Appreciate the skill of a fighter who can’t be beat except by the absolute best in the world, and try to understand what kind of hell he put BJ through before you criticize him as ‘boring’. Guarantee BJ was entertained enough.

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