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Wednesday, 08/01/2012, 08:27 am

Quick Twitt | John Alessio Released From UFC Contract | UFC NEWS

At 33-years old, UFC lightweight, John Alessio has been released by the UFC following back to back losses to Mark Boceck and Shane Roller.


5 Responses to “Quick Twitt | John Alessio Released From UFC Contract | UFC NEWS”

  1. Mo deezy says:

    That’s crappy. John is a good fighter..he just couldn’t perform in the UFC!

  2. me says:

    yeah he is good. the fights they gave him were tough match ups i think, sucks how some crappy fighters seem to get catered to and given good match ups for their style. he lost to 2 tough guys he shouldnt be booted for that

    • Will says:

      So, this guy loses 2 fights, and he’s booted. Was it because he didn’t insult a whole country and call himself “undefeated and undisputed”…and then lose a second time to the same guy? The honor for true fighters is easily going out the window in this organization. It all comes down to who is going to make the UFC the most money. That blows penis.

  3. SICK1 says:

    Go to Strikeforce please….

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