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Thursday, 01/03/2013, 11:43 am

Quick Twitt | ‘Jenton Quackson’ Is Ducking Fights Says Chael Sonnen | UFC NEWS

In one of his more recent twitter posts, Chael Sonnen, fired off a missile towards Rampage Jackson, who he accuses of ducking fights while awaiting his UFC contract to expire.


34 Responses to “Quick Twitt | ‘Jenton Quackson’ Is Ducking Fights Says Chael Sonnen | UFC NEWS”

  1. magoo says:

    Lmao too funny! At least you would have a chance against page, jones is gonna wreck u.

  2. Dee says:

    What an idiot. Rampage has had more exciting and tougher fights than this man has dreamed of.

  3. Charticus says:

    Chael the next LHW CHAMPION! LOL

  4. Ryan says:

    Chael Sonnen = Awesomeness

  5. Shatta says:

    lol chael is still in the UFC ? oh yea i forgot he’s fighting jones and then what will happen after he comes off his 2nd title fight in a row… they’ll do like they did with edgar and make him drop down and fight gsp now ?

  6. B-rad says:

    I like to see when Chael has some shit to fling at someone, but this doesnt make any sense, hes fighting one of the most dangerous 205ers there is pretty soon, and 2nd like someone already said, Rampage has been in some LEGENDARY fights especially in pride, If these two ever fought, the smart money would be on Chael grinding him down to nothing for three rounds, but if Page connected with any of those bombs it would be night night real fast.

  7. Dana Is Greedy says:

    Chael is comedy But he should be getting ready for the beating he’s gonna take from Jones…

  8. Thom says:

    can i comment yet? anyway rampage is a legend, chael is a bum.

  9. Chael says:

    I take Testosterone Replacement Therapy rectally! 8=>*

  10. Chael S. says:

    All of you are bums. A bunch of keyboard warriors. The Chael will beat JJ and Fagpage is no where near my level of comp. Out!

  11. LOL says:

    yea, whatever…bring us back fucking PRIDE FC

  12. Dragon84 says:

    I knew that Fenton Hackson was a wuss.;)

  13. OhChael says:

    “Hi, I’m Chael Sonnnen, a recovering PED user, lost twice to Anderson Silva, came off a snorfest with Michael Bisping, somehow got a chance to fight Jon Jones for the title and now feel that I should bad mouth another African American fighter, while I call myself a “gangster”… but seriously, don’t laugh at me.”

    • koolg says:

      Jackson has been washed up for a bit now remember pride days? or the first couple fights in the ufc? now a day he cant hang with people who fight MMA he complains because people use MMA…. back in the day he would mix it up and he was a monster now he’s just a complaining excuse making bum.

    • Your mom says:

      What does the fact that Rampage is black have to do with anything? hahaha Reaching a little there?

  14. duane says:

    Rampage has fought for along time. Hes fighting in a month or so. I think Jon knows he has it really easy knowing hes fighting n doing the ultimate fighter. Jus like Eampage says u talk your way into title shots, you get great chances n n you lose. Fight Hendo then u got me won but its so stacked u wouldnt be able to beat alot of guys in the wieght class. I guess u being a coach in a few weeks on tv Dana must think ppl r gunna view it more n he;ll get more $ i guess. Jon should of stept up in Sept. n fought u then

  15. sal says:

    Get it over with Chael, retire and become a commentator already, already have a future in it!

  16. BG says:

    Page has been in some amazingly exciting fights in the past. He has not been worth watching since the Silva fight. He is ducking fights, he admitted to making a “how to rape” joke tape to intentionally get released from the UFC. Stand up guy.

    Page hasn’t knocked anyone out in years. You can only hid behind your laurels for so long. He’s a 2nd tier LHW in the UFC. He complains about every fighter he feels won’t blindly step into his hooks (the only dangerous punch he has) Page has refused to evolve, and as a result has been left behind.

    Sonnen is an act, but at least he’s not scared of anyone, makes no excuses, and fights. His style may not be exciting, but he fights, and he would beat rampage in a mma match.

  17. ^ says:

    Chael told us all pride was rigged and fake so rampages pride days dont count

  18. S says:

    I’ve been waiting for the new forum to get set up.

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