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Monday, 02/27/2012, 11:27 am

Quick Twitt | Is Hendo Gunning For Rampage?

Dan Henderson has cemented himself as one of the top MMA fighters in the world. However, after leaving his Strikeforce title behind to return to the UFC and batter “Shogun” Rua in his return he was passed up on a title shot in favor of a Jon Jones vs. Rashad Evans matchup.

Could it be that Hendo wants to avenge a loss while he waits for his title shot?

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66 Responses to “Quick Twitt | Is Hendo Gunning For Rampage?”

  1. Steven says:

    Obviously he isn’t informed of Rampages condition (knee problem, knowing he might not win, but still showed up for the FANS).. his age is showing. Rampage would win again, and this time knock out his bottom row of teeth

    • &; says:

      if you think rampage would have showed up for the ‘fans’ and not the paycheck you are sorely mistaken.
      The guy hasn’t been in an exciting fight for years and I think Dan Henderson it the nail on the head. Dude just showed up to get paid.

    • ry tay says:

      showing his age? he’s only 33 that’s not old at all. well not for 205 anyway

    • jonsey says:

      u idiot wow rampage had a hurt knee…ahhhh u can still do sit ups to lose fat tummy…..and u can swim also …the guy is lazy and lost his drive…rampage has not been exiting since pride…rampage himself says they did not care about roids in pride,…i think rampage took roids in pride thats why he was king of slams and exiting in pride…he is shit now,,,he will retire soon..hendo will smash him…they were friends befor

  2. Tom T says:

    Hendo Would put his dick in the dirt

  3. Nick says:

    I think a Healthy Rampage would beat Hendo. I love Hendo, but was pretty shocked when I read those things during the fight.

  4. MRGROOVESD says:

    I think Hendo is a little mad that he’s getting no attention after the Rua fight. He was also saying on his twitter that he thought Edgar won and the decision was controversial…hmmm not really. Close but not controversial.

  5. smeghead says:

    Hendo shoul keep his mouth shut,TRT is still keeping him relevant

  6. Thurgood Jenkins says:

    I think Hendo is well informed of Rampage’s condition, but I just don’t think he cares. It’s true Rampage beat him in their last meeting. At this point though, I just think Hendo is on a completely different level than Rampage.

  7. DanaBrown says:

    Hendo would rape Rampage

  8. pussies says:

    Hendo and dana were definatly rite about Edgar winning that fight.

  9. @TheDanSloanUFC says:

    1st tweet @danhendo made was ”rampage has never been the smartest fighter” well he was smart enough to take the belf off him?… Rampage said that himself & also said he WILL NOT retire because of his FANS something @danhendo does not have..

  10. Junior says:

    What did Henderson say that wasn’t true
    Rampage was making excuses before the
    Fight even happened I hate it when fighters
    Are like “not to make any excuses, but the
    Only reason I lost is because I was injured”

  11. Azuzsa says:

    Hendo would destroy Rampage now! They are on two totally different levels at this point in their careers

  12. G Bud says:

    I wish Hendo would stop sitting on his ass while ripping into other fighters. It’s all he does now an is losing respect bigtime.

    Hendo couldn’t outwrestle Shogun, therefore couldn’t outwrestle Rampage which would lead to a stand up war which Rampage would win in my view.

    Lets hope Hendo gets a fight soon before his mouth spoils his legacy.

  13. NickDiazwas here says:

    Who’s rampage?

  14. Hendo that’s happens to you against shilds or what you got amnesia now!

  15. jack ross is stupid says:

    That was pretty disrespectful and uncalled for by hendo. I used to think he was better than using that tone.

  16. E says:

    fuck twitter. twitter is fuckin gay and only bitches use it to talk shit.

  17. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Hendo and Rampage are my two favorites at 205. He should quit talking shit. He is at a different point in his career than Rampage but only because Rampage refuses to ground fight. If he wants to talk shit, I doubt Rampage would lose to Shields. Hendo and Rampage are basically the same fighter. Ryu and Ken of the 205 division.

  18. G says:

    I swear, people don’t know how to use the internet and they’re all new fans. Jackson already beat Henderson. Am I the only old fan left?

  19. Pijan says:

    It could be that Rampage just didn’t make weight and wanted to use the knee excuse. It’s also true he just didn’t think he could win that fight. I personally do believe Rampage was injured, maybe it’s because I still don’t quite respect Bader, or quite much like Bader. I think Rampage could beat Bader nine out of ten times. With that said, at this point in both their careers, Hendo would win this fight.

    • Steven says:

      Bader is a “contender” beating rampage. If rampage fought like he said he did in practice against wrestlers even attempting unique things to them then it would’ve been completely different story. As long as I’m concerned he’s a one hit wonder. Knocking out Jardine is like having a go at the neighborhood slut, not surprising

    • Steven says:

      Bader is a “contender” beating rampage. If rampage fought like he said he did in practice against wrestlers even attempting unique things to them then it would’ve been completely different story. As long as I’m concerned he’s a one hit wonder. Knocking out Jardine is like having a go at the neighborhood slut, not surprising or impressive.

      • G Bud says:

        Oh yeah, beacuase Bader hasn’t progressed since then an he isn’t wrestling based at all…………

        As for Jardine, in his previous 5 fights before Rampage he beat Forrest Griffin, Chuck Liddell and Brandon Vera. He went downhill after his fight with Rampage.

        I’ll be the first to say Rampage’s better days are behind him, but those are only remembered by true MMA fans, which is why he still has their respect.

  20. jbeamazing says:

    remember when rampage beat hendo in the ufc just saying

  21. Brian says:

    So it’s ok for Chael to talk shit on Twitter about Anderson but it’s not ok for Hendo to talk shit about Rampage on Twitter? I bet over half of you thought it was funny when Chael was doing it. Fucking hypocrites!

  22. CanILive says:

    HAHA there goes my respect for Hendo…
    turns down fight with machida because it “doesn’t make sense”

    but wants a fight with a guy who he just said, just showed up to get paid
    & that just got laid and prayed on

    so basically something easy for him

    • self help says:

      i am sure personal vengeance is on his mind. he kind of slopped off after quinton then anderson beat him. i don’t think he can beat silva if quinton takes it seriously i don’t think he can beat jackson either. problem is both those guys can take his punch

    • Delta says:

      Where did Hendo actually say he wanted a fight with Rampage? Or does speculation with a question mark at the end of the article count as that WAS what Hendo intended?

      Not defending the messages Henderson made, but I don’t see anything in them saying he wants to fight Rampage. But even if he did, self help pointed-out revenge, which is a bigger reason to go after Rampage than to take a fight with Machida.

  23. lex walker says:

    That’s fucked up on hendo part ain’t they suposed to b good friends n shit

  24. STEPHEN HORGAN says:

    lost some respsect for hendo after these comments, since he beat fedor his head is after gettin bigger, an uninjured rampage would beat him again, bader also got lucky, my opinion anyway

    • Jaedr says:

      The so called H-bomb only knocks out bitches with glass chins. Rampage would beat him end of story. Hendo was old when he lsot the first time and now he’s even older and can barely make it through 5 rounds. He should keep his mouth shut

  25. MattD. says:

    No way, Henderson is just talking. He is waiting for the winner of Jones/Evans. There are no clear challengers after Evans. They will give Henderson the shot. If Jones beats Henderson and Evans he will have practically cleared that division in a couple years. Unless Gustafson beats Noguiera then a Top 5 LHW.

  26. melanie says:

    Rampage fans, of all people upset about trash talk, in the words of ESPN come’on man! Rampage talked so much about previous opponents, was the Rampage Vs Griffin fight too long ago to remember? Its part of the game, what do you want someone to say, “hey he’s great. I wish I didnt have to bash his face in?” It get in the opponents head and builds confidence in the fighter. You want sweet talk go play dolls.

  27. Why So Serious, rampage fans? It was cool when rampage talked a lot of trash about forrest griffin but now that its about rampage, its not okay? Trash talk is part of the sport. It gets in the opponent’s head and gives the fighter confidence. If you want sweet talk, go play dolls.

  28. slacker says:

    Hendo is one of the greatest ever, IMO. Obviously, he is enjoying Rampage lose for some personal reason. Or maybe he just doesn’t respect that Rampage is not in shape. Anyways, if the guy was injured, the guy was injured. What can he do?!

  29. Rampage would get ktfo says:

    and that 1st fight with hendo was close. Hell be the only fighter to beat shgun wandy and rampage. a majority of fighters get injured in camp and they still make weight and not make excuses because they know they are gonna lose to a dclass fighter before the fight even starts.

  30. Jujitsu Player says:

    Hendo should keep it shut, he’s just bitter because he got owned by Rampage….Rampage performance sucked against Bader but a healthy Rampage would destroy Hendo. and I could never see Rampage losing to Jake Shields, bad knee or no bad knee….As for Rampage not having any decent fights since his Pride days, what about Liddell, Hendo, Wandy, Machida, Hamill all fights in the UFC. Hendo wouldn’t fight Machida because he wouldn’t last a round.

  31. Mike Diaz says:

    I wouldn’t miss that scrap for anything! Cmon Dana, let’s burn the barn down with this one! Diaz Bros and TEAM PENN!!!!!

  32. McLovin says:

    Dan said what everyone is thinking.

  33. Kyle says:

    Love you Dan, but Rampage pretty much just owned you.

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