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Monday, 09/24/2012, 10:48 am

Quick Twitt | Injured In Training, Belfort Fought Jones With A Broken Hand | UFC NEWS

The UFC 152 main event between Jon Jones and Vitor Belfort happened only after UFC 151 was cancelled due to a Dan Henderson injury that caused the entire event to be put on the shelf.

Coming in on just three-weeks notice, Vitor Belfort, made a promise to the fans and his employers that he would move up in weight and face the UFC’s light-heavyweight champion.

He upheld his end of the deal, even though, just weeks before the fight he broke his hand in training.

Check out the tweet from InsideMMA’s Ron Kruck:


72 Responses to “Quick Twitt | Injured In Training, Belfort Fought Jones With A Broken Hand | UFC NEWS”

  1. MMAnalyst says:

    He did better than anyone against Jones… and he came up from middle-weight… on short notice… and almost own the fight, hurt Jones more than anyone has – all with a broken hand?


    • CanILive says:

      it’s funny how you guys mention “he came up in weight” but bash Jon for cutting weight….

      Vitor walks around at 215……

      • Yautja Bob says:

        Vitor is 6ft with a 74 inch reach (he is still small by LHW standards)
        Jones is 6ft 4 with and 84inch reach and frame wise bigger than Junior Dos Santos…….big difference

        • Kurius Smith says:

          Your height, and reach don’t make you a heavyweight, your weight does. It’s been alot of tall people through MMA & Boxing history that fought at lighter weights. If you make 205 at weigh ins, you a Light Heavyweight, plan and simple

        • Sugar says:

          Alright, let’s see Mighty Mouse move up to LHW then, or maybe Ken-Flo, that’s more his game. I guess if Jones could make Welterweight and fight GSP that’d be a great fight, as long as he can make the limit right? Smh, there’s a reason when you’re taped your heighth and ‘wingspan’ are also recorded. There’s a reason why someone at 5’5 should be and mosly likely will weigh less than someone with a 6’2 frame. Your frame, by all standards, does matter. Jon Jones as Bob said, has a frame almost bigger than JDS. He has a clear cut advantage over most LHW’s and Belfort came in way smaller and actually almost got the W. You also have to take into consideration walking weight and fight weight. Your walking weight is mostly fat and/or water weight, your fighting weight is optimal performance weight with no water weight and minimal body fat (unless your Roy Nelson or Frank Mir). You can see Jones doesn’t belong at LHW just by how skinny he is at that weight (think Corey Hill). Hell look at Jones brothers, both football DEs both weight north of 250. Not sure about Arthur but Chandler was actually a Rd 1. Pick. Been saying it for a while now, still think so, Jones should move up. Instead all this Super Fight talk is about him fighting someone smaller than a division that’s too small for him. Lol, bet his legacy will have an asterick.

        • duh says:

          i think we all know the light heavy weight limit is 205 bud. but we are talking size difference here and the jones to belfort gap is huge. jones cuts huge to make 205 and vitor barely cuts at all, plus like bob said his frame is twice the size. hope that clears it up for you

  2. MMAnalyst says:

    almost *won* the fight, I meant

  3. Brock says:

    Vitor’s a true warrior. Much respect

  4. Bitch ass Greg J says:

    Wow, Chael Sonnen was right all along, Vitor did get hurt. Well, Vitor backed up all his statements regarding being from the old school, hurt or not he came to fight. Chael almost got his way again lmfao

  5. danielrchargers says:

    Jones sucks.
    Go to Heavy Weight.
    Guarantee you that bitch gets KO’d when he fights men that are HIS SIZE.
    instead of everyone, shogun, rampage, rashad, ect. just standing in front of him wondering how to get into his reach without jones just putting his weight forward and tripping the WAY WAY SMALLER opponent, A HEAVY WEIGHT WILL SAY “FUCK YEAH ILL STAND WITH YOU” walk through his shitty striking, and KNOCK him the FUCK OUT.

    • Come on guys... says:


    • Jones "sucks" in your opinion? says:

      Then all the following UFC fighters suck in your opinion:

      Hamill, Vera, Matyushenko, Bader, Shogun, Rampage, Machida, Rashad, and Belfort.

      Why are you watching the UFC anyway? Go to church and pray. Read a magazine.

    • CanILive says:

      wait so, GSP, vitor, hendo, silva all fight at their “natural weight”?????????? GTFO

    • ballsackface says:

      lol dont be a moron

      how about if its that simple, the hw all cut to 205 and fight jones?

      oh wait…..

      • Sugar says:

        Because the HW’s have something Jones lacks, a little something called muscle mass. I bet if Jones actually added some muscle to his frame, he’d weight 230+ easy. Plus weight, is a little more complicated than people think. I walk at 195-205, I fight at 185. Why? To get an unfair advantage? No, because I have a 6′ frame and I feel sluggish at 205. I could either pack on more muscle to feel comfortable or I could cut the extra weight.. There are very few fighters that walk at fight weight, there are also very few people whoes metabolism can cut weight fast enough to allow them to walk at a constant low weight. Long story short, in most cases i.e Belfor, GSP, etc. They don’t cut weight for advantage, they cut fat/water weight while still fitting decent muscle mass. Good cardio on top of that will cut your weight significantly also. Jones apparently from what I’ve seen does have decent cardio, but like I said before he lacks significant muscle mass. He stays true to his nickname ‘Bones’. He may be dominating now but fighting at that small of a weight will impact his body soon enough. It’s obviously not genetics, look at his family. I say throw him in with Forrest Griffin, a couple leg kicks his night will end like Cotes when he fought Silva.

        • ballsackface says:

          well it still kinda doesnt answer my point does it?

          people are on jones case for not fighting a heavyweight.
          its not that simple to just pack on muscle and fight an bigger weight class, you have to train and suppliment for years to get enough mass or you put on fat instead (unless you go the steds route)
          so your argument kinda answers the point im making.

          205 suits jones perfectly as while hes tall he is not stacked enough to be heavyweight

    • kevin says:

      then how come struve isnt the hw champ? how come barboza isnt the fw champ? he is a lhw he cuts just as much as most of the lhw’s forrest, rampage both walk at nearly 235-240, he is a lhw not a hw plain and simpe quit the hating everybody cuts weight its part of the game

    • chowder says:

      hmm not so sure, he’d have to eat a lot of horse meat and 10000 meals a day, if you know what I’m saying….

    • sidekix says:

      So much hate when you have no idea wat your talking about lol he’s a young guy so he’s got the metabolism and energy to be thinner, to gain the mass the top heavy weights have isnt as simple as saying I think ill be a heavy weight today. Your just mad he beats up your fav fighters, an I don’t see any reason why he wouldn’t move up to heavy weight when he’s in his 30s and he will be much better then. So start thinking of more excuses for then.

  6. Pepper says:

    eventually he has to move up and fight guys his own size. jds would smash him tho.

  7. Dana says:

    Jon won with a broken arm

    • Guss says:

      It wasn’t broken. It was hyper extended. Jones has already said, it wasn’t broken, just hurt. And only because Vitor let up on the arm bar when he felt the elbow pop. He should have kept going. Then it would have been really broken, Macarthy would have stopped the fight, and there would have been a new LHW champ. Vitor was too nice, and felt bad.

      • Big Papi says:

        Gtfo. Vitor ALWAYS has excuses and for this one he has two, he let up on the armbar and had a broken hand. Thats Bullshit.

        • Jimmmmmmmmy says:

          are you stupid, Vitor said he let up and Jones said he felt Vitor let up when his arm popped. How about you do more then sit on the internet and watch interviews if you’re gonna comment. I bet 152 was your first event.

        • Big Papi says:

          Ohhh someone’s mad cause Jones is still champ? It wasn’t my first event, ask your mom she comes to watch with me all the time little Jimmy. Belfort always has a fucking excuse, shut the fuck up.

  8. ricmus says:

    fuck all you haters, i bet Jones can win the heavyweight belt one day, Jones is just too well rounded for the heavyweight division it self.

    • You sir,are not a moron says:

      I want some of whatever you are smoking

    • Sugar says:

      It wouldn’t matter if he were more well-rounded. He wouldn’t have the reach advantage, his striking wouldn’t be feared. He wouldn’t have a size advantage so Heavyweights would have no problem getting inside. If your striking isn’t feared, specially in the HW division, there’s less chance the fight will go to the ground. Plus Jones wrestling isn’t too great. Good but not great, Velasquez, Cormier, Mir, even Dos Santos could all hang with his wrestling. Like I said, look at his family, genetics isn’t why he’s small. There’s a reason why he lacks mass on his overly lanky frame. Because deep down I think Mr. Self-Proclaimed-Inspiration and G.O.A.T realize he stands no chance against anyone his size. Maybe he should adopt Maynards nickname cause he reminds me a little of one of those 5th grade bullys that picks on 2nd graders to feel good about himself.

      • Chad Miles says:

        Who in the HW has a longer reach?? And JDS has already said Jones will give the HWs a very hard time

        • Sugar says:

          No one in the HW division has longer reach (Stefan Struve (tallest UFC fighter) has equal reach), that’s my point thank you for agreeing. Jon Jones reach alone is taller than most people. Dos Santos is also very humble and respectful, if Kenny Florian decided to move to Heavyweight he’d probably say Ken-Flo would give em’ hard time too. Reach in comparison though, if Jones were to move up a class he’d have maybe a 2in reach advantage rather than the usual 6-7 in advantage he has against the LHWs. I just don’t see Jones striking being feared amongst the Heavyweights. He would have an almost 6 in advantage over Nelson but Nelson is only a HW cause he’s fat. Nelson though can take a beating and highly doubtful he’d fear Jones either.

        • Jimmmmmmmmy says:

          his reach would be useless against guys like Cain and JDS. And his ground game would be useless against Verdum and Mir. I don’t think HW would be a walk int he park like the LHW division has turned out to be for him.

  9. Mike b says:

    That’s why vitor never really let his hands go.and that’s why he kept pulling guard.he still brought it tho.

  10. Mustardmilk says:

    Had Belfort had the mindset of Mir and snapped Jones arm he would be champion right now. You don’t ease up on a submission even if you hear a pop until the ref stops you. This should be common knowledge for fighters. How it goes the opposite way blows my mind. It will be a mistake he will regret.

  11. 123 says:

    jds, cain velasquez, stefan struve, frank mir & big nog… would ALL beat jon jones if he went to heavyweight… in my opinion.

  12. Nando says:

    More excuses from Belfort. A real warrior would never even bring that up. He would give all credit to his opponent & live with that knowledge to himself. I won’t believe it unless I see the x-rays

    • 757 says:

      Yeah nano shut up . What do you know anyway. Go back and play madden jack ass

      • stfu says:

        dude, you are just plain retarded. wtf is wrong with you?? are you mad bc your bf lost and is making up every excuse why he lost?? yeah, he “let up”.. just like how he didn’t BEG Dana, and told told everyone that he was SOOO shocked that Dana called him up and “offered” him the fight. He was already caught lying through his teeth before the fight. He is so f;ing fake and is a straight up liar. I’m glad Jones tore his forehead open and beat that punk down. He couldn’t finish the submission and he wasn’t injured before the fight. Stupid Brazillians and their excuses. HAHAHA!!!

      • Nando says:

        Fuck you nuthugger. If you’re going to take his word that he broke his hand without proof, then take my word that Belforts ballsack is stuck in your throat

  13. T.DADDY says:

    Vitor is a beast if this is true about his hand.. almost beat jones with a broken hand.. wow… And I noticed he was using his bjj and really wasn’t tryin to strike.. now we know why… I still can’t get over bones look on his faace when vitor had his arm…lmao.. damn he almost had him

  14. fu ck jones pisses me off with those front kicks to the knee with his fuc kin chicken legs! cant wait to see him take a nap. it will happen some day. gauranteed

  15. Kurius Smith says:

    Can yall stop crying saying Jones is a heavyweight just cause he’s 6’4? Your height, and reach don’t make you a heavyweight, your weight does. It’s been alot of tall people through MMA & Boxing history that fought at lighter weights. Silvia has been fighting at middle weight for years now, and he walks around over 200lbs between fights, and no one calls him a heavy or light heavy weight. If you make 205 at weigh ins, you a Light Heavyweight, plan and simple

  16. Kurius Boy says:

    Can yall stop crying saying Jones is a heavyweight just cause he’s 6’4? Your height, and reach don’t make you a heavyweight, your weight does. It’s been alot of tall people through MMA & Boxing history that fought at lighter weights. Silvia has been fighting at middle weight for years now, and he walks around over 200lbs between fights, and no one calls him a heavy or light heavy weight. If you make 205 at weigh ins, you a Light Heavyweight, plan and simple

  17. Vic says:

    Didn’t Belfort also complain about his ribs after the fight? Which is why he went down after that side kick to the mid-section by JBJ?

  18. Dick Diaz says:

    if only he ripped his arm off!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Will Peand says:

    I just watched his press conference at the Brazilian sports channel SPORTTV.COM and a reporter asked “Vitor, the American press published that you fought Jones with a broken hand, is that true?” “That is not true.” He replied.

  20. Hella world says:

    I can just imagine it, jbj v overeem!! Lol

  21. jdog says:

    Can’t believe all the lies!!! If he had a broken hand then after the medical suspension list came out he would be on it FOR THE BROKEN HAND!!!!!!!!

    People talk all sorts of crap, coulda, woulda, shoulda but DIDN’T!

  22. DMAC says:

    “Bones fight someone your own size”….. Lol what a bunch of queers! This is fighting you want any advantage you can get. As long as he makes weight, which doesn’t seem like a issue to me unless someone knows something I don’t, then he doesn’t have to go anywhere. And until he puts weight on his naturally boney legs he couldn’t support more weight and be effective. So haters quit it he isn’t losing lol

    • Sugar says:

      I guess if you want an advantage any way you can get it all fighters should start juicing too huh? Then again it wouldn’t be an advantage if everyone was 16;1 would it? This is fighting, it’s about honor, what does beating an opponent with a disadvantage prove? I could go kick some handicapped kids ass right now, what would that prove? That I can beat up on some kids in wheelchairs. Hell I’ll go find a kid on crutches and go fuck him up right now, it’s only fighting, they can’t bitch. He ain’t got meat on them bones because he sacrafices muscle mass to fit a smaller weight class. If he started adding muscles now the legs would probably be the first place it went, them damn things probably feel deprived. One solid kick to the leg and he’s fucked though, he might be winning but his body isn’t in optimal form and he’ll be paying for it soon. He could stomp some ass if he’d put some on but then he’d have to move up a class. Haters will never quite hating, he might lose he might not but bet we’ll be waiting patiently until he does. Or until he moves up and earns some respect.

  23. jj says:

    Man I’ve got so much respect for Vitor now and he almost took out Jones with that armbar. The closest in my opinion to Jones losing. Plus he’s out of his prime so it’s pretty impressive that he was able to threaten Jones.

  24. Wsheets says:

    JONES can’t win with any of you! Holy shit, you’ve got to be kidding me! Give the man some respect. The kid came in, “almost” lost, although I thought the whole time he’d get out, and then he made Belfort look like a child for the rest of the fight. He’s beat everyone worth fighting in the division by a long shot, but now, he sucks?

    People love to hate greatness.

  25. DDdddddd says:


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