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Friday, 03/02/2012, 09:52 am

Quick Twitt | How Much Did Thiago Alves Gain After Weigh-Ins? | Find Out Here

We all know that fighters cut weight in order to make their required weight limit to fight. However often times we can only speculate as to how much weight they cut and how much they walk in the cage weighing on fight night.

For Thiago Alves, one of the larger welterweights in the UFC, those questions have been answered… 30 pounds!!

Check out these twitter posts and photo from Mike Dolce his dietitian:

Thiago Alves fights Martin Kampmann in tonight’s UFC on FX 2 main event.

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54 Responses to “Quick Twitt | How Much Did Thiago Alves Gain After Weigh-Ins? | Find Out Here”

  1. bjbrown24 says:

    wow how is that even possible?

  2. G says:

    First of all, he gained 27.10 pounds, not 30. Secondly, I’m not a doctor, but I believe they can regain so much weight because a majority of what they lose while cutting is “water weight.” They basically dry up their body and muscles, weigh in, and then “re-hydrate.” These guys are pretty large, so if you imagine each leg, arm, and then their body having a couple of pounds of water circulating through each one, that adds up fairly quickly (usually at least ten pounds or so). Also, I dislike when guys cut this much. It’s not healthy and it’s like they’re essentially trying to cheat by being much bigger than their opponents. I think shedding off extra, actual weight before a fight is smart, but not dangerously dehydrating oneself to have some sort of weight/size advantage.

    • Weak! says:


      Nothing like getting too technical on the actual weight gain totals, douchebag! Secondly, who gives a $shit if you dislike guys cutting this much. Go back to the synchronized swimming forum, knucklehead. Weight cutting is a by-product of all combat sports…

      You heard me…move along!

    • JC is a piece of shit says:

      yeah our bodies are over 70% water weight

    • Gank Train says:

      It’s not near as unhealthy as you would think and there are doctors who’s job is to tell the fighters when they have to stop cutting for their own safety. Yes it is water weight. It is very tough to cut weight in this way. Cutting out water weight is not something that anyone should consider cheating. You always want to have the best advantages you can, and if you weigh in on weight then there is no problem.

  3. david says:

    man thats fucked up, i hope kampmann smashes his water draining ass, hopefully cutting that much weight negatively affects him and it will be his own fault

  4. Coffee409 says:

    God damn!

  5. dave says:

    That’s ridiculous, fight @ 185 already man…he’s doing himself a disservice at this point, and thats been reflected in his last few fights.

  6. bobby grooms says:

    its bullshit for these fighters to cut that much weight they should fight where they belong , alves isnt the only one doing it gsp anderson and lots more fight much smaller weight classes and gain advantages they shouldnt have. i have much more respect for guys like bj and edgar

    • jonsey says:

      bj yes but edger no …edger uses being smaller to his advantage to run away///if edger fight at 145 his speed would not be there so he could not run..he would have fight like a man fir 5 rds…bj and anderson are the only guys wh fuk weight classes

    • dave says:

      I agree with you, fight at your “weight class” this cutting and all the drama, (not making weight & losing purse money) associated with it, not to mention the health issues needs to be regulated – just like drug testing, it needs to be managed better by the people in charge, fight people your size and do it naturally, or get another job.

    • lex walker says:

      str8 up, i compete at my walk around weight

  7. jonsey says:

    that why alves has no been good for awhile ..he cut so much weight taht it hurts his performance…he should go to 185..he would fight much better…but gsp says between fights he walks around at 197…but i would think gsp would weigh less when he is in fighting shape…alves need get I.V, in his arm for liquids after he cuts…these guys are crazy what they will do for size advantage///it make you repect bj even more…bj is eating food befor he hits the scale to put on weight for weigh ins..

  8. 808 says:

    What would make sense is doing the weigh ins on the day of the fight.

  9. jonsey says:

    another loss for alves cuz hwe gasses or he fights like pussy to save energy until the 3rd round like usual

  10. Scotty says:

    You guys must not follow mike dolce at all! Cause if u did, he doesn’t believe in complete dehydration for cutting weight, he even says how much he is against it and how bad it is for your body/health..

  11. Scotty says:

    Some of you must not follow Mike Dolce at all! Cause he is against complete dehydration and even says it all the time how bad it is for your health/body! I believe Alves was only 6 pounds within 24 hours of the weigh ins! He used to cut 20 pounds before he started using dolce! And I got Alves all night!!

  12. Shawn says:

    So that’s what Alves looks like at 170. Tiny compared to his natural frame. Guess we’ll see how the massive weight cut will affect him. If he loses this fight, I’m pretty sure Dana will tell him, move up to 185 or your cut from the UFC.

  13. zack says:

    thats so stupid. why cant people fight at their natural weight. i could see cutting like 10 or 15 at most. hope kampmann knocks his ass out. he should have luck on his side after getting two decision stolen from him(shields, sanchez)

  14. MMACRAVER says:

    It is my most favorite thing when a smaller fighter beats a larger opponent.

    That is the spirit of martial arts to me. Technique over size.

    Hope Martin knocks Alves’ 30 pound head off

  15. bertram2323 says:

    hmm i thought he looked rather large at the press conference the day before lol. thiago has looked gooded his last 2 fights since having dolce so i dont see why everybody is hatin’. yeah he’s cuttin a lot of weight, but what kampman may lack in size, likely only 5-10 pounds, he should be able to make up with conditioning so its like joe rogan always says, “at what point will it become beneficial and at what point does it hinder your performance”. personally id rather cut like 10 pounds but be very lean and in excellent condition, rather than having merely a size advantage. there’s a reason gsp is the king; and part of it is because he only cuts at max 15-17 pounds.

  16. Duane says:

    This dude always gaining a gang of weight and cardio be shot to sh!t by rd. 2, maybe things have changed i haven’t seen pitbull fight forever but it’s usually the case. Kampmann needs to push the pace (which he really doens’t) and try to gas the pitbull out.

  17. Me says:

    sonnen fights @ 185 , in his famous interview :217 of muscle steal & . . . appeal: 32 lbs above . its really bad. they must have 2 weigh ins or just 1 just before the fight so everyone would fight @ his natural & healthy weight. do u agree?

  18. Kalez says:

    A cut of more than 7% or 8% is ‘unhealthy’. It should be like the Mundials or any wrestling event. You weigh in on the same day you fight.

    But, cutting this much weight might not even help Alves.

  19. Bob says:

    I would laugh if that wasn’t alves on the scale. Hahaha

  20. The_Gooch1 says:

    That’s why some fighters are reluctant to tell their weight on fight day. Because they get criticized. I know his natural weight class is 185 but why would he fight at 185 when fighters in that division should be fighting at 205? And the champ at 205 could be fighting as a HW. The fighters did it to themselves. I think the way to fix it is to add more weight class but that might deprive us of some good fights.

    It seems like everybody is not fighting in their natural weight class with few exceptions like Frankie Edgar, Dan Henderson…

  21. MisfitMMA says:

    The dude is 5’9″ and has a 70″ reach it would be completly fuckin stupid for him to fight @ 185lbs he looked great @ the weigh in 95% of Fighters cut weight dosent matter if you like it or not its part of the sport alves has fought @ 170 his entire career he is a professional and he knows whats best for HIS career so who the fuck are any of you to question that?

  22. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Wow, I wonder how much Kampmann cuts?

  23. Cdread says:

    I hope kampmann comes to the fight at 171 and smashes Alves

  24. wrwrew says:

    not that many fighters can do that it takes some fucking serious motivation

  25. ATT says:

    did he look drained at the weigh ins? NO! did he look like cole miller? NO, thiago did a healthy weight cut. he weighed 177 one day before the weigh ins. he’s not cutting 20 plus pounds on day of weigh ins like other fighters. if you understood the dolce concepts you wouldnt be surprised by this.

  26. BX81 says:

    Further proof weight classes are a joke. I think you should weigh in the day of the fight. It wont make a 170lb fighter fight at 170 but it’ll not let them get up to 197lb

  27. jonsey says:

    funny alves lost over 26 pounds and makes less then 1/4 what rampage makes and rmpage cryd about 27 pounds….the 10 or 20% the purse rmpage lost for comin in over was more then alves entire cheque

  28. Chartmonster says:

    Jeez..30 fkn pounds from ww to LHW? Insane..

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