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Monday, 03/12/2012, 02:53 pm

Quick Twitt | Gracie Confirms Gilbert Melendez Fighting May 19, Wants Penn Or Pettis

In a recent twitter posting from Cesar Gracie, it was confirmed that Gilbert Melendez is expecting a spot on the Strikeforce May 19 card set to go down in San Jose.

His opponent?

Well if they have it their way it will be either BJ Penn or Anthony Pettis. However, it is safe to assume that BJ, who is still in his post-UFC 137 retirement, will more than likely not be returning to action this May, if at all, nor would a title fight in Strikeforce interest him even if the stars did align.

But Pettis? Perhaps after being passed up on in favor of Edgar vs. Henderson II, he may be willing to make the promotional jump for a shot at Gilbert.

One would think that this would be a very hard sale on the UFC matchmaking department. Leave the UFC, go fight for Strikeforce in a title shot? That just doesn’t make much sense from a business stand point for any fighter currently in the 155 pound “Mix”. But regardless, Gil needs a challenger and if the powers that be are determined to bring one of the UFC contenders over I guess they can probably make that happen.


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62 Responses to “Quick Twitt | Gracie Confirms Gilbert Melendez Fighting May 19, Wants Penn Or Pettis”

  1. jim says:

    Uh-oh let the war of words begin….

  2. slacker says:

    Either of those fights would be great.


    just using bj name for fight exposure

  4. The natural says:

    Anybody they bring over from UFC would beat him maybe guida to see Wich fighter progressed more I think it’s proly guida but would b a good fight. But seeing anybody beat Melendez up will be nice to see him finally shut his trap. One more Gracie fighter left will b extinct shortly. The only reason I can’t stand Melendez is how much he talks and self promotes him self as best fighter alive. Wen he fights cans and can’t finish them

  5. Jlennon05 says:

    Don’t let Cesar pull you in Bj. He’s trying to get under your skin. Fight when it feels right.

  6. vic the brick says:

    Is this dude serious? why and the world would BJ or Pettis fight Melendez for less money? Not even a smart thing to tweet about

  7. EP says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah what a fkn idiot. first off why would either of those 2 fighters, one , The Prodigy, being a fkn legend to the sport of MMA, want to fight for a Strikeforce title when he has held the UFC title is 2 diff divisions. Second of all… BJ would absolutely murder Gil. good one Cesar… idiot.

  8. slacker says:

    Mr. “doesn’t like the pretentiousness of the media” seems to know how to work with the media quite well. lol It’s pretty presumptuous to think another one of his Strikeforce Queen’s are skilled enough to take on UFC caliber fighters. Sure, give him Pettis or Penn, and Gracie jiu – jisu can have another one of their fighters join his growing list of “former” champs.

  9. freedaweed says:


  10. ryeboi says:

    Death Sentence for Pettis, but great for Gil. I like it.

  11. sykoMMA says:

    Lol, neither of those fights would happen, why would pettis give up his number 1 contender spot (after edgar) to fight Gil in a shittier, lower paying promotion with far less exposure. And BJ wouldn’t leave the UFC either that just won’t happen

  12. repairman jack says:

    wouldn’t mind seeing him fight cerrone

  13. Ronnin says:

    He is just saying in a way that there are not fighters in Strikeforce left for him. Dana should take him to the UFC to prove himself. He is a good fighter, he would put on a show there.

  14. JamieRIOT says:

    Melendez just needs to come over to the UFC, Strikeforce is dying. If he wants to fight the best that is.

  15. Ollie says:

    If Melendez wants to fight Pettis, he should jump to the UFC. The fact they are even talking about Pettis and Penn shows how shallow the Strikeforce roster is.

  16. Thom says:

    BJ aint fighting in may but Gil vs Pettis sounds nice.. War Gilbert!

  17. MARV3L0US says:

    He would call bj out on a two month notice knowing he is retired or taking a break have some respect for the legend and keep bjs name out your mouth

  18. Happy29 says:

    Why would any fighter in their right mind leave the UFC to fight for Strikeforce . Economically it doesn’t make sense !!

  19. Carlos says:

    That’s gay he’s supposed to fight tomphson

  20. I could’ve sworn we already established that Melendez/Thomson III is up next.

  21. J Gaskey says:

    You’re speculating it would be for less money. If Dana wants to keep Gilbert happy (and he can’t move him from Strikeforce to the UFC due to agreements Showtime & Strikeforce have) what makes you think Dana wouldn’t pay someone from the UFC good money to go fight Gilbert? And finishing a guy is what determines his ability to you? If that’s the case then WINNING 50% of your fights by TKO/KO is a pretty good indicator to me the guy is legit. Oh and hey “Natural” you think Guida would win if they fought eh? DO RESEARCH DUDE. They’ve already fought. Who won? Let me introduce you to this thing called google. or wikipedia. basic information is available.

    You’re all a bunch of UFC nut huggers. Do some basic research on fighters before you judge them rather than just assuming because they’re in strikeforce they’re lower quality. It’s a public fact Gilbert (and Nick) get $150,000 a fight. How many guys get that in the UFC? Not many.
    Learn the sport of MMA not just UFC.

  22. mean170 says:

    Who is Gilbert Melendez?? I mean i’ve heard of him but never even seen the guy fight. The only Strikeforce bouts i’ve seen are Diaz/Daley and Henderson/Shields. Never would BJ lower himself to that level. Pettis is a top contender once FE gets his rematch so I don’t think that’s very likely.

  23. William H. Bonney says:

    WTF!! Gilbert couldn’t win a single fight in the ufc. His head is as big as Tito’s and he couldn’t whip my sister’s baby. The poor. uy really thinks he can fight. Gilbert melindez suck.

  24. mgalindo85 says:

    Alot of EL Nino doubters. Probably newer fans of the sport.

  25. mgalindo85 says:

    And Gill already beat your beloved Guida hahahahah

  26. William H. Bonney says:

    Seen all his showtime fights, and he sucks

  27. jonsey says:

    so many stupid people..if gil was in ufc he would probly e champ…he has the style to beat edger andthe style to give anyone a serious hand full..gil is noo joke and people here thinkif u not ufc u not te best…think agai…bj an gil wold be an amazing fight they both have similer styles to get in ther an fight…i would love to see bj come for 1 fight after gil…pettis would get finished

  28. Dude says:

    Who are these UFC bandwagoners who no nothing about mma, there is great talent in all promotions, UFC is just building a bigger network for money. I bet if I say bellator all I will hear is “UFC! UFC!” morons. Leave the comments to the real fans.

  29. Tsimanga says:

    I think he just wants to fight anybody but Josh Thompson, and who can blame him, that fight does nothing for him.

    And to the people talking shit about Melendez… get real, he’s a badd-ass and top five 155er in the world.

  30. true mma says:

    Pettis and BJ would fuck up el Nino and not just because they fight in the ufc but because they have way more talent. Shut the fuck already cesar. Poor cesar wished he had the talents that other camps have AKA, Jackson, Blackzilians, Blackhouse.

    • Roscoe10 says:

      AKA isnt doing that good kos last fight was trash, cain lost, and josh thompsons fight was garbage he nearly impregnated noons. Rashad is the only one whose won out of the blackzilians in a while ie Guillard, santiago, alves, johnson, and bigfoot. Blackhouse too everyone except anderson and lil nog has lost So Ceez does have talent there bozo Nate is soon to get a title shot, Nick won against carlos, Shields won, and gil is one of the best at 55 so stop dickriding camps with bigger “stars” that dont even win fights.

      • steeler says:

        dude nick lost he should have won but lost then retired so he’s out and shields should have lost he did nothing and sexy just toyed with I’m gil sucks can’t finish any one or even get a dominating decision like gsp nate is all they got and he isn’t that great your the one who needs to stop dick riding

        • ryan says:

          Gilberts finnished over half his fights

        • Heath says:

          Bj was a great fighter but his time (like so many great fighters) has come to pass. Gilbert would set a pace that BJ would not be able to keep up with on the feet and would never be finished on the ground, he would out wrestle BJ and his Jits skills are way above average. Besides does anyone think BJ could make 155 again??? Pettis would be the more exciting fight and that one could go either way in my opinion.

  31. shay says:

    the ufc should bring over a couple of the more middle tier lightwieht contenders to strikeforce. Guys that are great fighters but who will probably never achieve UFC gold. Guys like Clay Guida,Joe Lauzon,Shane Roller,Yves Edwards etc. Maybe even put some newer faces like Cody Mckenzie,Ramsey Nijem and Tony Ferguson over there. I think that would really boost the talent pool in strikeforce and give Melendez some guys to fight. But at the same time give guys chances to win some type of championship in thier careers, also great to grow the young talent instead of putting them on the undercards and Facebook fights!

  32. Duane says:

    Wow, this guy does really stir shit up. Melendez does need to be in the UFC and a match with Pettis sounds good. But to call out BJ, they know it won’t happen so he’s just being a ass.

  33. scooty puff sr says:

    he can’t stay with strikeforce there’s nothing there for him or anyone especially at 155

  34. Zac says:

    Hey gasky, natural knows they fought befor, read more into his post, he wants to see who has progressed more since then. I still think Gil would beat him down again but ya… Gil needs to be in the ufc. Strikeforce is a step down in competition. Fighters goals are to fight and win ufc gold. Which fighter has a dream to fight in strikeforce? It would be stupid for a ufc fighter to go to strikeforce unless they are getting paid good money and coming right back to the ufc. The only talent strikeforce has are the heavy weights, Gil and rockhold. And all the hws are going to the ufc so strikeforce will die. Who wouldn’t be a “ufc nut hugger” at this time in mma? Bellator is good and has top guys but I’m pretty sure the ufc will get all those guys eventually. Theyre already working on it. Ufc is best, has best guys and put on best shows. I love mma and watch other promotions but ufc is best and always will be.

  35. bj penn the goat says:

    penn would trash melendez an penn can also trash both diaz

  36. tank says:

    Gilbert ain’t shit, shields can’t be GSP nor Anderson and Nate won’t Edgar. Cesar will never have a UFC in his camp. Gilbert vaunted beat Edgar, Penn, Pettis. Instead of always running his mouth Cesar should look for new talent.

  37. Nick says:

    Make him fight Josh Thompson. His performance was, and I quote, “Shit” but he beat Melendez and Melendez beat him. So a rubber match would make sense. Gracie is retarded for thinking that his guys would drop down to UFC’s bitch promotion.

  38. tsssstttttaaaaaarrrr says:

    Eddie alverez vs Gilbert melendez?once there contracts run out anyway…

  39. Izkd says:

    Shut up Cesar! Gilbert is the Strikeforce Champ. No UFC talent wants to leave to fight in strikeforce. You should try to push Gil into the UFC. And I am sorry to bust your bubble, but Gil wouldnt be much of a contender in the UFC. He wouldnt get past a Clay Guida…..

    • J Gaskey says:

      I don’t even know how to respond to you.

      Or do you use the internet? wikipedia?

      Or did you mean he wouldn’t beat Guida AGAIN?

      People like you make me give up wanting to come to It’s one thing if you’re new to the sport and I shouldn’t lose my patience with you but just do the bare minimum research before you make yourself look like a complete dipstick.

      • bjjJake says:

        Guida hasnt fought for strikeforce for how many years now though??? i am not saying he would beat Gil or that he is not a good fighter but in no way is Guida the same fighter that was a SF champ so it could be a either way fight to be honest

  40. Mike says:

    BJ would beat the Soul Glow off of Melendez’s head.

  41. Izkd says:

    J Gaskey….. I meant he would be a gate keeper and nothing more…. Try to unwind yourself

  42. drew says:

    i never believed in jake shields. I still think hes garbage. gilbert vs pettis would be nice, bj just doesnt seem interested in it…but bj penn will return

  43. Hell yeah says:

    BJ vs El Nino! Yeah Son!

  44. snoop froggy dogg says:

    Dude Penn totally whooped Diaz’s ass!

  45. true mma says:

    Look at the talent in the ufc 155 division. And then look at the strikeforce 155 division. Gilbert would get his ass kicked. He could beat the non top 5 contenders.

  46. Jujitsu Player says:

    Would love to see either one of these fights. Finally get to see what Gil is made of and whether he can live up to the hype.

  47. Dosan says:

    A Strikeforce guy calling out top UFC fighters? Whoa, whoa, whoa, this guy is cocky as hell.

  48. david says:

    lol gilbert melendez calling out bj who’s retired and pettis, who doesnt even fight in the same organization, what a fucking retard

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