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Tuesday, 03/06/2012, 04:13 pm

Quick Twitt | Frankie Edgar Says Benson Henderson Rematch Is On

Looks like the winner of Jim Miller vs. Nate Diaz will have to wait. Frankie Edgar just confirmed on twitter that he has been given his rematch against Benson Henderson.

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117 Responses to “Quick Twitt | Frankie Edgar Says Benson Henderson Rematch Is On”

  1. andy says:

    Sweet now I can watch Bendo bust him up again.

  2. jon doe says:

    Edgar is going to knock Bendo out…………………………………

  3. magoo says:

    How sweet it is! Frankies gonna get his title back! So now Benson doesn’t have to fight the whole 55 roster in one night,all hes gotta do is beat lil ole Frankie!

  4. G says:

    Henderson will win, again. Fuck decision fighters (Edgar, Sonnen, Fitch, Cruz.)

  5. lowzy says:

    why it weren’t even a close fight bendo battered him and will batter him again i’d much rather watch pettis or diaz/miller fight for title than edgar

  6. Josh T says:

    Jeez really? I mean that should be a good fight again, but come on.
    Let’s get some variety here. The winner of Miller & Nate, or even Pettis would be a great matchup & fight. But this is rather redundant considering that Edgar doesn’t deserve an immediate rematch in my honest and humble opinion. The first time watching I thought maybe the judges had it wrong, but after watching the whole fight again the 2nd time it is without ‘any’ doubt that Ben have demolished him and deserved the win.

    Anyway, should be good…

    • phace says:

      First of all I’ll say I’m actually a fan of Edgar and don’t care for the immediate rematch. I don’t get this thing about Frankie having to do so many rematches. He basically had 1 forced rematch. The other one was his fault for having a draw with Maynard(even though I thought he won that one). I think Bendo beat him up last fight and personally I don’t think they should hold up the division any longer. Let us see different styles and fights. Frankie can beat somebody else and come back. It’s getting redundant now.

  7. CD says:

    bullcrap! edgars career is one big rematch!

  8. Hightimes99 says:

    Yes! Great fight first time around prob an even better one this time. Good move by Dana

  9. Black Jew says:

    Edgar cried like a bitch until he got his way. Now we are gonna see the worst display of point fighting in MMA. Henderson better smash him as bad as he did the first time

  10. Jb says:

    Ok who ever said Frankie doesn’t finish is a complete moron. He knocked out the the strongest fighter Pune for pound in the UFC Maynard according fight science. And why wouldn’t he deserve it? He’s done anything UFC has asked. And fighting a pissed hungry Edgar is not a good thing. Edgar tko or k

    • Black Jew says:

      Your so fucking dumb you should have to wear a helmet indoors

    • Thurgood Jenkins says:

      This pound for pound shit is getting a little out of control. It means NOTHING. Hypothetically, if I saw Maynard at the gym bench pressing side-by-side with, say Overeem, and Maynard is putting up, let’s say 250, and Overeem 350 or more, I’m not going t say, “Oh shit, Maynard is stronger because pound for pound he’s putting up more weight. No, I’m going to say Overeem is much stronger.

      Fighting any pissed off fighter is a bad thing, not just Frankie. He may be crying, but if I lost a title I’d be bitching for a rematch too regardless of the previous circumstances, i.e. the rematches he had to give. There’s no doubt he got destroyed in the first fight. But I do agree there should be a rematch for the simple fact that IT WAS A REALLY ENTERTAINING FIGHT. Plain and simple. I wasn’t even going to get that card, but I’m glad I did because it was the best overall one I’ve seen in a long time, and Henderson-Edgar was undoubtedly fight of the night.

  11. whygodwhy says:

    Thank you FE for clogging up the division for years…Bendo will win. Again

  12. tank says:

    Let that be a lesson for all you kids, cry like a little bitch and give Dana a Blow Job and you will get another title shot. Hopefully this time Edgar ducks because his face was busted up frank shamrock’s grill.

  13. mmaislandjunkie says:

    edgar will win the rematch, mark it down girls.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      I think he will too but we’ve been wrong before when we agreed on outcomes of fights. It’s gonna be a great fight. I bet you Edgar gains some muscle to put Bendo away.

      • slacker says:

        He just needs to tighten up on a couple things he is a bit loose on. He’s gotta tuck his chin if he goes for a double leg and he needs to wait and time Henderson’s knees in the clinch, then take him down. He’s gotta respect those big legs of Henderson. He’s never fought anyone with heavy leg strikes like that. He just needs to be a bit more technical. If he has problems reaching him when he catches his right leg kick, he should front kick him to the chest.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          You know I’ve noticed that Frankie also leaves himself open to upper cuts right down the middle. The way he holds his hands is the reason he is always breaking his damn nose. Bendo has a great jab.

          I say he stops catching the leg and counters when Bendo goes in for a kick because his take down defense is really good.

        • slacker says:

          I think it might be a good general technique for angle strikers who throw then move to the side. Maynard timed it with him perfectly although I don’t remember him getting an uppercut from Henderson. Henderson’s jab is good if he is in range, which he was only able to do after he hurt Edgar with the upkick and knee cause that damage slowed him down just enough. Before that, they were all air jabs – just trying to keep Edgar away. If Edgar is fresh, Henderson really can’t hang with his level of footwork and handspeed. IMO, before the upkick, Edgar was making him look pretty slow.

    • slacker says:

      I am curious: why and how do you say Edgar is going to win?

  14. banks says:

    Bunch of whiners

  15. Hightimes99 says:

    Lol at all you haters, keep bitching and moaning about not buying the ppv and how FE got his rematch. 1. They said its in August so it’s going to be on fox lol, wonder if you lames will watch it now haha

  16. slacker says:

    Edgar lives! This one is gonna be sweet!

  17. jayjay says:

    Good stuff…was a good fight and next one is gonna be better…

  18. Nick says:

    Why would you give the rematch to Edgar? Bendo beat the fuck out of Frankie. That’s pretty messed up.

  19. tank says:

    Pettis, miller and Diaz got screwed by a little crying bitch. You don’t have to knockout Joe lauzon to get a title shot all you have to do is get your ass kicked and throw a fit like a kid until your daddy Dana gives you another shot.

  20. banks says:

    Or go on a 7 fight win streak as an underdog and beat bj penn twice and avenge only loss in spectacular fashion lol jus sayin

  21. tank says:

    I bet pettis is fucking mad that he got screwed. He probrably wants to fuck up Edgar now. Either way pettis beats the winner of Ben vs Edgar.

  22. tank says:

    Yeah 7 fight winning streak a controversal win over bj and draw with maynard and a loss to Ben. He should man up and say let me fight pettis and earn my title shot again but no he’s like a kid who throws himself on the floor because they don’t get there way.

    • banks says:

      Dude talk all u want but if he didnt deserve the rematch he wouldnt get it.. N if he knocks bendo out will u still say he didnt deserve it?

      • andy says:

        He doesn’t deserve a rematch Dana White is just nut riding the shit out of FE.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          Nut riding? For what purpose? Frankie’s only marketable quality is that he can take a beating like Rocky. Other than that his PPV sales are mediocre.

        • andy says:

          I’m not saying he’s good for ppv im just saying for some reason or another Dana gets a raging hard on every time someone say Frankie’s name. I LITERALLY just got done watching the fight again and it just isn’t close at all. I gave Frankie 1 round and ALMOST gave him the fifth. I wasn’t even drunk this time haha.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          Maybe your right. I think Dana respects the shit out of Frankie. But Frankie needs to quit fighting like a dummy and what I mean by that is he should take advantage of cutting weight to have a size and muscle advantage because he is always been at a size disadvantage. But whatever I’m not his manager or coach. If he can beat Bendo he can beat Pettis.

    • slacker says:

      Hey. Lorenzo and Dana both had him winning, so that probably has something to do with it.

  23. hahahanninen says:

    Ok im glad Frankie got what he deserves in the form of a rematch….but after this, please!! no more rematches for the lightweight belt !!!

  24. Michael B says:

    Should be another fun fight, not my first choice but maybe when Edgar gets beat again he’ll drop to 145 after. Dana most likely made that a stipulation to gettin the rematch.

  25. tank says:

    The division is stacked ready for new contenders to challenge. Not a crying jersey shore wanna be. I’d rather see miller vs Diaz then see Ben vs Edgar 2 or pettis vs Ben 2

  26. Jason says:

    doesnt deserve it, cnt wait to see bendo smash him AGAIN

  27. Dick Diaz says:

    the irony of this rematch is that the rematches that frankie fought in created space in the big number of contenders in the LW division to the point that they’re left without contenders. now its this rematch that he’ll be in again that will create room for new contenders in the winner of Diaz-Miller and Pettis-whoever.

  28. elimma says:

    As much as i don’t agree with rematch i think it helps weed out a good number one contender i think pettis should fight winner of diaz and miller for title shot whoever comes out of those fights deserves to get chance and fight winner of Benson and Edgar

  29. true mma says:

    Look and learn other ufc fighters, all you have to do to get another title shot is beg like an ex girlfriend, cry a river. Fuck earning your title shot just cry like a jersey shore reject.

  30. true mma says:

    Really Frankie? What are going to do this time around? You can’t out strike ben, check the stats on the last fight, you can’t knock him out, you gave him your best shot and Ben laughed, and you can’t hold him down, you got an up kick that nearly took ten years off your life. Give it up little guy and quit bitching already. Try out for the next season of the jersey shore. Maybe you’ll WIN the part.

  31. BJ Penn says:

    I hope Edgar loses so he knows what it feels like to lose two in a row….

  32. Stevo the great says:

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Tired of rematches……,,it really wasn’t that close.

    • Jason N says:

      Very uninterested in this fight. Better be on a FOX or FX card.

    • joshuah says:

      Thank u! Of the 2 rnds frankie could have won Ben ended up on top of him beating on him!

      I had 5-0 for Ben, 4-1 worst case … every1 said BJ got title shot like they were nothin, frankie gets 2 shots per fighter.

      This is the reason I hate fighters that rely on decisions they whine & cry when one doesnt go their way, like its impossible … maybe kid he was 145 he would have a measurable margin of victory

  33. Kalez says:

    Sucks….Bring in Melendez, have him fight Edgar. Winner, gets Bendo and Miller/Diaz fight. These rematches are a joke.

  34. Zack says:

    Pettis gets screwed out of another title shot. Pettis will knock Frankie’s cry baby ass out. All about the money. So sad. Frankie face it your done. Henderson is gunna smash you again. Aldo will retire you. Might as well go to 135. Frankie gets rocked 6 times a fight he’s lucky he had the belt as long as he did

    • Woman Beater says:

      Pettis doesnt deserve a title shot after beating two guys. You think Joe L. would have gotten a title shot if he submitted Pettis? i think he would still be unworthy even after his quick win over Melvin the Monkey. Right call by the UFC to do the Rematch. It will defiantly not be main event on a ppv, hopefully free fight :)

  35. GRT 3000 says:

    meh! better have a good undercard or no PPV for me on this rematch.

  36. Abe says:

    That is awesome! Cant wait I wanted to see this rematch anyways!

    • Jake R. says:

      I would really prefer not to see another lightweight rematch its been six title fights that are rematches or resulted in one. There are a lot of talented lightweight fighters I think one of them should get a hot instead of edgar. Like Showtime or my boy Guida

    • Ronnnin says:

      Im with you unlikely almost everyone here. That was a hell of a fight

  37. Dave says:

    How about giving Edgar a frickin pinkslip so we can actually see someone besides him fight this decade.

  38. Pochizzle says:

    Shit, here we go. Give it a couple months and we’ll be seeing hendo vs edgar 3

  39. TEVARUA says:

    Henderson will win again!!!

  40. P Diddy says:


  41. tank says:

    Frankie just fucked up this division again with his bitching and crying. Thanks you jersey shore reject.

  42. Mike says:

    Dear lord. I know he’s done some amazing things at lightweight especially considering his size fighting at that weight, but I really don’t think his loss to Henderson was all that controversial. Is cutting 10 lbs to fight at featherweight really that bad? Is it that much of a disadvantage to him? Most fighters cut what, about 15-20 lbs, correct? I don’t know. I think he can make some noise in the featherweight division.

  43. KJG says:


  44. Furby8704 says:

    watch Frankie win it back by a close call. Bendo vs Edgar 3 LOL!

  45. Karddiak says:

    Hope Bendo gonna knock him out this time with the same kick he threw in the first round!!!!

  46. RHendO says:

    Bendo will win. Its crazy how styles make fights Bendo gots frankies # cuz hes fast enough to catch that little shit but not fast enough to run from the other good light weights. I hope i made sense Bendo wins :)

  47. alex says:

    so if henderson loses do we have to see ANOTHER rematch of that?

  48. slacker says:

    Everyone just relax. There is time for a re-match. None of the challengers for the belt have solidified #1 contender status. All of them could use one more win to better demonstrate that they have earned that spot.

  49. K2 says:

    hypothetically speaking, if Edgar does win the rematch by decision (48-47, 49-46, or split) that does pretty much mean a rubber match. Making 2012 the year of Bendo vs Edgar and really really clogging up the lightweight devision. The more you make these guys, no matter who, the more of a chance one of the contenders is gonna loose knocking him back down the ladder. That being said, I guess there should be contender rematches as well. Decision matches should just be best of 3. Unless TOTAL domination of course.

  50. The natural says:

    Wow all u gay bendo fans sound scared don’t be scared homie. Good at least after this fight we shld see if bendos really they fight so comp tough guys can’t make up what they want about fight another fight Frankie won just goin to prove he better then him again.

  51. guamy says:

    This is GARBAGE frankie lost it wasnt even close. his nick name should be the rematch king or the mulligan kid. Have him fight Guida and get wrestle fuck to oblivion.

  52. Xaninho says:

    The first thing that pops into mind is the question ‘WHY?’. It wasn’t a draw, close decision or a messed up decision. He just lost!

    So just cause he had justified rematches caused by a draw and a fucked up decision he ‘deserves’ a rematch after he lost fair and square?

    Unless they stack the main card with really great fights, I don’t think UFC will sell many PPV’s for this one. Bendo will put him down this time.

  53. Weezy says:

    I am so tired of rematches in the LW division let someone else have a shot Frankie got his ass kicked and now the whole weight class will have to be on hold

    • slacker says:

      The only guy who it would be a bit unfair to wait for a title shot would be Miller, if and most likely, when he beats Diaz. Other than that, no one is really waiting. They aren’t fighting for two months anyways. Pettis could definitely use another win to earn his title shot.

  54. The natural says:

    First round Edgar took hendo dwn twice hendo got out struck and out wrestled
    Sec rnd back and forth Edgar with take dwn guillotine attempt leads to back pos before hendo escapes Edgar again takes Bendo dwn on top grnd and pound by Edgar hendo gets upkick puts Edgar dwn but Edgar fights right back were he escapes guillotine choke then hendo hits him with hard body shots from top as rnd ends so close rnd hendo adv
    3rd rnd easiest too score for Edgar he lands cleanly with right hand around 15 times wins every exchange bendo get his first take dwn on a kick by Edgar Edgar just gets back up and takes him dwn two more times to get adv in td in third Edgar adv
    4th rnd not much adv either guy standing Edgar gets huge takedown witch leads to g best gullitine attempt of night by hendo but Edgar fights out get Lil grnd and pound in but then take hendo back before he escapes then Edgar gets trip take dwn witch is only diff in rnd too me so adv Edgar
    Fifth rnd my favorit part hendo gets crowd and himself amped up just to come out and eat a right by champ and just about every exchange there champ winning drops hendo with a right and then at and of rnd five sec left Edgar shoots gets take dwn and guillotine attemp shruged off with both guys on there sides rd ends adv Edgar

    That exactly how fight went dwn 49 -46 Edgar that’s how all mma sites scored fight rnd by rnd and how I had it that watched it three times now if upkick wasn’t there to do damage Frankie leaves without mark on his face too wouldn’t be mad to score fight 50-45 for champ either anybody who says they don’t get how Frankie won or if he deserves rematch your all just haters

    • Xaninho says:

      You need help. your mind is distorting reality

    • Angel_King says:

      you missed the part when frankies eye got shut in first round, oh and about the 50 body kicks to edgar. He CAUGHT the kicks AFTER the DAMAGE was DONE. Doesn’t matter if you’re holding his leg to look cool after he busted your rib already. Frankie tries to play it good in the eyes of the judges, but the judges aren’t stupid they see the damage done already. Watch the post fight interview with Ben, “when i threw a fake jab at frankie his face cringed!” LOL “once i knew my jab had him imma milk that baby all night long”

  55. Hightimes99 says:

    Agree with both slacker and natural…this will give the division the perfect amount of time to get a clear number one contender

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