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Monday, 10/01/2012, 05:11 pm

Quick Twitt | Forrest Griffin States That He Was Not On Drugs During Silva Fight | MMA News


With today’s news that Forrest Griffin failed a drug test given to him for the UFC 101 event back in August 2009, Griffin has come under fire for being on the anti-depressant Xanax during a fight that turned out to be a one-sided affair against Anderson Silva.

Griffin was interviewed by Ariel Helwani on the MMA Hour today where Griffin admitted that he failed his test and also that the Pennsylvania State Athletic commission kept it quiet.

A short while after his interview, Griffin went to twitter to clear up that he was not feeling the effects of the drug during the fight, as he had taken the drug the night before to deal with nerves.

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20 Responses to “Quick Twitt | Forrest Griffin States That He Was Not On Drugs During Silva Fight | MMA News”

  1. Unarmed spectator says:

    Kinda sounds like this: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky” -Bill Clinton

  2. DMAC says:

    Forest was on SOMETHING getting taken out that quick. Still down with Forest tho!

  3. Drugs are bad mmmkay? says:

    Xanax is an anti-anxiety medication NOT an anti-depressant. And if anyone has ever been on xanax you know that it would give you absolutely no advantage and actually slow your reaction time drastically to where you couldn’t even see a punch coming.

    • marcus says:

      Anti anxiety and anti depressant medications are basically the same thing when it comes to the way the affect someone and obviously it didnt give any advantage…. where that come from?

      • Nikolas says:

        Actually Marcus that isnt exactly true, Xanax is considered a Narcotic because of the alprazolam that is present in the pill. Anti-depressant medication actually has a more uplifting effect, opposed to a duller reaction Xanax gives. Also, depending on the dosage, his movement or reaction time wouldnt have been effected unless he ingested more then a mg.

      • Pkq says:

        Do any of you guys even know how Xanax works? Drugs are bad has it right, it slows down your reari

      • Pkq says:

        Do you even know how Xanax works? Drugs are bad has it right, it slows down your reaction time drastically, anti depressants take weeks to take effects and have no mind altering effects. If you have ever taken Xanax, Valium, klonapin or any other benzodiazepine you would understand what your talking about. If he took 2 mg or less( depending on what he is prescribed) then it wouldn’t give him any advantage.

    • brandon says:

      you are absolutly correct, most of these fools dont know shit about they are talking about. if i were a fighter i would invite any of my opponents to take a couple xanax before the fight it sure as hell wouldnt give them any advantage

  4. Zoeldog27 says:

    He would have still been very groggy in the morning from the zanex im bi-polar and suffer servere anxiety i was on zanax for about 4 months but its very addictive and makes you “black out” where you cant remember what you did until you get used to the medication its a very dangerous anti-anxity drug thats not to be taken lightly , i can tell you from expreiance Griffin would have still been very groggy in the mornig of t he fight
    and still even a little during the fight

  5. Pharmacist says:

    HAHA!! Xanax absolutely is an anti-depressant! I swear people on this site get more retarded every time I come on here and read this shit! Good Luck BJ against Rory! I really hope you smash him, but this site is a joke anymore! It was so much better when you showed your video blogs as soon as you got on BJPENN.COM. Get back to being the Prodigy and kicking ass!! Fuck this stupid website!!! Going against Rory you better fucking have that fire or its gonna be a short night!! GO BABY J!! LICK THEM FUCKING GLOVES!!!!

    • Pkq says:

      You need to go back to pharmacology school, the only thing related to depression that Xanax or any other benzo should be prescribed for is depression that causes panic attacks, any doctor who is giving out such a strong benzodiazepine for depression when ssri’s are readily available should have his license taken away.

  6. CMUSMC says:

    So many doctors on Any of you got advice on why I’m so hateful toward people that pretend to know what everthing is about?

  7. Clay says:

    Maybe that’s why he lost like that

  8. grux says:

    didn’t forrest get ko’d twice in the preparation for this fight?

  9. Cheeseballs says:

    It’s so funny watching a bunch of dicks bitching about who knows more about drugs lol €===@

  10. xXCLOSXx says:

    All of you in here are morons. Lol. I’m a nurse. Xanax is not an anti depressant. It is used as needed for anxiety, not daily. It will slow down your reaction. AntI depressants are taken daily and DO NOT have an “uplifting” effect like another moron stated earlier. It merely evens you out. It’s not an upper. Retard school is out of session. Go to recess kids.

  11. Thurgood Jenkins says:

    Let’s just all agree that if you took a few Xani styx and drank two Slurricanes, you had a good night.

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