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Thursday, 02/28/2013, 09:27 am

Quick Twitt | Following Scandal Keenan Cornelius Leaves Team Lloyd Irvin

Team Llyod Irvin found itself under fire earlier this year following allegations of rape charges and a deep dark past of unquestionable acts.

Now one of the team’s top talents has opted to distance himself from the camp and seek a new grappling home in boston.

His father, Tom Callos took to facebook to announce the news.


0 Responses to “Quick Twitt | Following Scandal Keenan Cornelius Leaves Team Lloyd Irvin”

  1. Gomay says:

    You all act like this is the first time someone left his camp.dude just found out hiss mom has cancer last week and all you can comment on is a former student.what it looks like is a platform to start his own gym or movement.also Keenan been there how long? Now he’s ready to go over some events that occurred on new years which month is this again? Also of something is jacked up you don’t stick around

  2. Josh says:

    There is obviously more to him deciding to leave than the incident on new years. There is a lot of information being brought back up of a 1989 gang rape case involving lloyd that people have been wanting him to address which I think may be a big factor on why he chose to leave. I’m sure there are also more factors that will come out as time passes.

  3. Dee says:

    I think all of Lloyd Irvin’s students were well aware of Lloyd’s past before they signed with him. They didn’t have a problem with Lloyd while he was training, promoting, and coaching them through out all these years, so why should they care now. I find it distasteful for him to publicly announce his dis-involvement with Lloyd and to smash Lloyd this way. He should have just departed. It’s such a slimy move to pull. I’m not saying condone negative behavior, but definitely do not throw someone under the bus just clear your name. It’s weird because without Lloyd Keenan would be nobody. Lloyd (along with his ways and past) made Keenan, and no one complained all this time. I’m not even a supporter of Lloyd, but his was a fag move to pull.

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