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Tuesday, 12/31/2013, 11:22 am

QUICK TWITT | Female Challengers Respond To Rousey vs. McMann News

Cat Zingano (pictured) is the UFC’s true bantamweight title challenger, but that hasn’t stopped her from being passed up twice now for a shot at Ronda Rousey.

Not the UFC’s fault, but many would argue that next inline, if not Zingano, would be Alexis Davis.

Davis however didn’t get the nod to face Rousey either and instead, the Canadian team Cesar Gracie blackbelt, is set to fight Jessica Eye on the same night.

Both women took to twitter to express their discontent with the UFC’s decision to pit McMann opposite Rousey.

Check it:


4 Responses to “QUICK TWITT | Female Challengers Respond To Rousey vs. McMann News”

  1. MMA Fight Fan says:

    Some of you are just dumb. Feed her easy fights… Last time I checked Tate was who she beat for the belt. A ton of people think Sara has what it takes to win. I love Cat but I want her to fight after she has been cleared. She was just recently cleared to start training and on a limited bases. It is OK if you don’t like Ronda but stop crying. The girl is an athlete and I think she’ll fight anyone they put in front of her. This isn’t meant for most that have posted already. My statement comes from the other thirty articles about this.

  2. Robert says:

    People don’t realize that Rousey only won a Bronze while McMann won a Silver. It is very ignorant statement to say that she doesn’t even compete with Rousey in grappling because unless you have seen a really high level wrestler like Henry Cejudo or Daniel Cormier. You don’t know what you’re talking about, those are world class grapplers and I don’t care who you put in front of them they will take the fight to the ground if they want and dominate there. Same goes with McMann,

    I believe she could take it to Rousey on the ground, I promise you she has way better hips than Tate and can stop those throws because wrestlers have awesome hip control just like judo guys/girls.

  3. BeachBum96818 says:

    Keep feeding her easy fights??? When she was calling out Tate in strike force people were like “she doesn’t deserve a title shot yet ” was that a spoon fed easy fight? Dana wasn’t even in the picture yet. Her first fight in the UFC was her toughest to date. Her second fight with Tate was a fan fight! Everybody was crying for it. Now they are sendung her straight back into a camp to fight arguably her toughest opponents yet!

  4. StaalOntwerp says:

    Sarah McMann makes perfect sense, because takedowns work so well against a judo wizard like Rousey. Never mind. I love to see her take people for a ride. She almost puts Karo Parysian to shame. And he had ‘the best judo throws in the world!’ (anyone remember that little nugget?)

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