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Wednesday, 03/14/2012, 10:03 am

Quick Twitt | Demian Maia Announces Drop To 170 Pound Division

Former middleweight number one contender, Demian Maia just announced his intentions to drop a weight class and try out the UFC’s welterweight division.

No word on who his first opponent will be or when he will make the appearance at 170 pounds, but after coming off a UFC on FOX 2 loss to Chris Weidman this could be the move the former top contender needs to reinvigorate his career.

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0 Responses to “Quick Twitt | Demian Maia Announces Drop To 170 Pound Division”

  1. Jb says:

    Maia looked horrible against an exhausted out of shape weinman. He should have won that fight if he actually showed up. But Chris is a force to reckon with

  2. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    And the MW division gets weaker…

  3. Thom says:

    Maia vs Shields anyone?

  4. Jake says:

    I agree with @thom it would be a good jujitsu match up but Damian has better hands

  5. Coffee409 says:

    Well considering he looked like shit from the cut to 185 in his last fight… This seems like a logical next step.

  6. Eric El Beast says:

    Next for Maia i think… Claude Patrick, Jake Shields or Kim Dong Hyun

  7. McCombski says:

    I dont see how he is gonna make weight. Idk but he is gonna be skiny as shit at ww. + I think he has better chances at MW accually MW isent as stacked as WW. Seems like a bad move to me.

  8. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Maia just needs to work on his cardio. I hope he fills the holes in his game because his last fight was awful. If he were still fighting Bisping then he would have lost. If Chael was still fighting Munoz then Chael would have lost.

  9. jonesy says:

    if he can cut weight and not lose cardio cuz of it he will be serious contender at 170..but still dont see him beatin the top ww,s

  10. ya herd says:

    @ lex walker u just made me laugh u fool watch fight were u watching if jake sheilds can beat u in a stand up match u should quit fighting forever

  11. J N says:

    a shields fight would be a tight bjj match for 2 the sho tell Dana I might buy that maybe

  12. Bla DeBla says:

    Jesus !

    Wat tha fuck was Maia thinking when he released that photo ?

    I dont kno if its possible to catch AIDS from a photo or not but I’m not taking any chances …. I’ll be posting no more on this thread !

    Sort yer head out Maia !

  13. Jagged knife says:

    Damian needs to go fight the MTV kids or Bully beat down bullies if he wants to impress anybody. Or maybe that other slow boring japanese fighter that got submitted by leben and knocked out by Vitor. Akiyama or something like that. Who would win that slow pointless fight?

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