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Monday, 04/16/2012, 12:00 pm

Quick Twitt | Dana White Responds To Askren | Askren Is Better Than Ambien

Earlier today we ran a quote from Ben Askren. In it he called Dana White a liar for proclaiming he cannot test all of his fighters.

This was Dana’s response.


34 Responses to “Quick Twitt | Dana White Responds To Askren | Askren Is Better Than Ambien”

  1. Thurgood Jenkins says:

    Is it possible to watch flies fuck?

  2. Nando says:

    That is fucking hilarious hahahaha

  3. dynomania says:

    Asken just lost his chance to fight in the UFC. Who cares what you think, don’t insult the president of the biggest promotion in the world. I bet he is wishing he phrased his words a little bit differently now.

    • Xaninho says:

      I thank Askren for pissing off DW. So glad I don’t have to look at that fucking blanket on UFC-cards.

    • Scotty says:

      Dont even think he had a chance to go to the UFC before this because he is so boring.. Dana says “He is the most boring fighter in MMA” which he obviously felt before Askren made a comment.. To me that just shows, he never even had a shot in the first place! haha

    • Reality says:

      Actually, White mentioned that Askren didn’t ruin his chances. He said Askren has a right to his opinion. That to me sounds like he’s probably open to it in the future. He never said (from what I’m seeing on twitter) that he wouldn’t recruit him.

      • Xaninho says:

        I don’t think he would hire the most boring mma fighter next to Fitch.

        DW knows nobody wants Askren in the UFC. His nickname is ‘Funky’, only thing that’s funky are the judges and their suspicious decisions.

  4. The_Gooch1 says:

    I don’t want to see Askren in the UFC. So it’s good that he pissed off Dana and recognizes that Askren is a boring fighter.

  5. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Askren is garbage.

  6. rob says:

    he’s so right, askren’s boring as fuck, I only watch his fights when I can’t sleep.

  7. James says:

    Dana stole that joke

  8. Zack says:

    Askren sucks. He takes lay n pray to a whole new level of boring.

  9. jbeamazing says:

    hate him or love him he tells it how it is and askren’s wack ass felt a sign of relief when nate marquardt didn’t sign with bellator now he gets to fight the king of the cage talent that weren’t good enuff for the big leagues

  10. Dud says:

    Whether or not he is a boring fighter is completely irrelavent to the topic he was talking about which was random drug tests. Dana didn’t even try to defend the accusation and instead just goes to insults. Which could mean that the accusation might be true. Way to act professional Dana…

    • Xaninho says:

      Ofcourse all the fighters can be tested. He just doesn’t want to spend the money on it. UFC hasn’t got as much money to spend as the USOC has.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Well Askren didn’t give us any insight into the testing that goes into Bellator. All of their fighters are pretty much from South America. How do they random drug test their fighters? Dana doesn’t have answer to this jerk who challenges journalist to fights when they criticize his boring fights. Askren is just as unprofessional as sailor mouthed Dana. Askren should focus on winning fights decisively instead of twitter wars.

      • jbeamazing says:

        the last inside mma bas rutten dissed him he should try to fight bas lol

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          Askren would get murdered by Bas. He needs to be humbled.

          People talk about GSP or Fitch being boring. Well at least they have talent. Both Fitch and GSP would destroy Askren. He shouldn’t even be champ he was gifted a decision against Jay Heiron last year.

        • Xaninho says:

          True, and even this year against Lima.

          Askren wasn’t doing anything but trying to hold Lima down and Lima was continuously busy to submit him from the bottom.

          MMA judges seem too wrestling orientated. They get a boner when a fighter gets a take down, whether he does something after that or not.

          It’s beyond me how a guy like Askren can gather more points than his opponent the way he ‘fights’ ( I wish I could think of another word for the thing he does, cause using the word fight seems very disrespectful towards actual fightingstyles)

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          I would say he is neutralizing his opponent by laying on them but that’s not how you win a fight, it’s how you avoid damage.

          I still have to watch that fight its on my DVR.

  11. Dinglenuts Magee says:

    Dana made a funny

  12. Zeree says:

    Then GSP is tranquilizer.

  13. tjmcvey13 says:

    I hate Askren as much as the next guy, but most boring fighter? Anyone ever heard of Jon Fitch? The only exciting thing he’s ever done is get knocked out by Hendricks.

  14. brett says:

    Askrens tweet was the best jab hes ever thrown in his life! My niece hits harder than that Carrot Top look alike. Oh nope wait a minute, at least Carrot Top has muscles. Askren would get smashed by any top 15 welterweight in the UFC!

  15. Bob Finsley says:

    I think Ben Buttsmile could have voiced his opinion without calling out Dana the way he did. I think if he ever had UFC aspirations, he just flushed them.

  16. Nick says:

    Hahaha looks like uncle Chael is rubbing off on Dana. Lol. One of his best comebacks yet.

  17. Ambien says:

    Has anyone ever thought how I feel? :/

  18. jonesy says:

    funny when dana was talking about lambard coming to ufc he said he was with another show he had never seen befor,,,acting like he did not know thhe name,,,now he has been this boring shit fight

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