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Saturday, 03/03/2012, 08:26 am

Quick Twitt | Dana White Confirms Officials Error | McCall vs. Johnson A Draw, Will Now Rematch

As the photo shows, Demetrious Johnson clearly won based on the scores of two judges, but this is an error. The man responsible for making this sheet that Bruce Buffer announces from made a huge and terrible mistake that greatly affected the outcome of the UFC’s flyweight tournament.

Jude Sal D’Amato actually scored the bout 28-28 (a draw), he gave the first two rounds to Johnson but scored the third for McCall via 10-8. This was the error made on the scorecard featured above.

The second judge scored the first round a 10-10, scored the second a 10-9 for Johnson and the third a 10-9 for McCall making his total score 29-29 (a draw).

The third judge actually scored the bout for Johnson as the victor. He gave the first two rounds to “Mighty Mouse” and the last to McCall. His score was 29-28 for Johnson.

Despite the one judge scoring it for Johnson, with the other two scores deemed a draw this fight should have gone to the fourth round to determine a clear winner.

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30 Responses to “Quick Twitt | Dana White Confirms Officials Error | McCall vs. Johnson A Draw, Will Now Rematch”

  1. Zack says:

    It almost got stopped. Johnson would’ve got finished if there was a 4 th round

  2. NickDiazwas here says:

    WAR DIAZ!!

  3. Ryan M says:

    How can the middle judge score the first round 10-10. Don’t they have to give a round to a fighter. The round winner gets 10 and the loser gets 9 or less. ??? what is going on here? am i missing something?

    • It’s the “10 point must system” – meaning at least one fighter must receive a 10, but that doesn’t mean bother fighters cannot in the event that a single round is deemed even.

      • Woman Beater says:

        In the history on me watching MMA/UFC i have never seen a 10-10 Round. I smell some real bullshit going on… and it just so happens that it was a fight where they had a Tie breaker round?? BULLSHIT, SHIT SOUNDS RIGGED TO ME!

      • Xaninho says:

        I could be mistaken but 10 point must system means one fighter always has to get a 10 and the other one gets 9 or less.

    • spencer ahuna says:

      scored it a draw obviously

    • Mike McMack says:

      One of the judges must have given McCall a 10-8 in the third with the other 2 scoring 29-28 in favor of both competitors. I thought it was a draw too and when the didn’t go the the 4th I figured that McCall had earned the nod from the judges. Oh well at least it’s fair too McCall in him getting 3 more rounds.

    • bruts says:

      yup they have to like i said, judges just smoked way to much crack that day! fuck all they could see is blurs

  4. yinyang says:

    Finally we could have put a sudden victory round to good use. This is such a black eye. If I were new to the sport, I would say the fights were fixed. I hope the MMA Governing Bodies will take a close look at this incident and also repair what is needed with the entire MMA scoring system. Added the score card wrong….? That should NEVER happen. But, you know how commissions never want to admit errors. I wonder what the excuse will be this time?

  5. Rick says:

    That’s gotta suck for Mighty Mouse thinking he won the fight then, OOPS, sorry, you really got a draw. Stupid, just stupid. The fighters are professional, and the athletic commision should follow suite.

  6. Rick says:

    Hats off to the judge that scored the last round a 10-8. Ian had mount twice and landed some bad-assed strikes.

  7. dante080 says:

    Still think Ian won. Johnsons only offense in r1 was a punch that seemed to wobble Ian. But he laughed it off. Ian had 2 takedowns and the rest of the striking was even.

  8. Analyser says:

    Ian won hands down don’t really understand how the judges scored otherwise.. i found it highly ironic that MightyMouse was ranting on about his takedowns (post match interview in cage) where in the fight he was getting massively out wrestled and thrown around clearly knew he had lost hence his total shock when he was told he won.. all stinks to me Ian was the winner in everyone’s hearts and minds why else were they all chanting BS?? lol really cant see why there is a discussion here i suppose im glad to see a rematch and hopefully wont be screwed this time round! WAR UNCLE CREEPY!

  9. hightimes99 says:

    Something needs to change with the scoring system, to many mistakes and off the wall score cards…i think after every rd the score should be posted. something def needs to happen.

  10. A.James says:

    Someone needs to get fired over this for real. The rematch needs to be a five rounder.

  11. dragonblade2332 says:

    it is for thise reason in my minde is why you do not leav it to the judges finish the dam fight lol people make mistakes but there can not be aney dispute if you knock or tap the guy out

  12. dubs says:

    never heard of a 10 10 round before

  13. Thurgood Jenkins says:

    So am I to understand the person who was supposed to tally up the scores could not take each judge’s score card, look at the number the judge gave to each fighter in each round, which is between 0 and 10, add them together to equal a sum no greater than thirty, and then determine which fighter the judge gave the greater score to? Wow. I guess the commission now employs people lacking first grade mathematical equivalency skills?

  14. Dick Diaz says:

    sigh…. this is ridiculous…they freakin’ marred the first flyweight bout in ufc history… nice….

  15. Chartmonster! says:

    Pretty obvious McCall won the mutherfkr!

  16. Don Dangerously says:

    I’m sorry but this is not proof of a draw. If you look closely, what everyone is saying Sal D’Amato scored as 10-8 for McCall in the third round is a 10-9 for McCall. Which means, Johnson still wins. The 8 everyone thinks they’re looking at from the 3rd round under Sal D’Amato is actually a 9. Look at the 8 closely, and look at the other 9’s on the sheet. Now look at the other 8’s on the sheet. The “author” of the final bout sheets writes 9’s that can be confused at 8’s, but if you look closely and compare them with the other 9’s, it is a 9. His 8’s are clear, 9’s not so much, but again, upon looking closely, they are 9’s. Johnson wins fairly, and the “man responsible” did not make a mistake.

  17. Xaninho says:

    It seems the figure skating judges were back again.

  18. GRT 3000 says:

    I don’t like how Johnson almost did a backflip when he found out he got a bullshit decision. That’s not the makings of a champion imo; he should actually want to beat the other guy.

  19. Pedro says:


  20. jonesy says:

    Tell Jorge how it is Pedro!

  21. daveeeeee says:

    wow,,,thiis aint loser pedro .com…its site would be here if u were not,,,this site was here long befor u knew bj and will be here for long after you ass is fired…this is in no way your website…wakeup buddy…u got lucky and bj saw u were online always cuz u had no life snd no job so he offerd u a job….but dont get connfused this is far from your website good……and learn to run spell check

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