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Wednesday, 02/08/2012, 04:40 am

Quick Twitt: Dana White Confirms Condit vs. Diaz II In The Works, Cesar Gracie Says Not Happening

We reported late last night that Carlos Condit has agreed to a rematch with Nick Diaz. After our report Dana White came out publicly on twitter and confirmed this rumor as fact.

The UFC and Condit seem to have been able to reach terms but that doesn’t guarantee that the recently retired Nick Diaz, who is often unpredictable, will agree and try and get back the win he feels was rightfully his.

Which brings us to the Cesar Gracie twitter post…

Now rumor has it that the UFC will try to entice Diaz to reconsider leaving the sport with a headlining spot on the UFC on FOX 4 card set for Los Angeles. This is merely just a rumor, however I will note that shortly after Cesar’s initial response he posted the following.

Stay tuned as we try to untangle this web of rumors and statements into an actual bout confirmation. We will hopefully have a clear indication on this rematch by Friday.

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63 Responses to “Quick Twitt: Dana White Confirms Condit vs. Diaz II In The Works, Cesar Gracie Says Not Happening”

  1. Robby says:

    If there was ever to be a rematch, this would be it. They both deserve it. Diaz needs to prove he’s better and Condit doesn’t need a “unanimous decision” that is questioned.

    • Brandon Wheaton says:

      And Condit needs to prove he’s the “Natural Born Killer”, so I think this is a very good rematch.

      • phace says:

        This is good news. Gotta respect Condit for asking for the fight. That’s the spirit of a true fighter. I felt that Diaz won the 1st fight but unless he diversifies his strategy for the next fight he may truly lose.

  2. Kristin says:

    This is so STUPID!!! Diaz is a cry baby. He finally gets what he says he wants, and doesn’t deserve, and then says “Nope. Won’t happen.” Instead of Dana just saying screw you then, he caters to him and now Diaz might reconsider it. Let him retire and go do boxing. I’m sure that would work out well for him. Pathetic cry baby!!!!

    • krafty11 says:

      Because GSP wants to fight Diaz. and there’s nothing Dana wont do for his poster boy. they really are trying to make Diaz/GSP happen.

    • syche says:

      Well said Kristen, exactly, now he really looks like a massive whiney baby

    • John Adams says:

      I agree that this is stupid. Nick pulls this, “things didn’t go my way, so i’m quitting act”, like a childish 8 yr old, then they give in and give him an immediate rematch? Way to send the right message UFC…wtf?

      You know, they all (except Carlos) wanted Nick to win. Hell, the UFC even geared it’s Primetime to promote Nick vs GSP and when they didn’t get their golden ticket outcome, figures they’d find a way to try it again.

      UFC may not be rigged, but they sure as hell do all they can to set up their desired outcomes.

      • Kyle Z says:

        If UFC catered to desired outcomes, Nick would’ve won the judges decision. Dumbass. Machida v Shogun was the same thing, outrage after the judges decision so an immediate rematch was given. This isn’t new.

    • baldy says:

      white’s been catering to diaz for a long time. brought him into the ufc so he wouldnt go into boxing, REgave him a title shot after he shit on it the first time, now he gets a rematch…
      i was a diaz fan until after that fight….just tired of all the bitching. fight or dont, i dont give a shit anymore.
      i hope diaz gets his rematch, i hope condit stands and bangs, puts diaz against the fence and knocks him out just to shut him and all his fans the fuck up.

    • magoo says:

      yup looks like the 209 cry babys gonna come back outta retirement,cause Danas kissin his ass. Do us all a favor when you lose to Condit the second time Nick,take it like a man,no more whining or excuses,learn to adapt and be a real mma fighter and mix it up,instead of trying to pin your opponent against the cage and box his face in.Besides Georges said he’d give up his title to fight you,does he still sound scared homie? Can’t wait for you to get yours Nick,whether its Carlos or GSP makes no difference!

  3. Xaninho says:

    Cesar Gracie can’t confirm cause he probably can’t find Nick lol.

  4. Sean says:

    I hope the fight starts and finishes the same way with the same result just so all the Diaz fans heads explode.

  5. Jb says:

    Dana has and will be a big baby. Then I want my fin money back for the last ppv. I’m over the Diaz crybaby and Caesar just likes to be in the lime light cause he could never win a fight in the UFC

  6. jon says:

    I hope condit fights the he used to fight before the freakin gameplan. They’re fighters anyway if they’re passionate about what they do they should trust with their skill set and techniques, At the end of the day win, lose, or draw they’ll be more appreciated and in the eyes of the fans they are true winners & figthers.

  7. Johannes says:

    Why are all u haters bitching about a renatch happening. GSP will be out for a while anyways so its not like he has anything to lose, except the interim belt. But he has everything to gain from another fight with Diaz. Yeah let him whoop Diaz ass again cuz he won sooooo convincing, there should be no noubt he will win again, right!? War DIAZ

  8. Abe says:

    just fucking make it happen every fan wanna see it

  9. DAMN! says:


  10. Ethan says:

    The way i see it, Condit won in the last competition by a smart gameplan. Cesar needs to keep his mouth shut declaring things until he actually talks to Dana or whomever, then consult with Nick. top down management, idiot.. You dont talk to Nick then approach the boss, you talk to the boss then approach Nick…

    that said, a rematch is Condits to win… he has shown he can stick to a gameplan, if Nick wasn’t so dangerous on the ground i’m sure Condit would lay on top of him just to rub it in.. Nick is a fighter, he never builds game plans to win, he just prepares to fight… when Dana said “you have to play the game to be in the UFC”, I guess that means more than showing up to Press Conferences.. sometimes you gotta play the game inside the octagon to win… regardless they should market this as competition more than fighting.

    • Shawn says:

      Agreed. But Diaz did have a game plan. Its the same one he uses for all his fights. Draw his opponents into a slug fest, tire themselves out punching, and wear them out with punches, then throw in sone insults to frustrate them some more. Except this time, his opponent didn’t get suckered in to that. Had Diaz actually pressed the fight (by actually fighting more b taunting less), and not just walk Condit around, he could have won that fight. Diaz doesn’t like getting into slug fests, unless he’s got the upperhand. Thats usually when his opponent is tired. He’s a smart fighter. Condit was just smarter that night. Thats what happens when two guys play a counter game, it goes to decision. The guy who throws and lands more strikes will win. Doesn’t matter if they are not devastating or not.

  11. Dan says:

    Diaz doesn’t deserve a rematch. Everyone that counted scored the fight, and rightly so, to Condit. Why should he have to go do the same again? He employed tactics very similar to how GSP will likely fight Diaz and picked him apart well without taking much punishment?! Condit has nothing to gain except money from this fight. UFC r really trying to force the GSP Diaz fight too much…

    Give Condit the ellenberger/sanchez winner. Or BJ. Or a rematch with friggin Kampmann if you want him to overturn a controversial decision?! That was close as shit.

    Ahhhhh this winds me up.

    Last point – GSP supposedly said he’d be willing to give up his title for a fight with Diaz. (Kenny Florians twitter). JUST DO THAT IF YOU’RE DESPERATE FOR THAT FIGHT.

  12. Johannes says:

    Everyone in here speaking like their pros should just hold ur fingers n stop typing all this shit. First of all if ur not a fighter with a respectable professional record then dont act like it cuz fighters like Dan MOTHAFUKKIN HENDOEE even scored it to Diaz And so did other RESPECTABLE fighters. So shut ur fingers cuz the rematch is going to happen deal with it Condit fans

  13. E says:

    Hope there is a rematch…..dont care who wins anymore as long as its an exciting fight…

  14. maurice says:

    i think condit is only excepting to he can beat diaz even worse then he did in the 3rd, 4th and 5th. condit made a statement in the 1st fight, and he wants to make a bigger statement in the rematch. i didnt want to see the rematch if condit didnt want it, but now that he wants it, im interested. funny, if diaz hadnt reacted funny to the decision, no one would have bitched. lol

  15. maurice says:

    and just because SUM fighters gave it to diaz dont mean shit. SUM fighters also gave it to condit. and ive said for years, im shocked fighters still dont know how to judge fights. im down for giving diaz the 1st 2 rnds, even though they were extremely close as well. but there is no way in hell diaz won rounds 3, 4 and 5. at the beginning of round 3 condit found his range and rhythm. literally each round he started landing more punches and kicks, and diaz STOPPED stalking him. obviously the kicks began to take there toll on diaz, and condit started opening up with punches and head kicks a lot more. diaz didnt get his ass beat in anyway, but that was the most thoroughly outstriked diaz has ever been in a 5 round fight.

  16. maurice says:

    and diaz saying he could have finished that armlock had he known he was losing is just silly!! ur telling me he could have just armlocked condit at anytime, but chose not to end the fight cus he was winning? gtfo here wit dat bullshit. he went for desperate takedowns, and fought desperately for condits arm and neck, but condit avoided it, like a true bjj ace.

  17. JB Spencer says:

    If this happens nick needs to think about whose gona be in his corner and in his ear during the fight. His boxing coach(brain fartn on his name rt now) is obviosly a good coach outside the cage, but inside the cage hes more of a cheerleader than a coach. And nates not stupid but with their big brother lil brother relationship dinamic wer nate looks up to him as much as he does, its almost psycologicaly impossible for nate to tell nick what he really needs to hear. Nick needed someone in his corner to specificaly tell him what to do to cut him of and counter act his gameplan, he needed someone screamin at him to turn up the pace! dont leave it to the judges! rememder sanchez! remember caro perezian! these are the same judges, you wana lose like that on your big night! … not way to nick, your winning…

    And i personally think that fight was too close for either fighter to complain if they lost. Coulda been called either way.

  18. Dave says:

    First off, if Diaz won the same way Condit did, i highly doubt Carlos would get a rematch. I see this as a way for the UFC to make money off GSP/Diaz, nothing more….George is unfortunately going to do the same to both fighters…lay and pray…so whats the point. Condit loses his Interim if Diaz wins, and Diaz loses to GSP by grind out UD and has 2 losses in his last 3 fights. Back to square one for both of them.

  19. omg says:

    This is going to be as boring as the alabam lsu rematch..

  20. Trolligans says:

    He ran his mouth about wanting a rematch not thinking he’d actually get one. Now he gets it and he’s ducking. Diaz knows he lost and doesn’t want a rematch.

  21. the original steve says:

    i wish cesar would just shut the fuck up

  22. Ronnin says:

    Hell yes! Rematch!!! As Rogan said, Diaz will sprint to that fucker this time… Fucking Condit running away everytime, what a douche. This time Diaz will sprint to him, get the take down and break his arm

  23. cjr says:

    All the fools saying condit needs to prove he’s a natural born killer, he has finished 25 of 27 of his wins who has more finishes in his division, stop spewing trash ppl look up facts

  24. lolziez says:

    Diaz vs GSP wont be as exciting as it was before Condit beat Diaz.. Now if that fight ever happens in the future, it wont have the gas n fire behind it that it did before Diaz lost cause the gameplan that Condit used is exactly the same gameplan GSP will use.. in n out attacks and stayin out of range from any real danger.. its gonna be another fight where people will stroke Diaz’s dick and say GSP ran the whole fight, while the others are gonna cry about how Diaz is being a crybaby again cause we all know hes going to retire after he loses to GSP..

  25. Diaz says:

    This isn’t soccer leg kick and running doesn’t win you the fight. Ya he threw more strikes which where leg kicks get the fuck outa here how can anyone give the 5th rd to condit doesn’t deserve to watch mma

  26. The fans have been heard. says:

    Everyone should want to see this rematch! Fans of both fighters! I’m a Diaz fan but had Condit been fighting anyone else I would have been wanting him to win. Condit should be ashamed of dancing around with the rule book just like GSP does. I can punch you once and dance for 5 rounds and if you don’t land anything . . . I win! BUT who the fuck wants to see that? I know I wouldn’t pay to watch fights like that. EVERYONE knows that fight was dissapointing from a fans point of view, and theres one man to blame . . . Mr Condit!

  27. Eqrem says:

    this whole debacle is getting really annoying and confusing…

  28. Philippe says:

    Since Carlos already accepted this fight and Diaz and his camp has been complaining that it was a bogus decision, normally the news would be released that both camps have accepted the rematch and it just has to be signed. I wonder whats taking so long.

  29. GreenTeaBagger says:

    If there is a rematch, I think Diaz should change his gameplan to: 1) Trash Talk before the match, 2) try to bait my opponent in the ring while he hacks away at me, 3) lose the fight 4) ask for a re-re-match

  30. sick of hearing nick diaz and cesar gracie bitch and moan…..hope they accept the fight so condit can smash diaz’s face….

  31. mma is my religion says:

    Of course condit wants to fight he said that he wasn’t tired at the end of the first fight. He said he could have ran for another 25 min. All he has to do now is let the blisters on his feet heal.

  32. Jujitsu Player says:

    Condit won it fair and square first time around but since GSP won’t bye fighting this year I guess it makes the most sense….Hope Diaz changes his game plan because he got out fought and out thought last time around.

  33. David says:

    So they fucken whine like babies and then get a rematch and they dont want it? Just fucking die you fucking whiny ass pieces of complaining shit MAN STFU CESAR GEACIE AND NICK DIAZ UR FUCKING PATHETIC

  34. Trollsmeller says:

    Ceasar Gracie is like Puffy. Always wants to be in the limelight, but he’s old and sh*tty.

  35. kevin9999 says:

    Hope they do fight again even though Nick doesn’t deserve the rematch. Koscheck, Sanchez or ellenberger should fight Nick next. Of course GSP wants to fight Nick. This would be such a fun and easy fight for GSP. Ground and pound him so bad that nick would never be the same after. Nick knows he would get smashed he just wants the big pay cheque. I think Nick is rated 6th or 7th in the 170 division. What do you think?

  36. q says:

    I think Nick should pull guard, im definite he could submit Condit with 5 rounds.

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