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Monday, 03/05/2012, 09:35 am

Quick Twitt | Dana White Backs Off Strikeforce Production, 100% UFC Now

Earlier in the year we reported that UFC president Dana White was looking to take a more active role with the production of Strikeforce. With promises he would be ringside at all events and work on building the brand just like he did the UFC, White proclaimed Strikeforce was here to stay.

However, something has changed. ZUFFA still owns and operates Strikeforce, but Dana White has backed off his original position with the promotion and has instead opted to be 100% UFC.

My guess? Showtime pushed him out of the production side, but that’s just my hypothesis.

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27 Responses to “Quick Twitt | Dana White Backs Off Strikeforce Production, 100% UFC Now”

  1. &; says:

    They aren’t as bad as Jon Anik on the FX broadcast!! I often think he isn’t even watching the fight.

    • danriverapv says:

      Showtimes, that testicle lookin Morlo dude or whatever has got to go, same with that teenager Shamrock with those creepy braces. the only guy i like hearing there is Pat. and for the FX crew the only shit i got to talk on is that John atnik guy, wtf got him the job, Ken flo knows whats up. im just sick of non fighters being the commentators. ASIDE from Joe rogan. JOE AND BAS for UFC PPV’S!

      • Shawn says:

        I hear you on the analyst commentating. I think Melendez did a great job commentating with Pat for the Thompson vs Noons fight. Too bad that white was a downer. Not enough of the usual action both guys usually brings into the cage. Mauro is okay, he knows fighters, he knows the histories, he’s been around a long time (longer than most, with the exception of Rogan), but with technical things, he isn’t as well versed. Surprisingly. I agree though Jon Anik isn’t all that great with commentating and post-fight interviews. Makes me want to fast forward his parts. lol

        • what r u guys smoking? says:

          dana’s tweet states that he’s hands off of SF cuz it’s showtime. he only deals with UFC promotion.
          What does dana’s tweet have to do with this thread title?
          Quick Twitt | Dana White Backs Off Strikeforce Production, 100% UFC Now

          editing aside: i tweeted dana when i saw that and still asked him to fire scott coker and most of the production staff for dropping the ball.
          Yes, fighters that can still speak clearly are the best commentators. the bald douche with glasses make me vomit in my mouth when he speaks if i don’t hit the mute button in time. fire him. give pat a raise. you can tell he gets annoyed as hell with baldy4eyes

        • what am i smoking? says:


      • Shawn says:

        I still say, it’s a precursor to the dismantlement of Strikeforce. The proverbial “let them shoot themselves in the foot”, kind of scenario. Once the contract with Showtime is done, no more Strikeforce.

      • ZONG says:

        dude kenflo sounds like a straight jack-ass commentating!! Hes an idiot. one of my fav fighters but his commentating really sucks ass.

  2. banks says:

    Ya man pat militic and mauro renallo are legit.. frank the man wit the braces not so much.. Bring bas over

  3. Dustin says:

    Mauro and Bas for all fights…UFC and Strikeforce!

  4. CanILive says:

    get some gracie’s to commentate…
    i think strikeforce was just bought to make sure no other telecasts bought their rights
    ie: SPIKE

  5. GetOffAndersonsNuts says:

    KenFlo and Frank Mir should do the commentating

  6. Nick says:

    Bas should commentate.

  7. Popp24 says:

    yeah I must admit Anik was good as the host of MMA Live but I am not a fan of him as a commentator and Florian is boring as well. Bas Rutten would be awesome!

  8. 209 says:

    pat and frank are truly terrible. fighters not commentators. keep mauro and bring bas over and they will be golden

  9. James Dubya says:

    Fox Network doesnt want to see Dana on Showtime.. They want to market his face.. Showtime has nothing to do with it.

  10. jonesy says:

    bas is shit..i cant believe all these people like bas fpr commentator…he was not that good…i actually like the showtimes crew as they are..

  11. Sweet game plan says:

    I’d say give Michael Schiavello a shot at strikeforce.. Anik was born to comment mma. Once I seen him on espn’s mma live.. I called it, Dana is gonna steal this guy and sure enough.

  12. Xaninho says:

    The FX crew sucks way worse.

  13. Gomay says:

    How in the f*ck can you say Frank Shamrock isn’t legit..Pat Milletich and Frank Shamrock were the fighters to see in the ring or train with. That other fck needs to goto the WWE he makes my fking soul sick

  14. the original steve says:

    who else would like to see nick diaz commentate?

    • Thurgood Jenkins says:

      Ha that would be interesting. I’m a big Diaz fan, but he probably wouldn’t add much.

      Joe Rogan: He took his back. He’s got the hooks in. He now needs to move his right arm away from his chin and slip his left under the neck.

      Nick Diaz: Ummmmmm . . . yea, he ain’t no bitch.

  15. Anti-Zuffa says:

    Buying Strikeforce and letting it crash seems like the way Zuffa planned to get the FCC off their back for all the laws they are breaching.

  16. hexrei says:

    I believe he is referring to the fact that Showtime has ultimate control on that broadcast team. Dana showing up and promoting doesn’t have anything to do with that.

  17. Schiavello and Ruten are great together.

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