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Monday, 10/15/2012, 06:12 am

Quick Twitt | Dana White All For Rampage vs. Teixeira Booking | UFC NEWS

Last weekend after his dominant UFC 153 victory, Gover Teixeira, took to the microphone and called out “Rampage” Jackson.

The Brazilian again took to the post-fight media events and continued to call out the former UFC light-heavyweight champion.

As we reported earlier today, Rampage Jackson took to twitter and accepted the challenge thrown out by Teixeira and now we have a response from the UFC boss himself:


16 Responses to “Quick Twitt | Dana White All For Rampage vs. Teixeira Booking | UFC NEWS”

  1. Drew says:

    This is probably the most pumped iv been for a non title fight in yearssss

  2. KIDD433 says:

    Make it happen.Hope Rampage doesnt just show up for a paycheck this time.

  3. JustAFan says:

    Hahahah keep hoping. Rampage hasnt fought to win in years. Hes 100% fighting for a check. Glover will finish him of they do sign this fight. Glover is an absolute stud. I say to hell with rampage, feed him phil davis or rashad. Hes gonna smash any 1 of those coons

  4. fu*k-glover says:

    screw glover he’s so overated he has all this hype caz he trains with chuck liddell glover got rocked by that bum on sat. after samshin that guy if rampage hits him he’s going to sleep like his buddy chucky

  5. SuckmyBigcoondick says:

    None of the fighters you named are half white you fucking racist idiot. The only white fighter with a title is G.S.P. and He’s not even American. Condit’s belt does’nt count,nor does it matter. It probably burn’s you to your soul to see all of those dominant men of color defend those belts against the best white,black,brown,yellow,red fighters in the world. Lmfao!!!

  6. yosamiteesus says:

    Dominic Cruz is latino not white.

  7. is this 2012 or 1962? says:

    wow I feel alot of hate in the room tonight…”badass” doesnt really have a color you either are or aren’t

  8. Know your shit. says:

    Haha first of all, your a racist piece of shit keyboard warrior. Who has probably never trained or studied martial arts, and sits on his couch and watches this sport with no knowledge of whats really goin on! And 2nd glover is on a 17 fight win winning streak you fucking morone. Thas really overrated now isnt it?

  9. Nuthugger says:

    This sight is a joke. All you get on comments is constant bickering about racism or something else. Why the fuck do people come on here just to argue? Why the fuck do people say racist thing? Would they do it in frond of an actual crowd instead of a PC screen? The owners of this site need to clear this shit up or close the site, it’s like coming to a school playground.

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