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Tuesday, 02/04/2014, 06:11 am

QUICK TWITT | ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone Says Yes To Khabib Fight, Says Yes To Everyone

Yesterday we announced the new lightweight booking for UFC on FOX 11 in the form of Cerrone vs. Barboza.

Prior to this bout being booked, Donald Cerrone, accepted an offer from Khbabib Nurmagomedov, but as ‘The Cowboy’ explains it, he just says yes to everyone.

Check it:


6 Responses to “QUICK TWITT | ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone Says Yes To Khabib Fight, Says Yes To Everyone”

  1. garciagym says:

    It’s simple. Everyone that denies a fight with Khabib gets put behind him in ranking and opportunity. You afraid to fight someone? Guess what, you rank is dropped…. I will say, Diaz has a good reason holding out for a contract renegotiation. It’s ludicrous what his disclosed earnings are.

  2. The Guesterizer says:

    Khabib is too dangerous for Cowboy and a complete nuisance to the money making highlight he provides and Dana loves, those takedowns as impressive as they are will come in unanimous decision succession. It has gotten to a point where it seems cowboy doesnt really give 2 craps about the belt (even though he should, the Pr would be crazy big nascar, bud, and other country flavored commercials $$$$$) and is content with taking fights where he gets paid or atleast has the potential.

    • Tor Erling says:

      That’s where he’s different from all these hotshot UFC “stars”.
      He’s in the business to fight, and fight everbody, like it used to be before the primadonnas entered the stage..

      • The Guesterizer says:

        I’m sure he feels the same way but Dana says…………F$$k No! This match alone is going to make up 45% of the hype on this card hands down and Dana knows how to promote regardless of how many fights cowboy wants. Dana will not allow one of his most exciting/profitable non champion fighters to get dry humped to doomcision. Cowboy can call out pre striking matt hughes if he wants,but i will guarantee you he will get nate,bobby green,or even josh thompson before he gets khabib or even miller. Cerrone buzz/hype put together with a known excellent grappler/submission artist is a card hype killer.

        • Brandon Canterbury says:

          Cerrone is pretty crafty on the ground and on the feet is plenty ahead of Khabib. Both are great fighters but too many people acting like Cerrone is overmatched, I have seen top BJJ black belts step out of Cerrone’s guard because they almost got caught and let Cerrone up (which didn’t work either.). He could lose that fight but I think it would be very close and very tough for both men involved.

  3. Brandon Canterbury says:

    Cowboy is the man. There are a bunch of fighters who claim they are down to fight anybody in the division and when it comes to it they say no, but Cerrone will fight anybody bad match up or not he is a fighter and always believes he will win. I agree with @garciagym start dropping peoples ranks.

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