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Thursday, 10/24/2013, 11:35 am

QUICK TWITT | Conor McGregor Continues Tweet War With Diego Sanchez

UFC Irishman, Conor McGregor is doing everything he can to get under the skin of UFC lightweight fighter and TUF 1 winner, Diego Sanchez.

Here’s the latest:


36 Responses to “QUICK TWITT | Conor McGregor Continues Tweet War With Diego Sanchez”

  1. BX81 says:

    Diego has a point. Mc g. will have his hands full. I don’t care much for Diego but should be a good one.

  2. drew says:

    diego is a good example of a guy who probably will never win a belt but provides for himself via ufc and a good bit of fans like him…ill be honest i didnt see diego coming that close at finishing/tapping out gilbert but surprised people… i dont see conor finishing diego in anyway, only person to finish diego of late is bj sooo doubt conor will… i see this being a good fight

  3. mike says:

    I like Conor and think he will probably do big things but calling out Diego while he’s hurt on the sidelines is stupid. I still think he would be beat him though. Crazy that people look at Gil Melendez as the current best lightweight when he and Diego had a three round war and he almost got dropped. When BJ fought Diego years back he DESTROYED him.

  4. squid says:

    diego sanchez would eat conor mcgregor for breakfast

  5. zack says:

    diego would smash this dude. McGregor really is not that good. He throws flashy things but they have no power and dont land.

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