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Monday, 01/21/2013, 09:39 am

Quick Twitt | Chris Weidman Wants Anderson Silva Fight This Summer | UFC NEWS

With Michael Bisping now out of the title picture, top middleweight roster holder, Chris Weidman takes to twitter to proclaim that he can face the champion this summer.



43 Responses to “Quick Twitt | Chris Weidman Wants Anderson Silva Fight This Summer | UFC NEWS”

  1. B-rad says:

    So he expects a title shot by not fighting tim boetch? Once again the stars are aligned for him to fight Vitor for the #1 contender but he will just make up some bullshit on why he deserves to fight andy when hes ducking other contenders. Thats what i like about Bisping he said if hes not good enough to beat vitor then he doesnt deserve to fight Silva. Weidman is a fucking punk and i hope vitor smacks him down.

    • ballsackface says:

      on the money mate. i hate his face.
      smug prick

    • who is number contender? says:

      Who do you think deserves a shot at silva next?

    • 11thhour says:

      i like this guy… what he said, fuck weidman

    • @ B-RAD Don't be scared homie.. It's silva that has to fight not you says:

      How about silva taking a break when he could’ve fought weidman. Then out of the blue signs to fight Bonnar. who HIS camp hand chose and who was retired at the time…LOL Whos ducking WHO. your boy is suppose to be best P4P. not to mention Diaz called him out. again when he was looking for a fight with GSP and GSP had Condit. they dismissed it as if Diaz was a nobody, sound familiar… every time your boy gets challenged same o’l excuse… I think he’s scared homie…LOL

      • dogfart says:

        lol you mug, the card was damaged. he jumped up a weight class to fight to keep this card from doing the same as jbj card and getting cancelled
        he didnt need to worry aboout a camp as he didnt have a belt on the line and as you said bonner was already fked


        • P4P best WHY you scared...Why weidman? Who else is there? please tell me... says:

          Even if he jumped in to “save the day”… Blah blah blah his camp still hand picked his opponent. A retired Never was….He gets no credit for fighting Bonnar. why not challenge an Evans at 205. He was not training. That would have made for much more interesting fight. But look. i don’t wanna be in an internet battle with another anderson Fanatic. im a fan of the sport FIGHTERS COME AND GO and while i respect some of Andersons wins i don’t respect all his W’s (padded record). In my opinion he’s not the best and he lost respect from me for dodging fights. If you will respond PLease Tell me one thing WHO if not WEIDMAN right now?

      • Shatta says:

        dude listen to ur self ..who the F is diaz and weidman to call out A.Silva… diaz got his ass whoop by condit…weidman had one big win and all of a sudden silva is ducking them ? he took the 152 main event to save the card because he didnt have to cut weight to 185 u fool..not cuz he thought he could beat bonnar and if u dont know silva offered to fight any 205 guy except for jones because yet again he didnt have to cut to 185 .. nick diaz is just a punk who like everyone else would get smashed by silva … and weidman lol thats all i gotta say ..belfort is a bigger threat to silva than both weidman and diaz combined

        • Shatta im gonna say this nicely says:

          I don’t call names and make shit personal. i would appreciate the same. I’ll move past the statements above who do you believe in the 185 pound division RIGHT NOW deserves a shot?

        • cali gnome says:

          belfort a threat? remind me how his last fight with anderson went down? i recall a first round of patty cake followed by a second round front kick….vitor isnt a threat to anyone besides black guys who cant make weight or overrated brits….vitor is a has been…dudes he beat recently aint really nothing more than some chumps…at least let weidman have his shot…who else is in the middleweight division right now with credentials of weidman…and if he loses then thats that and the discussion is laid to rest

      • Dirtydog says:

        any way Silva and Jones could fight i think Bones Jones and GSP are the only ones in MMA to take on silva any thoughts? and ps Diaz is going to get KO’s 3 round

    • EJ says:

      Weidman deserves it more than anyone else his last 3 wins were all over guys who were ranked in the top 5 before he fought them & knocked them off… Honestly Weidman has the best tools out of anyone in contention to get a crack at Anderson. He would of killed Boetch & whipped his ass with Bisping.

  2. The natural says:

    You really don’t deserve the title shot yet u need one more fight and were a guys hungry not coming off an injury

  3. jimmmmmmy says:

    Yes Weidman we get it. You beat one guy that was 2 fights away from a title shot, you are the best. Please Dana just skip the fight and just give Chris the belt now, no way Anderson can beat him with a record like that. I’m going back to googling cats, they don’t say stupid things

  4. Big Daddy says:

    They should rethink how they give title shots in order to stop these twitter challengers and point fighters. They should just give it to the person that kicks the most ass and actually fights. That would prevent point fighting. Dont like it? Find another sport! I know I didn’t start watching ufc to see point fighting.

    • D'arce collector says:

      Chris weidman is far from being just a point fighter… he KO’d munoz, submitted lawlor and another guy and the only reason he didn’t finish maia and sakara in my oppinion was cuz he took those fights in 2 weeks notice… i say weidman has a pretty good chance on beating silva

  5. Karrdiak says:

    What about earning your title shot? Like fighting Hector Lombard or Luke Rockhold now that is on the roster..

    • Hold up says:

      Since when have outsiders become gate keepers to challenge for a UFC belt? Luke rock hold and Hector should have to prove themselves before fighting who stands now as #1 contender unless UFC wants to give Rockhold a Ezpass to Title.Lombard has an L so he now needs 2 more impressive wins to get a shot. Why arent you eager to see Anderson fight?!!! dude only fights Once a year. WHY Weidman. WHY NOT?! WHO ELSE IS THERE? DONT YOU WANNA SEE YOUR FAV FIGHTER FIGHT!!!? its like you guys are all scared to see him lose…LOL

  6. Karrdiak says:

    What about earning your title shot and fight Hector Lombard or Luke Rockhold.

  7. TowerPower says:

    While Weidman was sidelined, Some of the top 185 guys lost. Weidman…I wish you would really just go away. I think you are 2-3 fights away from a title shot. By that time Boetsch and Bisping may have come back from prevouis losses and we will be right back where we should be. You facing Tim Boetsch. Or Bisping. Fight to earn your spot..fight often.

  8. Time To Wrestle says:

    Weidman is a badass and will probably be the next 85 champ. But he needs a tune-up before Andy. I say have Real Champion to Champion fight with Andy and Rock. Even though Belfort lucked out and tko’d Bisping, poor old Vitor is nothing but a gatekeeper(remember how Andy kicked in his face with a basic front kick for Christ’s sake!! He should retire for that!), I think he should fight Lombard. Weidman could tune-up with ????. Then after Andy beats the Rock it would be a good time for Weidman to take Andy out in the Fall.

    • Not You says:

      Vitor is the #2 MW right now. He is a gatekeeper for getting to Anderson. Bisping failed, Weidman would lose, Rock would lose, Boetsch would lose. Vitor is a top guy and one of the only people to put JBJ in a really bad spot.

  9. D-rack says:

    Chris w needs to fight 2 out of the 5: michael b,vitor b,luke r,hector l and costa p. and for Anderson he should fight rashad at a catch weight (195). Anderson should fight at 195 or 205

  10. GRT 3000 says:

    this guy wants his money-shot & he wants it now!; doesn’t want to have to PROVE himself by fighting contenders. fuck him. I like this douche less with every line-jumping comment he makes.

  11. jbeamazing says:

    everybody says he doesn’t deserve a title shot but who else does and I’m not saying he beats anderson but he does have the best shot at it besides the only other guy that could give anderson a match at MW and he has already been ko ed via front kick

    • Shatta says:

      im sure every guy that fights silva u guys say has the best chance … everyone has a chance at defeating silva he’s only a man but he’s so great he doesnt let that happen even when he’s weak and broken … and i dont see in any way how weidman is such a threat to silva ..he has one big fight and all of a sudden ppl think he’s da shit

  12. jbeamazing says:

    when Weidman destroys all your favrote fighters you clowns will jump on his bandwagon and say you believed from the start

    • Time To Wrestle says:

      I agree with you here. I believe the Andy lover’s just know that his time is about up and they fear Weidman is the guy to do it. That’s the reason for all the hate on Weidman. Weidman will be the next 85 champ. He is a better Sonnen and we see what Sonnen did to Andy. Weidman will probably ko or submit Andy.

    • GRT 3000 says:

      LOL! here we go again. It’s not even about Andy fans anymore – at this point it’s a few delusional haters that can’t except he is the GOAT. Andy would smoke this fool (just like he has with any other) this is about WEIDMAN being a line-jumping lazy that hasn’t proven himself at 185. I mean he did squeak by Maia right?! & slapped up a fat Munoz who hadn’t fought in a year. of course he’s the next champ (rolls eyes)

      • if not weidman WHO? says:

        How come all you Silva fans keep saying weidman doesn’t deserve it but have yet to name one fighter that does. Can we at least agree that anderson should fight this YEAR? i mean the dude fights once a year. I would think you fans would want to see him compete more often.

        • GRT 3000 says:

          sure…Jon Jones or GSP; a REAL challenge. who wants another PPV event where Silva goes out and smashes some unworthy opponent in the opening rounds?! Weidman is ready for a shot?! absolutely not – he wants a shot b/c he wants a big pay day, and he doesn’t want to have to risk proving he’s worthy in the trenches of 185. If this guy really believes he’s the next champ, he should stfu and get fighting in the division.

  13. Rob says:

    @time to wrestle u nuts or wat? First fight sonnen and silva don’t even fukn count dude was illegal, second fight he got stopped in second . CW should fight Cung le


    Perseption is key. The problem is the UFC and Corp are trying to make perception seem as if he hasn’t done enough. BUT the MMA world spoke when they gave him award for rising STAR. He is known. He is a top Contender. And while i gave Bisping the shot first lets be honest with ourselves bisping was set to be another fall guy to give anderson another W. If you think the UFC isn’t above padding records to CREATE an international BRAND you have taken the red pill my friend. i don’t say Weidman wins but i do think he deserves it NOW if only for the fact that anderson is DUCKING HIM. LOL P4P don’t be scared HOMIE :-/ smh i lost respect for him when he said he’d rather fight GSP because he was smaller guy and easier fight. I hope GSP smashes him when he gets the chance.

  15. ARCTOR says:

    lol, this Weidman guy. Let’s be real, he’s not Chael, no matter how bad he wants to be he’s not Chael. Chael at least fought the top 5-6 guys before getting his shot, and he didn’t even start talking shit until he was officially the #1 contender. What rubs me the wrong way about CW is that he’s trying to go the Chael-route and it’s not working. Anderson has already played that game and he’s not going to let ANOTHER fighter make their name off his like Chael did. Anderson is at that level where you have to actually matter for one, and for two you should be a draw. People chime about Bonnar, well guess what, Bonnar’s more popular and well known than most guys in the top 5 of their division, Weidman being a “rising star” is exactly why he SHOULDNT get a title shot, he still has more to prove. I mean Christ they were going to give him Tim Boetsch next, and people want to say Anderson’s record is padded when he’s beat every top 185er and even a former LHW champion with ease? KKKKKK

    • Sahir says:

      Chael didn’t beat the top 5-6 guys in the ufc before his shot, he beat three guys. He did that after losing to Damien Maia in the first round. Maia is the same guy who Weidman beat on 12 days notice. Weidman also has a perfect career though short, while Chael has numerous losses, and Weidman hasn’t talked shit about Silva either. Check your facts.

    • All that talk says:

      All that talk and not 1 mention of who actually deserves a shot at anderson. Don’t you want him to fight AT ALL? I mean this guy is so GOod he doesn’t need to fight as far as you fans are concerned. I just wanna see him fight an athletic young wrestler. on paper that would be his Achilles heal. NOW you don’t believe it thats OK. but your boy has to fight somebody. don’t you think?

  16. shutup says:

    you dummies act like a title fight is some distinguished degree of excellence that a person has to spend 4 years in school to attain or something ridiculous like that. Silva needs a fight, Weidman’s offering to fight him,he’s the only top middleweight not coming off a loss in their last two fights aside from Vitor who Silva already front kicked silly… So who else should get the fight at middleweight? You call yourself Anderson fans but you want him to sit out for a year while Weidman fights Vitor? Get the hell out of here. Aside from that, honestly, I don’t see Anderson taking the Weidman fight because Weidman is super bad match up for him and also not a big enough name.

  17. Von Danglings says:

    OOOOOOh I just won my first MMA fight against an opponent who people have heard of. Time to challenge Silva.

  18. hayden g-sta says:

    Make it happen good fight but silva will destroy him stoppage. Silva cant wait to long he aint getting any younger make it happen dana

  19. Shawn says:

    At least one more fight Weidman. And against someone in the top 5, who hasn’t been off for over a year because of injury. Munoz was your most significant fight to date. And he is barely top 10. Don’t be so quick to cut your career short. EARN your shot. Hmmmm…maybe fight Vitor. He’s looking to make his way back to number one contender.

  20. ELL says:

    Anderson Silva needs to fight this year for sure. Should it be Chris Weidman? Probably yes. There is no other outstanding MW that could possibly be #1 Contender at this point and time. Regardless of of who he beat, CW is still undefeated and that will be a good selling point for a fight vs Andy. Undefeated young wrestler vs The spider. However, if they fight and CW loses there he goes for ever, you can basically list him as just another MW because he will not see the belt again until Andy retires.

  21. GRT 3000 says:

    I say this goof should fight Vitor – if he wins that then maybe he can start calling out the champ. Bisping was suppose to be next in line, he lost to Vitor, it mks. sense. If Weidman gets it now, they better stack the card, otherwise there is NO WAY I’m getting that PPV. Let’s get real here kids…do you guys honestly think this dude can beat Silva?! Andy would smash this dude – and easy. He’s not even close to his calibre – the PPV would be a waste of money.

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