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Thursday, 08/23/2012, 11:04 am

Quick Twitt | Chael tweets to Jones "I'll give you my purse" | UFC News

By: Chris Taylor

The UFC has announced that president Dana White will be holding a press conference at 2pm ET to address the UFC 151 “situation”.

Rumors have been swirling that #1 contender Dan Henderson has suffered a knee injury and is being forced to withdraw from the September 1st event.

Chael Sonnen has been firing insults at current champion Jon Jones all week and now he has taken to twitter to announce the following challenge:

“30 min to cement your legacy. Champ or Coward? I make a lot more than you do… Show up in 8 days I’ll give you my purse.”

via twitter: @sonnench


69 Responses to “Quick Twitt | Chael tweets to Jones "I'll give you my purse" | UFC News”

  1. oldsoul says:

    i’d like to see it more than them cancelling the fight.

    • Ly-er says:

      Haha, I wonder what happen to all those times fighters would say, “I don’t care who I fight, let the UFC, Dana & the Fertitta’s decide that, I’ll fight whoever they want me to fight!!!” Guess that doesn’t apply to Mr. Bones Jones LOL

      • Bob says:

        I know that even Jones biggest FANS in the world lost respect for him..

        This is straight BS. Greg Jackson should be banned from coaching any fighters in UFC..

  2. kong says:

    of course jones backs out. coward needs a game plan.

    • Pancho says:

      Hendo is the one that pulled out. Sonnen doesn’t even deserve the shot.

      • Shawn says:

        Ummm… Cuz he’s got a legit medical reason. Duh. And so what if Sonen doesn’t deserve a shot. He’s the only one willin to fight. Guy is not a champion, but he is certainly acting more of one than Jon ‘Bitch’ Jones. I’m not much of a Sonen fan anymore, but I still would have like to see that fight go down. Even more than a Machida Jones rematch. Jones and Jackson are just scared to lose to a guy who’s not even near the top 10 LHW rankings. That’s the only viable reason. Jones isn’t injured, he’s getting paid a lot to fight (anyone), he’s got nothing to lose with a huge advantage over Sonnen.

  3. Cole says:

    Makes more than Jones! F*** outta here!

    • H-Bomb says:

      LMAO my thoughts exactly! JBJ has so much money, he can just go and throw Bentleys away! What’s Phael driving? 😉

      • mark L says:

        his tryna call out the champ and get a fight! like what fighters do! what are you doing or driving? oh wait your just a chump typn shit! you got them fearless fingers!

      • Nick says:

        So you base people’s income on what they drive? I wouldn’t be surprised if Chael makes more money. He seems to know what to do with his money. He probably does make more money than Jon in a year. Not per pay day.

      • Robert says:

        because of all the andreson silva rivaly junk he’s made alot of money but he’s also a realtor. He made alot of money outside of mixed martial arts.

      • your an idiot says:

        um Chael drives a custom Land Rover, and he has plenty of money, since he owns his own gym, a pizzeria, and ,any rental properties and a construction company dumbass

      • mxbrand says:

        “jbj has so much money he can throw bentleys away” you’re an idiot! he was just too stupid to realize he shouldn’t have been driving! and ufc fighters do not make nearly as much money as everybody thinks!!. you think they really get a big percentage of the ppv sales like boxers do? only the best even get a minimal percent thrown there way after years on top. some of the big names only take home 250k or less for big fights! look at cotoure vs. tony. james tony got paid 500k to get his ass whooped for 3 mins. cotoure got 250k for handing him that beating!! mayweather n dana having beef over what fighters are paid ring any bells?

  4. Mentoazz69 says:

    They cancelled the event. Chael was offered the fight, but Jones refused the bout.

  5. Me says:

    Gained so much respect for Chael. He was willing to take this fight on 8 days and give him his purse, And he is the 7th most paid UFC fighter and Jones still rejects the offer? Seriously Dana needs to step in and make these fights happen rather then the fighters getting too pick and choose.

  6. stevo the great says:

    Dude…..I hate Chael. But I give it up to the guy…..JBJ is the one tucking his tail between his legs. Wow….who was saying he is P4P? Yeah…..some champ scared of someone in a lower weight class. LOL

  7. 123 says:

    dana white owns the ufc, shouldn’t he be able to make him fight? u cant pick & choose who to fight especially when ur the champion.

  8. Cole says:

    Yeah Jones and Greg Jackson let me down with that one!

    • hi says:

      pretty sure theres some clause in fighter’s contract on how big of a notice they need to be given for a fight, 8 days is too short of a notice in which case its up to the fighter to decide to accept or not

  9. The Texan says:

    Mr. T said it best in rocky 3, “Getting out while you can? Don’t give this sucker no statue, give him guts! I told you I wasn’t going away! You got your shot, now give me mine” thats for you Jon Jones… thats for you.

  10. Bones a CHUMP ! says:

    Sonnen, straight up Gangster..

    • Mike b says:

      At first I was like chael a gangster??????nah….yup 100% gangster an OG if u ask me.getting love and respect from fans means more sometimes than actually having that belt.chael the people’s champ baby.jones is afraid of a gangster.

  11. randy says:


    • Ryan says:

      And how do you all suppose Chael would beat Jones? He doesn’t stand a chance in hell against him. In my opinion, it would be a waste of time for Jones to take this fight. He’d go in there and throw his bitch ass around, like he does to the rest of the light heavyweight division. I’d love to see this fight happen though. Just so I can hear Chael run his mouth and talk about how bad Jones is, how he hasn’t fought anyone, and how his fighting style is a joke compared to wrestling. Just like he does to every single person he fights. Chael won’t ever be a champion because he has no respect for anyone in the UFC. He spends time talking so much shit, instead of training, and studying his upcoming fighter.

  12. H-Bomb says:

    Give him your purse, Phael? Coach, Louis V, Chanel??

  13. Dee says:

    Jones is great guy, but he’s obviously young and doesn’t know any better (but he’s still an idiot). Greg Jackson is an idiot.

    I read the entire press conference and Dana said Greg Jackson was in the background urging Jones to not fight Chael. He told him that it would be the biggest mistake he would ever make in his career.

  14. Thetude says:

    Dude, i cant believe how many people in here are on Chaels cock, The guy has never even fought at LHW, Never once proved himself to be the same caliber as even a Forrest Griffin or Rashad Evans. All he had to do was run his mouth and magically a title shot appears. I cant blame Jon Jones for not wanting to fight this dude. How many top guys did Jones have to beat before he was given a chance at Rua. 6 thats how many! If i were Jones i would be pissed that he was even considered, especially after being humiliated by AS. And just for the record Chaels lil wrestling bullshit would never hold up against jones, He would get tossed around, outclassed, and completley FUCKED UP. As far as the money goes, Bones just signed with Nike and is sneezing at Chaels lil purse. Dana White and Ed Soares need to get Chaels cock out of their mouths, for real!

    • jbeamazing says:

      Chael has been a champ at Light Heav the bottom line is lil bones is scared of gangsters even with a full training camp

    • jbeamazing says:

      he beat bader to get a shot before that he went to dision with Stef bon and beat vera who has no ground game and he beat him with wretling

    • Quitcrying says:

      Wooow you must be retarded. Chael gave the best fighter in mma a run for his money. Of course he has the ability to beat jones. Get your boyfriends dck out of your face and pay attention.

    • Richard says:

      That’s not the point. Chael was the only one who answered Dana’s call for anyone to step up and fight Jones.

    • SMARTYPANTS says:

      HOW FUCKING STUPID ARE YOU? this is not about who is worthy of fighting the almighty Jon Jones. Its about the card in general and all the fighters not getting paid, this effects EVERYBODY even the people who bought tickets for the event. Jon Jones is the most selfish piece of shit I have ever seen as “champion” and for that reason he does not deserve the title. At least Chael Accepted the damn fight, #TheShowMustGoOn

    • bunkylomax says:

      hey idiot! Chael has fought at LHW plenty of times…and has been champ in other organizations at your research before you speak..effn noob!

    • RobP says:

      Chaels already beat Forrest… Get your facts straight…

  15. jbeamazing says:

    bones had a full training camp but turned down Sonnen damn! I guess Sonnen was right this time what a punk move

  16. Diaz bro says:

    What Chael is saying is his Purse is bigger than Jones that’s a fact, Jones just said he fights for money, he just turned down more money, than he would have made fighting Hendo, and more than he will get for a rematch with Machida, he could of stepped up and fought a smaller fighter, who had no training camp, and the other fighters who went through training camps could of still had there chance to prefere, he is a selfish, coward, and yes Greg Jackson is bad for the sport, safety first, he has turned exciting fighters into lay n pray, and stand and run, fighters.

  17. drew says:

    chael a man doing anything he can to be champion…jones a man doing everything he can to hold on to his belt until he can release under his terms to fight HW

  18. LOL jon jones said on twitter “if you’re gonna insult me say it to my face like a man” now that sonnen wanted to do it he turned down the fight

  19. slacker says:

    The very first comment on here hit the nail on the head. Sonnen may not be a proven LW yet. But, it is better than a cancelled fight and card! He may be a big – mouthed, self – promoter. But he also has tonnes of heart. You know he will give it his all!

  20. Real_deal1047 says:

    Respect up for chael! Respect down for JBJ way down. I got that saterday off for work now I have to work the next two. Fucker! Used to be a fan not no more.

  21. JustRollBJJ says:

    What Jon Jones drives may be based if he keeps making the income he’s making it may be a superfical type loan if he isn’t the champ any more than all his money goes to that Bentley its a nice car its swaggerfic but money don’t buy you class. My thoughts on chael good guy for wanting to save the card and the main event but does he really deserve a title shot no but his actions and just putting things on the line are boss and i know exactly why bones doesn’t want fight he doesn’t want lose that undefeated title and the belt much like he got it when he took a short notice fight with Rua.

  22. Kyle Smith says:

    I just became a Chael Sonnen fan. That’s a real man. Take the tampon out and take notice, Jones.

  23. miriam says:

    Im glad Jones said No to fight Sonnen he’s too much of a good fighter to fight a lame ass poor excuse of a fighter !!! Go Jones #1

  24. V says:

    JBJ is a pussy, all the shit he was saying on twitter(“say it to my face”), and when he gets the chance to fight, he declines like a little bitch

  25. Smegma says:

    How is Cheal even remotely deserving of a title shot right after his lost to Anderson? The only reason he is getting attention is because he’s loud. All the other fighters understand that they eventually get a tittle shot after showing they have put in the work by constantly winning fights leading to the #1 contender spot. Im just looking at this from a fairness point of view Cheal should not even be considered, he knows hes not next in line but makes up for it by rallying the media behind him

  26. Smegma says:

    How is Cheal even remotely deserving of a title shot right after his lost to Anderson? The only reason he is getting attention is because he’s loud. All the other fighters understand that they eventually get a tittle shot after showing they have put in the work by constantly winning fights leading to the number 1 contender spot. Im just looking at this from a fairness point of view Cheal should not even be considered, he knows hes not next in line but makes up for it by rallying the media behind him

  27. ging says:

    sonnen gone up in my ranks fairplay, jones is a chump he should defend the belt simply outa respect for the organasation and the fans that allow him todrink drive a bentley due to the money he earns

  28. wayne says:

    ok you guys are fucking idiots this dude just moved up to light heavyweight this asshole does not deserve a title shot. just running his mouth and saying he wants to fight him earn itt. dan white is being a dickhead. why couldnt machida step in he is the next contender. chael sonnen is like 11 on the light heavyweight rankings he doenst deserve it i agree with jon jones why give it to a guy who really doesnt deserve a damn shot

    • Fox says:

      your missing the point this messed up the whole event it effected everybody thats one number two this was never about who deserved the title shot henderson got injured dana white said WHO WANTS TO STEP UP AND FIGHT JON JONES everybody in the lhw div must be injured i guess yea its 8 days notice but there are upsets in a situation like that everyone should have their hands up like what do i have to lose he prepared for someone else if i upset him great if i lose o well i got a title shot sooner than expected whether you hate them or not that why you have to respect fighters like kos and chris leben and sonnen and bisping and others that will take a fight whenever

  29. Goody1976 says:

    Chael will get worked just like he did against silva. Ran his mouth the whole time and got shut up!

  30. Kyle6286 says:

    How can you not like Chael? The guy is transitioning up to 205, and he calls out the champ and offers to fight for free! Say what you want about him, but the man has balls. I don’t know anyone else willing to call out a champ on a week’s notice and give up their pay. Chael is an animal.

    As far as why Jones declined him, maybe now everyone is finally seeing the real Bones Jones. He’s a cocky, pompous prick from the beginning. If you can’t see it in the way he talks, I don’t know what you’re looking at. He’s always trying to say the right thing instead of being himself. Chael called him out, and he declined. Now, he’s got the whole sport pissed at him.

  31. Carol73 says:

    Kyle6285..I agree and I think Dana should recognize that just like the old days..when a fighter just stepped up when asked..Sonnen did ..I wish Dana would find Sonnen a fight since he came ready!

  32. js3001 says:

    So he should fight Chael because he is his own promotion team which is more money for the card which is more money for the UFC? Really!! Dana pissed the last card wasn’t a record breaker, and Strikeforce women’s Tate vs Kedzie fight is pretty close to fight of year. UFC needed a successful and now they won’t have one.

  33. Mike b says:

    Chael is the fucking man bro,now that’s a real true fighter…ump most respect chael,the people’s champ…..

  34. Joey Klender says:

    Really hate Jon Jones. He talks all of this garbage to Chael on twitter, calling him Cowardly and telling him “He’s not half the man he is”. Sonnen is trying to get a fight going with 8 days of training with the champion and arguably the best fighter in the world, and after a 3-4 month camp he still declines the fight. Fucking cowardly piece of shit.

  35. Galfano says:

    Guess Nike wont go with the “Just Do It” slogan when it comes to JBJ…

  36. Seawolfaka says:

    Now he looks like TO , now of the Seahawks . He is a joke ! He is a kiddy boy . Leaving all those fighters out in the cold ! Kook’n it bradah )&

  37. Heavy hitter says:

    Come on now…. Chael couldnt even beat Forrest back in the day…. What

  38. What I thing if chael sonnen fight jones on 151 ufc they will be world and I hope chael be more thinking how make jonse down

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