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Tuesday, 05/07/2013, 09:30 am

Quick Twitt | Chael Sonnen Calls Wanderlei Silva An Easy Fight

Three-time UFC title challenger, Chael Sonnen, took to twitter to continue his campaign for a fight with Wanderlei Silva.

The two are rumored to have a showdown in Boston for the UFC on FOX Sports 1 debut, but at this point those are just rumors.

In his latest blast on the Brazilian, Sonnen stated the following:


39 Responses to “Quick Twitt | Chael Sonnen Calls Wanderlei Silva An Easy Fight”

  1. scotty says:

    Wanderlei is FAR from being broke and wouldnt say an easy fight! hahaha But i want this fight to happen in Boston!

  2. KIDD433 says:

    Easy fight huh.He goes into the fight with that mindset,he’s in for a world of hurting

  3. BonesBishu says:

    He must have meant easy for Wonderroids to have passed the test and beat him at his own game. He cheated in the first fight with Anderson Silva and when fighting fairly can only beat middle ranked fighters. He probably couldn’t beat Griffen or Bonner, give him Evans.

  4. some guy says:

    its gonna be funny if wandy submits chael! haha i like chael just cuz the dude talks mad shit… but talking trash dont win fights chael maybe you should put more work in training instead of talking shit all the time bud!

  5. UFC 84 Forever says:

    Now I’m no Chael defender but it’s like; one loss to arguably the greatest fighter in the world and suddenly people think he’s lost all ability to fight.

    Sure he’s not the best and will never be, but his wrestling will still be troublesome for Wand…

    Just like anything Wand throws will be troublesome for Chael

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