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Thursday, 08/23/2012, 01:50 pm

Quick Twitt | Brenneman Lashes Back At Jones Asks Jon To Pay His Rent | UFC NEWS

UFC 151 fighter Charlie Brenneman took to twitter to vent his frustrations to champion Jon Jones who is the cause for an entire cancelled UFC event. The cancellation has left several fighters out of pocket for travel and training expenses without anyway to recoup their UFC 151 investments.


48 Responses to “Quick Twitt | Brenneman Lashes Back At Jones Asks Jon To Pay His Rent | UFC NEWS”

  1. 123 says:

    1 person ruins a whole ufc event, selfish.

    • AnyRandomHero says:

      Yeah Dana White for having a weak lhw division that’s so bad he tried to let a losing middleweight talk his way to a third title shot whilst coming off a bad loss having not fought at that weight class for 7 years, also substandard card that is so shit without the main event it had to be cancelled. I agree

      • BowtieAssassin says:

        I agree, this is what happen’s when you try to charge $50 for a card that without the main event wouldn’t even be a good FX card, hopefully that greedy s.o.b will learn a valuable lesson here, if they had a decent co-main the card would have still been marketable.

        I’m not a fan of Jones at all but I find myself defending him today because trying to blame this on him is a joke, much like offering the fight to Chael is a joke.

        • Pancho says:

          Forreal bro. It’s not Bones fault that Dana is putting together shitty cards that suck ass without the main event. I mean seriously what a selfish asshole Dana is

        • Dana is GREEDY says:


        • Kyle says:

          Noobs don’t get to give out points.

        • Doesntmatter says:

          I read this kind of comments alot. What u guys don’t understand is a ufc fighter can only fight 2 max 4 times a year… And tbh i’d rather have a ufc event every 2-3 weeks with here and there a little less event. Then all great events but have to wait 2-3 months every event. And i bet even it’s shit u still buy the ppv so jokes on you my friend…

        • Jerry says:

          Atleast Chael has the balls to fight if I was dana White I would strip Jones of his title for being a punk ass bitch

      • Kyle says:

        Holy fucking shit! People are blaming Dana???? The card is “weak” because they give you three shows a month! You are INUNDATED with fights and that’s why the cards seem a little thin these days. It is the job of the champion to save the show, you noobs know jack shit about MMA. This is obviously your second year watching this sport. UFC has a PROUD history of champions fighting whoever the bosses tell you to.

      • Kyle says:

        Weak LHW division? Maybe you can explain to us who else is out there that the UFC should bring in? How is this possibly their fault?

      • Michael says:

        Why can’t Dana pay out of HIS pocket if he’s so concerned about his fighters? He makes MILLIONS AND MILLIONS every year, WAY more than any fighter makes, champion or not. Dana’s an asswipe. He showed that when he got so pissed at Silva for fighting safe to win instead of exposing himself to takedowns and risking his title in the Demian Maia fight. I’m so sick of that little bald fatty talking so much shit about the men who bust their asses to make their money and work hard an excel at their craft. He’s a glorified promoter. That is all. He makes his money on the backs of better men, and trashes them publicly if they don’t do exactly what he wants.

    • Adam says:

      The one person isn’t Jon Jones

  2. ballsackface says:

    id blame ufc for not paying them as there shouldnt ever be 1 fight that can destroy a whole ppv card

    • Kyle says:

      They card WAS better but other people got injured first. Jones is such an idiot. First he says he’ll never get a DUI and then BAM! A month later he gets a DUI. Then he tells Chael Sonnen that he’s not a real man and then 5 days later has a chance to fight him and turns him down. Jones is a joke, and anyone defending him is clearly a noob. Champs fight who they tell them to fight. Otherwise you’re just a paper champ.

  3. drew says:

    this is real shit…these dudes are jbj multimillionare at 25…fuckn RICH BITCH

  4. bob johnson says:

    they should have just made this a free card instead of canceling it

  5. pthance says:

    Jon needs to get a prescription for TRT because he clearly has no balls.

  6. Sean G says:

    jones should have just took the fight, hes supposed to be a champion, he goes around claiming to be top 3 p4p yet he wont accept a fight without months notice.
    Shows how little he cares for the fans.

  7. Jimbo says:

    The real reason for this is Greg Jackson ….

  8. Patrick671 says:

    making it a non-title fight woulda fixed the problem 😛

  9. Patrick671 says:

    making it a non-title fight woulda fixed the problem?

  10. Mo says:

    Win some freaking fights and you could buy your own house Brenneman! Don’t blame your short-comings on Bones !

  11. ctyn says:

    the UFC and Jones failed collectively on this. the card should have been a little more stacked and Jon should have just taken the fight. I just feel horrible for all the fighters and all the people that spent money on travel plans for this fight. For them, this is tragic.

  12. ufc to blame not the fighter says:

    o its all on jones he said im not fighting a loser ill just cancel the event ‘no’ dana canceled the event why not ask him for a check. all these fighters r too scared to blame the boss

  13. Kingron84 says:

    Maybe Dana shouldn’t have made this card so crappy and say 153 so stacked.

    In the past when people got injured they were able to move the Co Main event up and it be atleast a halfway decent fight but this card was so sorry that Ellenberger and Hieron would have been the Main Event, ridiculous.

  14. Jonjonesdefensecouncil says:

    Plain and simple, jones you are a fighter, at the end of the day you get paid to fight just like all the other fighters in the UFC. Jones could not throw the UFC a bone seeing how they promote him they gave him the opportunities to showcase his superb skills to the world in their octagon. Everyone that is saying oh he is not selfish or he is should not have to take the fight is missing some screws in their heads. Put your self in the shoes of the so called “shit” fighters that were on “shitty” card on 151, im sorry we are to spoiled now to watch any up and comers nowadays, it really was not that long ago that jones was on the undercard. Real mma fans my ass.

  15. Nick says:

    It is Jon’s fault. The fight already had some injuries on it, so the card itself was being held together by a couple stitches. Jon should have taken the fight. He’s a piece of shit that basically took people’s pay day away. He’s not a champion in my eyes. You do what you’re asked of. He’s a selfish piece of shit, and at the end of the day is worthless. Should get his damn “bible verse” tattoo removed too. He’s no Christian. He’s a piece of shit human being.

    • Lachy says:

      So true could you imagine Chuck Randy or even Tito doing this? real champs I’ve been saying since day 1 he’s a fuckin fake Christian. Chael volunteered to fight a bigger stronger version of the guy who just beat him on 1 weeks notice he may not be the champion but he is definitely a real fighter!

  16. Quinn says:

    You mean there was absolutely no other LHW fighters available to replace the main card? Or other weight division fighters to call up to ‘cover’ for the main fight? I guess there’s no such thing as plan B & plan C to fall onto when something like this happens. Like does Dana White ever talk to the main card fighters or the fighters fighting that specific night, that in case your opponent happens to get hurt..this might be your alternate opponent you might be fighting and prepare yourself in case it does. This what happens when the MMA fighters think that they’re bigger than the sport itself! And for the boss to keep all his eggs in one basket!

  17. TigerUppercut says:

    People blaming Bones for the card being cancelled are not being rational. Yes I am pissed he didn’t take the fight, he’d have a huge advantage being one of the bigger LHW and Chael only having 8 days notice. He’d get paid better than he would have for fighting Machida (after he said “nobody is interested in THAT fight, I wanna fight guys that the fans wanna see, fights that will draw HUGE PPV buys…”). He should have taking the fight, period. Making it a non-title fight would stain it as not as exciting, and I doubt that is why he won’t take it, it’s because Greg Jackson would need more time to come up with a “game plan”. Bones is more worried about his record and image than the belt itself.

    But it is not Bones fault the card is being cancelled, that’s on the UFC. All the other fighters can be disappointed/surprised that Jones said no to a fight, but he didn’t personally say “Cancel the whole thing”. They could still put the show on, take the losses that would come from a card without a real main event, and pay the fighters that showed up per their contracts. I wonder what recourse they all have considering every single one of them agreed to fight each other on said date for said amount of money, and they are not the ones not fulfilling their contracts… I could go on and on, but if you are irrational enough to blame all of this on Jon Jones, than you aren’t rational enough to understand most of this comment.

  18. Kyle says:

    Jon Jones is such a pussy that they shaved his head when he went to the salon for a bikini wax.

  19. Nick says:

    It ain’t about Chael, it’s about keeping the show together.

  20. Big T says:

    Dont fancy yourself to be one of the best fighters in the world and duck a fight. And a fight with a guy who probably wasnt training as hard and jumping up a class. I know u cant force a guy to fight anyone. But after reading up on this I dont see why he couldnt fight sonnen. In UFC’s defense I think canceling was prob its only option. The rest of the lhw class has pretty much fought recently or is about to. To say that the rest of the card sucked by any means is stupid. That statment is probably said by people who think they are “die hard” fans. The ufc looks at things differently. Would the remainder of the card put out a high ppv rate?For one. I know jones is a good fighter cant take that away from him and look foward to next fight.

  21. ASDF says:

    Honestly, I was never a JBJ hater. I didn’t jump on the hate wagon, based on the gossip from the media, even after the DUI. Such things that Rashad said, or the fans, or the media said. All he said she said. He was said to be a selfish, cocky individual, and fake. The last few comments about him, that he actually said, are just shocking true. I’m shocked at how much of a selfish asshole he really is. It’s to a sickening level. In addition, he’s really a childish prick of an adult, imo, with a personality undeserving of his financial success, and media lights.

  22. Adam says:

    I Don’t blame Jon jones for this If I were him I wouldn’t give that idiot Chale an opportunity to make money on me also , Dana White should always have a contingency plan in place for shit like this. The UFC should cover the cost of what the fighters are out of pocket but as usaul , Dana is trying to spin this in to a profit for a future fight why does the UFC not cover the travel and expense’s for the fighters who literally put their lives on the line for our amusement.

  23. alonso says:

    isnt chael sonnen the dude that got whooped by the same dude twice after running his mouth for 4 months. Is he like the rodeo clowns in bull riding. When someone gets hurt out comes the clowns. come on dana! If you were a fighter, would you take a fight from a nobody? I wouldnt. Matter of fact I will guarantee I can kick your ass dana. I lost total respect for that greedy bald man.

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