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Monday, 08/05/2013, 09:55 am

Quick Twitt | Brandon Vera Fires Off At Stann For Machida vs. Davis Commentary

Longtime UFC staple, Brandon Vera, took to Facebook/Twitter following last weekend’s UFC 163 co-main event between Phil Davis and Lyoto Machida to comment on his disgust for Joe Rogan stand in, Brian Stann.

Check it out:

Phil Davis is a longtime stablemate at the Alliance training center in San Diego, California where Brandon Vera trains, teaches and runs his business.


113 Responses to “Quick Twitt | Brandon Vera Fires Off At Stann For Machida vs. Davis Commentary”

  1. KIDD433 says:

    Brian Stann would smash the shit out of Vera. Stann might just come out of retirement for this one.

  2. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Stann just showed his ignorance in ground fighting. It’s also why he was never going to be champion. He is like a half wit that only uses half of his brain. Vera would f him up. I’d like to see it. Shut up Stann and go wrestle then you might have something worth listening too.

    • RK87 says:

      From Sherdog:
      Sherdog Poll 80% Machida.
      Sherdog play by play 30-27 Machida.
      Dana White 30-27 Machida.
      Cage Potato 30-27 Machida.
      Fightmetric 30-27 Machida.
      Bleacher Report 29-28 Machida.
      MMA weekly 30-27 Machida.
      MMA Junkie 30-27 Machida.
      Sports Illustrated 30-27 Machida. 29-28 Machida.
      MMA frenzy 29-28 Machida. 30-27 Machida.
      MMA Linker 30-27 Machida.
      5thround 30-27 Machida.
      MMA convert 30-27 Machida.
      MMA rising 30-27 Machida. 29-28 Machida.
      Middle easy Machida, does not give official score. Machida, does not give official score.
      MMA torch 30-27 Machida.
      Pro MMA Now 30-27 Machida.
      MMA Kanvas 29-28.
      30-27 Machida
      FOX Sports 29-28 Machida.

      Fightmetric had Machida winning all 3 rounds even after the final point deduction from losing.

      • The only scores that matter when it comes to win-loss record: says:

        Sal D’Amato: 29-28 Davis
        Chris Watts: 29-28 Davis
        Rick Winter: 29-28 Davis

        Watch that flurry in the first round again. How many strikes actually landed? I think viewers were crediting Machida the round when nothing was happening because that’s Machida’s fight style. That first round takedown was huge because Davis was in control of the fight for over a minute. That is a part of the rules of MMA. Don’t hate on the judges because of it.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          Exactly, Machida didn’t do squat in the first. Plus JDS had Davis winning.

        • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

          He did nothing with the takedown. that’s not control that’s avoiding the fight because he was getting lit up on the feet.

        • JP says:

          Davis was “in control of the fight in the first round” in his head! Even Davis, HIMSELF, was surprised to know he had “won” the fight, when Bruce Buffer announced it! Watch the post-fight presser, and listen to him stating that he would have to watch the tape (in order to find out whether or not he won)! Seriously?!

      • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

        Goes to show how stupid these armchair scorers are? Cuz they were ALL wrong..

  3. Vera WHo? says:

    I am sorry but who is Brandon Vera these days and who does he think he is going against Brian Stann who did a decent job for his FIRST TIME commentating a fight. Oh wait and Brandon Vera is the guy who comes back from a lay-off loses some more and then goes and trains and says you better put the light-heavyweight and heavyweight divisions on notice I am back then loses again goes on a lay off comes back and the exact same things keep happening, so if I was him I would keep my mouth shut.

  4. lol Brandon Vera ! says:

    Brandon Vera lol ! that guy is terrible at fighting haha!!!

    How many times can someone loose before they get let go by the UFC.

  5. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    Vera waited til Stann retired to run his mouth. Vera is an overrated stepping stone.

  6. Vera's one of my favorite fighters says:

    …but a little less now after the tweet he sent out. Stann is doing a job, not trying to bash Davis. If Vera’s so angry about Stann’s commentating, he should be upset with Rogan also, who also shows bias while commentating.

    And, Stann WAS a champion (WEC LHW Champion) for awhile about five years ago. Nothing but respect for The All American…

  7. 757 says:

    Hey everybody Brian Stann is a nice guy. He is however a one dimensional fighter. He was being biased. Who cares who scored the fight Phil Davis won. Machida did fight a lazy hesitant fight and Phil Davis out hustled him and beat him. Congratulations to Phil Davis…BTW Vera would bust Stann’s ass. Stann couldn’t handle it so I agree with Brandon. There were two men fighting that night and Stann was calling it in a very biased way….FUCK YOU STANN BRANDON IS RIGHT!!

  8. brandon vera is a douchebag says:

    who runs his mouth alot. this guy needs to fight jones again so he can get his ass whupped

  9. Aloh says:

    Who is this Vera anyway to accuse someone of being biased against a guy from his own camp? Stann’s insight is more credible than most commentators because he used to earn his living from fighting in the UFC. Just b/c he can articulate himself in a civlized manner and Vera can’t doesn’t make Stan the bad guy.

  10. 757 says:

    Aloh…..Stann was commenting in a very biased way. Hurry back Rogan. Stann is as mediocre in the booth as he was in the cage. I said he was a nice guy but he was being very biased. Everyone knows he is articulate but that doesn’t make him a good commentator. The point was that he was being very biased and Vera called it out….grow up

    • A380 says:

      It’s funny that you advise Aloh to “grow up” when in fact you should direct your view towards Vera. The tweet was Middle School at it’s worse. There are other less juvenile ways to state your opinion, but Vera chose to poke his finger in the chest in honor of his friend.
      You want Rogan back, but he has displayed his bias during MANY fights–the consistently fair one is Goldie.
      Stann IS a good commentator and provides great insight to MMA that non-fighters don’t know. DC, Florian, Cruz, Chael, Stann…all are doing great jobs behind the desk. Be glad we’re not stuck only with John Anik or Curt Menefee!

      • 757 says:

        Brian Stann did a shitty job on that fight. Rogan on the other hand does get a bit biased sometimes but he is far better or more experienced in the booth. C’mon man don’t try and say that Stann wasn’t completely biased.

  11. KIDD433 says:

    I think Thiago Silva needs to Bitch slap Vera again!

  12. adam says:

    Yeahh Stann did the same thing in the Aldo fight. He gave Jung ZERO credit for ANYTHING! lol

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