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Thursday, 09/08/2011, 03:30 pm

QUICK TWITT: BJ Penn Still Looking To Fight At UFC 137

“Dana just offered me a deal I can’t refuse. pretty sure I’m still fighting on Oct. 29th”

BJ Penn has posted via his Twitter account that the UFC has made him an offer for a new opponent, and one he just can’t turn down. With Condit now fighting for the title, Jon Fitch out with an injury, and the status of Diaz still unknown, who could the opponent be?


108 Responses to “QUICK TWITT: BJ Penn Still Looking To Fight At UFC 137”

  1. Alex Abeyta says:


    • I Am 97.633% Sure It's Gonna Be... says:

      …Reagan Penn! Dana White knows a good fight when he sees it! BJ’s been pissed since they were kids that Reagan got the shiny new bike in 1989 and not him, so this is his way of getting back!!!! lol ……..

      Everybody is in the “know” and got opinions…BJ (or the UFC) will tell us in due time…..can’t wait…

    • corey b says:

      bj will prob fight diaz

  2. Matt says:

    War BJ!!!!! make your fans and da 808 proud!!!!!

  3. exit8 says:

    Announce it already so I can buy my fight tickets.

  4. Ly-er_Ly-er says:

    Wow, who is it gonna be! I’ve been searching high & low all over the net trying to figure this out! But I must say I did enjoy BJ’s tweet back to Fitch, freaken hilarious!!! Been an epic week of MMA news w/ all these shocking revelations!!! LOL

  5. Chris "Dominor" Ipsen says:

    It’s going to be Rory MacDonald, I mean.. who else?

  6. Chris says:

    Dana just gave BJ a huge pay day.

  7. joe jaramillo says:

    who is it tell us already

  8. eddiebjj says:

    damn ive been excited about going to see Bj fight for a long time. i really dont care who he fights anymore. I just want to see the Prodigy beat the crap of someone =)

  9. adam says:

    he’s giving BJ Diaz and a ton of money to knock or choke DIaz out
    War BJ vs Machida rematch

  10. steve says:

    BJ Penn vs Gilbert Melendez for a lightweight #1 contender fight im 99% sure this is whats happening

  11. mikeA says:

    hell yea bj aint fighting fitch!!! something xcting!! , announce it already!!! cant wait , especially if bj said he cant resist!!!

  12. koi says:

    gilbert melendez is facing jorge masvidal though. i really wanna know whats got bj so excited

  13. Isaiah D says:

    Jake Shields

  14. Aaron says:

    for the love of GODDDDDD, please just tell us who!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Voicein the desert says:

    Please let it be Shields! I want to see a pissed-off BJ massacre him. He deserves it. But I believe Diaz deserves a beating worse than Shields does :)

  16. mmaislandjunkie says:

    fitch is boring but jake shields isnt much better either, hes boring as well. rather see bj fight rumble johnson or someone who actually likes to bang.

  17. Ly-er_Ly-er says:

    The last time I recall BJ saying something like that, was when they offered him Matt Hughes for the rubber match. So I’m speculating it has to be some kind of significant fight to intrigues BJ to react that way! I mean if BJ likes the offer Dana presented him, it has to be good!

  18. Tyler Kartler says:

    Nate Marquardt haha

  19. chris says:

    penn vs Alves would be epic

  20. steve says:

    Melendez is supposed too face Masvidal in December he would drop that fight in a heartbeat too face BJ

  21. Mike Diaz says:

    Hopefully its not a filler fight, I really want to see BJ get the title shot, that is on the level he’s on. I don’t want BJ just scrapping to scrap if it isn’t on the road to the belt. I don’t care if its BJ vs Royce Gracie, a classic epic battle! That is not on the road to the belt. We won’t settle for anything less Dana……PENN NATION!!!!!!!!

  22. john says:

    just tell us its gonna be nick diaz.. enough of the waiting… that would be a great fight

  23. Prophet says:

    We already know. It’s Gilbert Melendez.

  24. Khaos says:

    any aslong as its not John Fitch… I never wanna see that guy fight again!

  25. Kyle says:

    Melendez seems to think it’s Diaz… Not really too many other guys available. It’s not fitch, not shields, not gonna be a “lesser” name, and Alves wouldn’t have BJ this excited….Koscheck could get taken out of his bout with Hughes conceivably or BJ could be moving up to 185 for the hell of it. Im still leaning towards Diaz at this point. UFC 137 – The switcharoo … Royce Gracie retirement fight would make sense too.

  26. Tyler Kartler says:

    Chris Lytle!

  27. Rich says:

    would of been all time to see BJ fight GSP again! that’s alright Hawaiian you’ll get your shot and the belt again soon!

  28. Pete says:

    it probaby nick diaz

  29. john says:

    if he were to fight gilbert bj would have to move down in weight on short notice or gilbert would have to not cut…. but im still gonna go with Diaz.. but i think those are really the only other options

  30. Mike says:

    Gilbert Melendez.

  31. devin says:

    It’s going to be Jake shields he is already booked for a free fight I don’t remember when or with what opponent but it was hard to believe they were going to out Jake on a free show but they are doing it with cane and dos santos so I could be wrong

  32. Anjayzer says:

    It’s gonna be Nick Diaz!!!!

  33. Tsimanga says:

    My guess…. Royce

  34. Sammy says:

    BJ vs Melvin Guillard at lightweight. You heard it here 1st.

  35. john says:

    geeeezzz!!!!!!!! im telling you its Nick…stop with the guessing already…lol

  36. GET RID OF FITCH says:

    As long as it aint that boring ass Fitch. IMO i don’t even think anyone wants to see Fitch on the pre-lims. Fitch’s entire career or ranking is based on beating Alves twice who everyone knows has no ground game. oh wait i forgot Fitch beat Ben Saunders in an EPIC snoozefest (where is he now). Just compare what other WW’ts have done in the last few years and Fitch’s record doesn’t look good at all. I just wish Fitch would quit telling everyone that he has cleaned out the WW division. until Fitch fights Condit, Koscheck, sheilds, Ellenburger, Kampmann, Rory Mcdonald, Story, Rumble johnson, Johny Hendricks he’s far far from having cleaned out the UFC WW division

  37. john says:

    sammy… bj is focussed on fighting ww right now.. lw maybe in the future..

  38. Daniel says:

    The problem is that all the good guys at 170 are not available. It cant be jake sheilds, john fitch, if they givehim thiago alves and BJ beats him what is that mean at this point becuase thiago has not been winning. If he has to cut down and fight at 155 that might thow off his whole camp. We will find out soon enough but the condit fight was the best fight. Nick Diaz is fucked in the head and fucked everything up.

  39. ED PURTELL says:

    did you watch Dana at the press conference. He wouldn’t risk putting Diaz in there and him not showing or being more goofy. He also wouldn’t disrespect a legend like BJ, after he just embarrassed a legend in GSP by signing him up to fight the dumb ass Diaz circus.
    I’m a huge , sorry WAS , Diaz fan.

  40. john says:

    i bet the conversation went something like this..
    Dana: bj, im sure you heard by now Diaz pull some of his normal stupid shit and i had to pull him from the fight with gsp and now gsp is fighting condit.
    BJ: ok
    Dana: so im offering you Diaz, and the winner gets the shot next

  41. john says:

    danawhite Dana White
    This is crazy but here we go again! You wanted it so you got it. Penn vs Diaz Oct 27th in Vegas………….. haha………… I told you…

  42. Sarah says:

    totally bummed about Diaz vs Penn not bummed he is going to horribly beat Diaz just bummed because I dont think he deserves to fight in the UFC or does he deserve a fighter of Penns calibur he should be on an under card or on no card at all

  43. fero62 says:

    penn vs marquardt???

  44. john says:

    i disagree sarah… he does deserve to be in the ufc.. remember this is a sport, not a popularity contest.. I understand he didnt play the game, as Dana put it but he is a great fighter and big draw for the “die hard” fans of the sport… love him or hate him he is a great fighter and did deserve a shot at the belt.. but he screwed that up, but i bet he wont again.. get him BJ… welcome him back to the ufc

  45. jc says:

    the more i think about it and read the above suggestions the only one who is avalible, willing to fight and bj will get excited over will be royce gracie. granted i think bj will murder royce as matt hughs did i think this fight fits the bill.

  46. john says:

    ok everybody..its been made official bj vs nick diaz oct. 29th… you can quit guessing or suggesting… lol….seriously!!!!!!

  47. Dave Santella says:

    BJ Vs Nick Diaz is official!!!!!!!! UFC 137 Here I come!!!!

  48. Mike Diaz says:

    No. 1 contender fight NO MATTER WHAT! PENN NATION!!!!!!!!

  49. DaRuckuz808 says:

    whoever it is.Kick his assssss

  50. mmaislandjunkie says:

    jaris you pussy nukka i bet youre gonna pick nick diaz on this fight aint u u stupid clown. eff tbaggy too!

  51. Dale says: has confirmed Nick Diaz vs. BJ Penn!!!! WAR PENN! I’ve wanted to see this fight for a long time.

  52. Brian says:

    I just read on that it’s going to be Nick Diaz…

  53. Mr.S says:

    BJ PENN VS NICK DIAZ, its happening!

  54. josh says:

    penn is going to get wrecked!!!!

  55. Johnny says:

    its gonna be diaz lol, who the hell would think its machida? hahahahahah grow up!

  56. eddiebjj says:


  57. Johnny says:

    i would love to see diaz talking shit to bj during the fight
    bj would throw a heat seeker at his fucking face
    like he did to matt hughe

  58. eddiebjj says:


  59. Sean says:

    idk who it would be in WW he might drop down to LW if the fight was worth it

  60. Llamafighter says:

    Dana just tweeted it’s Nick Diaz!!!

  61. Mike Diaz says:


  62. Tsimanga says:

    Wow.. two of my favorite fighters… gotta go with BJ on this on… gonna be tough though, nicks a cardio machine…

  63. Steve in Calgary says:

    Get ‘im BJ!

  64. GET RID OF FITCH says:

    Can’t belive BJ’s own website is the last to report his fight will be with Nick Diaz, no surprise there it only makes sense. thank god its not boring ass fitch

  65. Ben says:

    Jake Shields or Melandaz is the only people I would like to see

  66. Long P says:

    Sounds like Dana offered BJ some incentives for taking this fight…a win vs Diaz + another win against Fitch or Shields/Ellenberger = Penn vs GSP III. Only thing i can think of since that fight was probably never going to happen and BJ knew it. Now all of us PENN NATION can only wait and cheer on our hero. Go get em BRADDAH!!!

  67. Bj beating Diaz up will get Bj ready for Gsp or Condit.. Warrrrrr Bj!

  68. Josh says:

    I wonder how this is going to go. BJ and Nick trained together at Cesar Gracie’s academy and have a lot of respect for each other. On the other hand, Condit and GSP are training partners and I can see the two just being cautious the entire time because they know each other’s game so well.

    It’s funny because out of the four, BJ, GSP, Nick and Condit, the champ is the least exciting.

  69. SmokingJoeMama says:

    I think its alittle unfair to call gsp boring u can only be as entertaining as your opponent lets u i thought when guys got the balls to try and actually take the fight to him, penn TWICE hughes TWICE fitch and alves those WINS were absolute classics lately people have been petrified to get aggressive against him and are waiting for a mistake that aint gonna happen i happen to think condit will also be tentative so heres hoping bj hits diaz so hard it reverses his retardation and brings excitement back to the ww title picture

  70. shane says:

    i love nick diaz but bj penn is the reason why i start watching ufc..WAR BJ!!!! knock him out!!

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