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Tuesday, 10/02/2012, 11:25 am

Quick Twitt | BJ Penn And Rory MacDonald Engage In Heated Twitter Exchange | UFC NEWS

Last night on popular social network,, BJ Penn and Rory MacDonald got into a heated back and forth.

The two UFC welterweight’s will square off Dec. 8th at UFC on FOX 5 in Seattle.

Here is the convo in its entirety:


94 Responses to “Quick Twitt | BJ Penn And Rory MacDonald Engage In Heated Twitter Exchange | UFC NEWS”

  1. Scotty says:

    hahaha BJ calls him “Pimple Boy”! And we wonder how Rory is 200 pounds with acne all over his body?

  2. dumbass says:

    Rory would lose the shit talkin battle all day, dont shit talk one hawaiian.

    • daveyB says:

      BJ couldn’t beat my ten year old neice in a “shit talkin battle”. Just like BJ she also uses the word “gross”…but unlike BJ, she has good cardio.

      • Daveyb RETARDED says:

        Really so you must also have some great fights with your cardio eh brah? So tell me something show me one of your videos of your ass woopin fatass.Bet you break a sweat turning the channel on the fuckin clicker bitch boy.The day that physical locations are known on this net is the day when faggots like you go into hiding and never comment again anywhere again.Now go give your daughter some more advice on being such a stand up person like you are.

      • daveyB is gross says:

        hey daveyB, i would kick your ten year old neice’s @$$. RNC her til her “cardio” gives up.

      • CombatRusse says:

        Please get the fuck out of here

  3. Brett says:

    God I hope BJ smashes this kid! Thats if Rory doesnt get hurt in training again!

  4. Money mike says:

    rory by whatever he wants after 2 mins in when bg gasses out

    • Money mike is broke says:

      “bg”?? really?! spell check this mothafakka. bj by knockout and submission in under a minute. he’s gonna put that canadian boy to sleep!

  5. Gibby says:

    Looks like that extra time “healing” was exactly what rory needed to cycle off his roid course. who is HE trying to kid? bacne like that isnt natural.

    • TheCrippler says:

      Are you retarded? I guess all those college kids with acne problems are on steroids then. You’re just mad because you know he’s going to walk through BJ. You thought BJ looked bad after the Diaz beating he took? You should probably just skip this fight all together. Check out the results here the next day. Quit being so butt hurt and come up with a more logical excuse for the beating Penn will take.

      • banks says:

        yooo stop talking like rory is a bad ass, he calls bj out after bj retired, which imo is a bitch move. tonns of respect to bj for answering the call and i hope he knocks this little turd the f out, ill admit rory has the advantege though, or else he would have never challenged bj. #newgenerationmindset

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          Everyone knows ROIDY needed more time to make sure all the steroids were out of his system. Its was completely OBVIOUS how JUICED UP he was in Nate Diaz fight. The kid is as much of a CHEAT as his mentor GSP. WOW GSP hasn’t been tested in over 560 days I’m impressed. Oh and when he shows up with massive amounts of HGH which we all know they don’t even test for all you GSP nuthuggers will say “see GSP is clean” GSP is the least tested fighter in all MMA and that is a fact. Besides GSP has all money world and can afford the BarryBonds/Victor Conte non-detectbales steroids anyway. Only fighters who get caught JUICING are the poor ones who have to use the old run of mill DECA’s, Stanzonol/wintrols. Why do you think GSP body is wearing out at such a young age. all those PED’s he took in his early 20’s gave his body way too much strength and his ligaments weren’t able to keep up. FACT

        • Clay says:


        • CombatRusse says:

          Thank you sir!
          And GSP is most of the time fighting in Canada, where I think that the testing is done by the UFC

          But what Roidy is saying is pretty much : “BJ I’ll beat you with my Light Heavy Weight size and strength” Fuck this guy! MMA is built on talent, technique and agression, not those fucking cheaters playing with size and steroid advantages

    • Know it all M.D. says:

      Actually, the most common clinical presentation of a male on anabolic steroids is that he’s an athlete with acne present way past their stage of puberty. This is a fact. Ask any doctor.

  6. magoo says:

    As Russell Peters would say…… Somebodys gonna get a hurt REAL BAD!!!!

  7. reyrey says:

    Rory 200lbs ? B’s gonna put you to sleep, Roider MacDonald.

  8. the original steve says:

    anyone remember when rory had a neck when he first joined the ufc. guess steroids ate it

  9. DMAC says:

    Aghhhh shit!!!!

  10. Kyle6286 says:

    Damn, Rory is a 200lb welterweight? Pretty big if you ask me. Either way, BJ has faced bigger. Hopefully he comes to fight in shape and Rory doesn’t wrestle him the whole time.

  11. Randy says:

    Well they definitely both lose at spelling and correct grammar.

  12. I'll Say It Again says:

    BJ will knock him out. The boxing is the difference. MacDonald may have improved his boxing in 8 months, but not to the level of BJ’s skills. Che Mills’ boxing sucked but was better than MacDonalds. BJ will own the stand up. Pimples will get frustrated and resort to his takedowns and gnp. BJ’s not the easiest to takedown.

    Great card all around also. Can’t ask for anything more.

  13. Thurgood Jenkins says:

    While I certainly recognize MacDonald’s talent and enjoy watching him fight, I’m hoping BJ throws a Diego-Sanchez-type beating on him, even though that may be quite difficult.

    • daveyB says:

      Keep hoping. Rory isn’t Sanchez. He’s also not Pulver, Stevenson or Sherk. He’s GSP only with a killer instinct. We are going to see the end of this lazy, no cardio, out of breath in the first round, pork-stuffed embarassment of a “professional athlete”. If you want to see BJ run through someone in better shape than him (who isn’t?), then go watch reruns of the Sherk fight. If you want to see his big melon head smashed into permanent retirement, tune in Dec. 8th. We all remember how pathetic teary-eyed BJ looked after the Diaz beating: If he still doesn’t want to have his “daughter see me like this”, BJ better take away her TV privileges that night.

      • Artemis Entreri says:

        Son, if you keep talking that stupid shit and don’t learn a little respect then your mom and I will have to take away YOUR TV privileges.

      • capt snap crackle an pop says:

        However, Bj had the guts to put on excess weight to fight much bigger framed fighters which GSP has never had the guts to do. He is a warrior. BJ frame doesnt allow him to get to that weight without excess fat. They call GSP lb for lb greatest of all time which is a joke. Kazushi Sakuruba -183lb without cutting beat Rampage, Vitor, Conan Silvera (265lbs), gave prime Crocop run for the money. GSP w/o cutting walks at 200lbs and yet he will never have the gut to fight anyone out of weight class ..even if he did do you honestly think he has a remote chance to beating these guys without fighting catchweight. GSP wins by default by exploiting rules of the cage.

      • KingCurtYaCopy says:

        i hate to say it but i really doubt bj makes it outta this one. I just hope for fight of the year, anyone saying rory is gonna get wiped out is crazy. this kid goes for it everytime out. if ur not 100% rdy to take a beating and then dish it out you got no chance ask condit.

  14. korean jesus says:

    200lbs and never wanted to fight BJ because you had a vagina cut on your head.

  15. dante080 says:

    That wasn’t a twitter exchange, it was a one sided beat down by Penn.

  16. MMAnalyst says:

    I think BJ needs to go back and watch his Round 3 against Jon Fitch, and Round 3 against Nick Diaz, and make sure the fight DOESN’T get there.

  17. halfway says:

    God I hope BJ trains well for this because if he doesn’t shut this kid out in a round and a half he’s done.

  18. Yosh Shmengie says:

    As much as i like BJ Penn…Rory will take him out and BJ will get hurt like he did VS GSP…Rory has taken out many who claimed they will take it to him…but they failed. The thing here is Rory will become better and better being still very young…nuff said.

    • CombatRusse says:

      No! Roidy has only the size and maybe cardio advantage against BJ.
      But he will loose this fight.
      Concerning his constant improvement, I don’t agree either. He’ll have a heart disease with all the drugs he’s taking. His career will stop at about 30.

  19. Drew says:

    Don’t see this goin anything other then all 3 rounds bj 29-28 29-28 29-28 UD for BJ

    • Tim says:

      Um… If all 3 rounds go to BJ he would have 30 points.

    • brandon says:

      do you even watch mma. if you think bj has even a 10% chance of winning this fight, especially if it goes to decision, then you are dumb. bj will probably throw in the towel in the 2nd rnd insteed of the 4th in this one.

      • CombatRusse says:

        If you knew MMA, you would know that :
        1 – this is a 3 rounds fight
        2 – Ground and pound fuckers like GSP and Roidy don’t stop fights
        3 – Fuck you

        • brandon says:

          when he fights crappy fighter like gas out penn he dont need to stop fights bj will quit and throw in the towel. and i know this fight isnt 5 rnds d. a. he quit in the 4th against gsp was what i meant. anyway big joke penn is lucky it isnt 5 rnds because theres no way in hell his out of shape ass could make it 5 rnds. his corner would have to bring oxygen tanks to the cage to get him through the 2nd probably

  20. mean170 says:

    Jesus these guys cut a ton of weight, 200 to 170. That cannot be healthy long term, i don’t care how much science goes into it. It is a stretch for me to get from 183 to 170 in 6 weeks, though i have no nutritionist. 30 lbs is crazy.

    • Boom goes the Dynamite says:

      dude sonnen cuts sometimes more than 45lbs to get to 185lbs. If you have someone like Mike Dolce on your side you can do it.

      • mean170 says:

        That is a ton of weight. I really didn’t know that he(or anyone for that matter…well outside of Anthony Johnson) cut that much. It would seem that they would lose strength and stamina. Either way props to these guys that have the dedication to lose that much and still perform. At 6’6″ 183 with 5% body fat i don’t think i would have a chance in hell at cutting to 155. Then again, i’m a shitty fighter and don’t have nearly enough time to train like the pros….Either way, I hope BJ comes to fight and puts a beat down on Rory

    • itsallnonsense says:

      Thats somewhat average. Anderson Silva cuts about 30lbs maybe a bit more at times. They usually don’t even start to dehydrate until 24hrs or so before weigh in which can push out around 10lbs.

  21. MMAenthuist says:

    And another deep story brought to you by the TMZ of the MMA world…

  22. Boom goes the Dynamite says:

    This should be a fun fight to see. Not sure who I’m going for. Might watch a few of Rory’s old fights and pick some of BJs best fights. Going to skip the Diaz and Edgar fights

  23. Dick Diaz says:

    let’s go, BJ!!!!!!!!! and damn, rory looks big in this picture.

  24. BJ goin lose if one of those pimple pops and ronald mcdonalds get all slipper from it.

  25. Xaninho says:

    Roidy SmackDonald is definitely milking that cut to cycle off. 2 months of supposedly sitting on his ass to wait for the cut to heal and yet he is ripped and walking around at 200lbs?

  26. drew says:

    what an idiot taking a picture at probably the most amped up on steroids in his whole career…ya no fucking neck…having a huge red area on ur chest…hmmm acne on chest…and back…and the whole college kids have acne shpeel…this is @ theCrippler. im in class with over 10 different football players from my school and there are pretty in shape dude and go to the gym a lot cuz they have to..ummm theres no acne on there face or shoulders…i dont know about chest or back but dude ur bullshit with that exscuse and i honestly hope u get banned cuz u hate on bj and love a cheater

  27. Pzld says:

    If Penn is training well then he can win. BUt since we all know he is training like an amateur that means Rory is going to HUMILIATE him back into retirement.

  28. Bob'O says:

    Rory does look pretty big, but he’s 200 pounds. I am gonna laugh when BJ knocks him out though. He’s gonna be sucked up after dropping all that weight.

    Big don’t mean anything in MMA. Sherk was pretty ripped and we all remember how BJ finished him in brutal fashion.

    When Rory get’s tired of having his face punched and he goes for a takedown his face is gonna eat a knee. ~Bob’O

    • daveyB says:

      Sure. And maybe next Matt Hughes can fight Rory. When Rory goes for a takedown Hughes will pick him up and slam him unconcious…ala Carlos Newton. That sounds ALMOST as ridiculous as the scenario that you envision. Rory isn’t Sherk. This isn’t 2005. It’s the year that BJ Penn is permanently beaten into retirement. Then he can spend 12 months a year eating BBQ and doing no cardio…instead of doing that for 11 months, like he does now.

      • adam says:

        In 2005 bj was beating renzo at 185 after fighting lyoto machida 205+….smart guy. Sherk was late 2007. BJ was just taking down john fitch (200+lber) and nick diaz (200lber) (winning both rnd ones) and ko’ing Hughes (a 200lber wlwt champ) off a 3 fight win streak that retired almieda. But whatever, smart guy. BJ BJ BJ!!!

        • daveyB says:

          Wow. Now BJ’s fans have resorted to pointng out what “round ones” he has won, since he doesn’t win fights anymore.

        • adam says:

          Your cardio hero diaz just lost… And he has 0 ufc titles lol. Two belts over here son. BJ was 2-1-1 in his previous 4 fights before beating gomi, hughes and rodrigo gracie back to back to back going from 155 to 170 to 185 (on 0 tune up fights) making him the p4p best at the time, BJ was 2-3 (losing to machida, gsp and hughes) just before becoming the UFC LTWT Champion (his 2nd UFC belt). After being crushed by GSP in the harshest defeat and reality check of his career BJ gave us the Sanchez fight (a nat 170er btw).
          My point being BJ has been down before only to climb higher than he ever was before, and he’ll do it again December 8th, son. BJ BJ BJ!!!

      • Bob'O says:

        davey, You should spend more time watching The Monkeys instead of acting like you have any idea whatsoever about how BJ is training you self righteous braindead ignoramous. Shut your filthy pie hole bro. ~Bob’O

  29. roryandbj says:

    i dont think its gunna be easy as some people think to beat rory..kid is a BEAST..but bj is a lion and has hands of furyy..should be a damn gud fightt..nd this is all jus build up to the fight guys :)

    • Bob'O says:

      Course it’s not gonna be easy, Rory is a good fighter, but BJ is a great fighter.

      After BJ’s hand is raised and Joe Rogan walks up to him all he has to do is quote the saying above that Rory is pointing to. Then thank the fans and walk out. LMAO! ~Bob’O

  30. Q says:

    Heart over roided up muscle mass any day

  31. traveler says:

    Dont any of you idiotic Penn fans realize that he cant fight at welterweight. Penn is never in good shape, he has no puching power at WW and frankly I dont think he would beat any of the top ten Lightweights anymore. The game has passed his lazy ass by, so enjoy his retirement beating, if you thought MacDonald owned Nate Diaz, wait till you see this beat-down. Bye forever BJ

  32. Keith says:

    I hope BJ beats him. I don’t like Rory or anyone from that TriStar gym…..

  33. kong says:

    Funny. BJ please split this f’ers head.

  34. CARLOS CONDIT says:

    to all bj lovers… he will get his ass kicked again by a bigger WW.. cmon admit it he doesnt have the cardio and he was beaten by diaz so badly.. if you have the guts why dont you try to bet on bj.. lots of respect to BJ but i think rory is better than him in any aspects.. i think rory will win it by UD..

  35. reality check says:

    Here’s the truth mofos, bj Penn is the most talented all around of martial arts. Every first round of his losses he was dominate. Bj Penn would be the greatest of all time alongside the spider if he were only in better shape. A bj Penn with endurance is unbeatable. His endurance will be the reason he loses The second and third rounds in a unanimous decision to rory.

    • CNY says:

      I would agree with that statement. BJ has probably the best boxing and one of the most naturally gifted fighter of all time. BJ’s achilles has been conditioning due to fighting much” bigger framed ” opponents who use the rules of the cage and size to wear BJ down. No one (besides possibly Edgar )beat a fresh BJ in the 1st round – not GSP, Diaz where technique was at play.
      Bj lost due to gassing by being pressed and held into fatigue by much bigger guys who didn’t want to “fight to win” with technique but exploited the rules to lay on and tire BJ out. I believe that is the exact gameplan for Rory…. to play safe in 1st to avoid being KO’d by vastly superior boxing of BJ by grounding and laying on him and taking advantage of a tired BJ rest of rounds. Explains why he bulked up. Same camp as GSP using same strategy. It shows he is scared to face BJ on warrior terms of skill vs skill but using “rules” to play safe in 1st and grind out a victory using the lets get him tire technique. If he goes mano and mano in the 1st, Rory will be ko’d with very high probability. But he won’t and He may win if it passes 1st but doesn’t warrant respect. Bring on the “yellow cards of pride day” to avoid that. please

      • brandon says:

        gsp did beat him all 4rnds in there last fight and would have finished him if bj hadnt gave up. he should have taken the rest of his beating like a man after all the shit he talked.

  36. OilDucts says:

    Zits are cause by clogged oil ducts, that kid must not be showering properly. If Penn is as crazy as he used to be, he may just pop a few and lick the puss which wouldn’t be any different than when he licked Hughes’s blood off his gloves.

  37. ctik808 says:

    After reading some of these comments I realized how much I love how social media helps aid in the hype leading up to a fight. It’s also pretty hysterical to see BJ haters come to BJ’s website to leave their comments (which they of course are entitled to). But for the haters- Your’e voicing what you think are BJ’s weaknesses & disadvantages, and even reminding us of his losses but your’e just basically pointing out the obvious, things we only see but are not 100% certain of. Yeah Rory is a younger, strong, talented fighter (steroids or not) and there are some things questionable about the present state of BJ’s career right now but lets not forget that BJ is one of best mixed martial artists ever. And the beauty of MMA fights is that much like other sports, all BS aside, anything can happen. So if BJ wins (and I hope he does) then it’s another great victory for the Hilo Warrior, and if he losses, then he can pass the torch.

  38. capt snap crackle an pop says:

    @ Yosh Shmengie, brandon , travler and any other bj hater / keyboard warrior..I think youd have to be a idiot to rule anyone out in this sport especially bj..

    fact—1 gsp even struggled against a “unmoitivated” bj penn in their fist fight…and spent the night in a hospital LOL the 2nd fight being the freak athelet he is he still struggled the first 2 rounds..(whats gonna happen to rory)

    2 rory cant stand up and strike with bj…put rory infront of nick diaz or lyoto machida (which bj gained weight in fat not muscle like roid rory) and see how well he could do compared to bj??

    3 if you think bj has no knock out power on some such assumption that becuase hes fighting above his weight your dumb as hell..hes probably one of the few gifted heavy hand punchers like anderson , hendo and jds who all dont rely on muscle to damage but speed and tech

    4..this is just more motivation for penn to prove idiots like you wrong.

    rorys realistic only chance of winning is playing zippy like edgar and condit do well at when facing hard hitters who have a good ground game and just play tag or lay and pray…boring as hell maybe throw a few tds in there if he can to tire him out but not come to FIGHT..just come to win..

  39. Mitch says:

    to the death BJ! smash this kid into another division like you did with Diego.LOL

  40. adam says:

    Tell the world youre bringing in Marinovich to train you and ill bet Roidy wont say another word. BJ BJ BJ!!!

    • daveyB says:

      BJ doesn’t have the discipline required to train with the M brothers. He did it for a short time, got good results, but didn’t stay with it because it was too much effort. Nick Diaz trains ALL YEAR LONG. He never has to “get back in shape” because he’s never out of shape. Same goes for GSP and Rory. That’s what professional athletes do. BJ can’t get through round 1 without sucking wind. That is embarrassing, and inexcusable for someone who is supposedly a professional athlete. Where’s his commitment? He gets fat and bloated from too much pork for 9 months, and then tries to get into half-assed shape just before the fight. Same old story. Too little, too late. His fans always say how BJ isn’t afraid of anyone. Maybe so, but unfortunately, he IS afraid of hard work. If lazy, melon head BJ spent less time going to BBQs and more time following the philosophy stated in Rory’s sign, he MIGHT have had a chance. As it is now, he will be steamrolled into permanent retirement.

  41. King Prodigy Levreau says:

    “The difference between the champion and the contender – Is one man’s not and one man always will be” #nextpunktogetit War BJ War!!! One love from the central Cali’s “NO”.

  42. korean jesus says:

    BJ pound this fkn guy out. Godbless.

  43. antiago says:

    bahaha @ #gross. u know bjs gonna spank this kid and send him crying to his mama. Hes been ready for a fight since people thought he was done. Get that hawaii fire in ur veins and do work like we know u can brother!!! no chokes man, nasty boxing all night till he goes to sleep

  44. JUST A FAN says:

    BJ you are the Man , throw this disrespectful kid , AN ASS WHOOPING!!!

  45. ya herd says:


  46. NELLZ1 says:

    BJ PENN SHOULD HUMBLE HIMSELF, WHEN HE WAS HUMBLE HE WON….WHEN HE BECAME ARROGANT HE LOST FIGHTS….If ts for publicity BAD MOVE…When he was humble it was good watching his fights…but now not excited at all with him..
    YET he represents HILO to BJ humble yourself you would make us PROUD…

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