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Thursday, 08/23/2012, 02:29 pm

Quick Twitt | Bispings Reminds Everyone That He Took Sonnen Fight On 8 Days Notice | UFC NEWS

UFC middleweight, Michael Bisping, took to twitter to remind the world that he took a fight against Chael Sonnen on 8-days notice when the two squared off on the UFC on FOX 3 main card.


46 Responses to “Quick Twitt | Bispings Reminds Everyone That He Took Sonnen Fight On 8 Days Notice | UFC NEWS”

  1. Greg Blackson says:

    and bisping argueably won that fight to, Jones pussed out

    • Jason says:

      I think Bisping won. Jones would smash Sonnan. Sonnan doesn’t deserve a title fight at 205 though.

      • Kristo says:

        if only theres a fighter named sonnan he would… just sayin.

      • Bob says:

        does chael deserve a title shot no way. Should bones fight Chael fk YESS..

        JBJ and greg Jacksons camp felt it was a “High risk, Little Award” situation so them fags backed out..

        I remember when Jones fought Matt Hamill I told everyone he would be champ one day.. Everyone liked the kid. Now that we all know the real him he is the most hated guy in the UFC!..

        I dont even think he has any more fans now.

        • JEC says:

          So first he was supposedly scared of Machida, so he accepts a fight against Machida, and passes on a short notice fight with a middleweight and people are still bagging on the dude???

        • Dopey says:

          Ur stupid

  2. Agreed says:

    As much as I dislike bisping…the man has a point.

  3. drew says:


  4. Jeremy says:

    i cant believe im about to say this, but bisping is right. it cracks me up that jones calls himself a “warrior” Jones is very talented, but he is a bitch.

    • Calvin says:

      also a man christ cuz last time i checked jesus sacrificed himself for the benefit of others in this example jones could lose to sonnen yes but its allows everyone else to get paid and eat

  5. 123 says:

    people like shogun rua just get on with it, jon jones is an awkward person.

  6. MMA Slut says:

    Hacktor Bumbard

  7. Magoo says:

    You took the fight on short notice cause a win over Sonnen would have given you a title shot,don’t make it sound like you saved the card…….just sayin!

  8. Michael says:

    Never thought I’d have more respect for Bisping than Jones…is this real life?

    • Bob'O says:

      One thing about Mike though, he will fight anyone. Gotta respect him for that.

      While on the subject, if Chael was offered another title shot in another weight class, then Bisping deserves a shot against Silva.

      Same with Nick Diaz! LMAO! Can’t pick and choose Dana! ~Bob’O

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        Yeah right Bisping will fight anyone. sorry that is bullshit. Vitor begged teh UFC for over a year for afight with Bisping and Bisping refused to take the fight. Whi has bisping ever beat in top 10 ever? NOONE his wins are over mayhem miller, dan miller, Jorge rivera none of them are even remotely close to being ranked in top 10. Bisping has been protected by the UFC from all strikers since he was KO’d by hendo and that is fact. Belcher begged the UFC to fight Bisping and they wouldn’t give him the fight. Bisping was on his back most of the Sonnen fight and never once had Sonnen in any trouble. wow Bisping held sonnen against the fence so since he just was able to survive you idiots call that a win. look up the record Bisping lost just like when he got hsi ass kicked by Matt hamill

  9. Coots says:

    I’m not buying a jones ppv ever again! Fuck him

  10. fapo says:

    ha! i really like bisping now, who knew

  11. monkyspunk says:

    I don’t blame Jones for turning down a new opponent 8 days before a fight. That’s not cowardice that’s smart fighting strategy. It’s not Jones fault that they built such a weak undercard that the whole thing had to be scrapped. The fact that Chael volunteered himself as a replacement for Hendo does not make him deserving of the opportunity. He’s lost his last two fights, why should he get a title shot? I get why Dana White is disappointed, but to put all the blame on Jones seems unfair. Jones trained for a specific fight with a particular fighter. How does it benefit him to throw out all of his strategy and fight a last minute replacement? And besides, Sonnnen simply isn’t worthy of the opportunity. He needs to earn his shot.

    • Steve says:

      Chael hasn’t lost his last two fights?!

    • Jordan says:

      He wouldn’t have to change his strategy. Chael and Hendo are both wrestlers, and chael doesn’t even have a huge right hand like Hendo. So just do what you were gonna do against Hendo.

    • Dylan says:

      Why would he have to throw out his strategy when Sonnen is simply a Dan Henderson with a less threatening right hand?! The man is in shape & ready. He’d be fighting a guy that competes at a lower weight class whom just lost a title fight to an aging champion. Not to mention Chael has been talkin mad shit about him. Yeah he might not gain a whole lot of respect for beating chael but he should’ve been a man & took one for the team being that all the fighters on the undercard need these fights to maintain themselves. Jones is a talented guy but I’ve lost all respect for him. He has a terrible outlook.

  12. Yo says:

    I cant believe im saying this but Bisping is da man right now lol

  13. fuck jones says:

    @monkeysponk stop suckin on jones nut sack,as far as it being a smart move for jones to not take the fight, thats bs he claims hes the best but cleary ducks a guy whos movin up a weight class and hasnt trained at all for the fight, imo it was an easy win for jones, and regaurdless if sonnen deserved the shot or not he steped up. Jones just showed the world how big of a pussy he really is

  14. casual hater says:

    I don’t understand how anyone can defend jones’ choice, he’s a lhw that could fight well at hw that refused to fight a mw that has had no training.. He can say he isn’t prepared for this fight all he wants but he was training for hendo, a wrestler with ko power, and turned down a wrestler with a lower level of striking and cost a lost of people a lot of money and lost even more respect from the fans.. After all of the things that have gone against him (being arrested and stuff) I would’ve thought he would do everything he can to avoid a bad image.. Crazy guy

  15. just a fan says:

    Im not really a fan of Bisping , BUT the guy always comes to fight! He is right , He stepped up and Jones stepped aside.

  16. Kourpo says:

    Yes bisping ??? Chael fought you on 8 days notice too….

    • dom b says:

      you have missed the point, jones the “champ” won’t take the fight. nothing to do with sonnen

      • Kourpo says:

        My point is who cares that he did. When Bisping fought sonnen they both had the same amount of time to condition themselves (as they were at the time fighting different fighters on the same card) and to prepare for one another.

        Here Jones has had a full training camp and is in shape where as Sonnen hasnt and will proberly be worrying about trying to make weight thoughout his 8 days to prepare.

        So what Bisping is saying really has no value at all.

  17. JuicyJ817 says:

    Toshay mister bisping

  18. damn right says:

    Say what you want about Bisping but thats a damn fighter…. just sayin

  19. Richard says:

    thats an argument a champ can use not to do the same mistake. Nobody cared about that fight, its story and the fact that Bisping got robbed of a decision win. If you’re not a champ, what’s your opinion worth to a actual one?

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Richard i think you need to watch Sonnen fight over because no way in hell Bisping did anything to win taht fight period. Also you need to go watch Bisping vs Hamill because hamill beat the hell out of Bisping from start to finish. worst decision in UFC history and out of literly 1000’s of UFC fights Dana white said that is the fight he is harrassed about the most. hamill laid down a total beatdown on bisping and peopel liek you never seem to remember that

  20. I am glad yet another MMA fighter can use JBJ to elevate their game. No class. If you want the best fighter’s take on UFC 152, look up Pat Barry. He nails it.

    Bisbing sounds like a loser. He is not and could never be a JBJ. How long has he been in MMA and is finally getting into belt contention status?

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