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Friday, 01/17/2014, 10:16 am

QUICK TWITT | Bisping & Rockhold Trade Insults On Twitter

If you’re a UFC middleweight and you’re not calling out Michael Bisping than you’re not really a true UFC middleweight.

Such is the case with last Wednesday’s main event winner, Luke Rockhold.

Luke, wants to make Bisping pay for his prior comments about him and that beef just spilled over on twitter.

Check it:


0 Responses to “QUICK TWITT | Bisping & Rockhold Trade Insults On Twitter”

  1. G. Jon Melodiousness says:

    Two has-beens yucking it up.

  2. sean says:

    you know bisping is a good fighter no doubt but man dos he talk a lot of shit lol thats why i thout it was so funny when dan henderson knoked his ass out after the uk vs us ultimate fighter lol but cant argue with his fighting he is good

  3. realfighterfan says:

    Rockhold would KO Bisping inside 2 rounds and that is why the UFC won’t give Rockhold that fight, WHICH SUCKS!!!

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