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Thursday, 01/17/2013, 04:57 pm

Quick Twitt | Bisping Has Substantial Amount of Weight to Cut | UFC News


UFC on FX 7 headliner, Michael Bisping shared via his Twitter today that he has started his weight cut (along with the help of a legal weight cutting aid) of twelve pounds in the wake of Saturday’s middleweight main event against Vitor Belfort

Here is Bisping’s tweet, asking for some much needed luck in making a healthy cut:

The UFC on FX 7 card takes place in Ibirapuera Arena in Sao Paulo, Brazil. With a win, Bisping has been promised a title shot against Anderson Silva.

The two middleweight superstars shared a heated exchange at today’s press conference to promote the event. Belfort touched Bisping’s face during a staredown to which Bisping responded with a slap to Belfort’s arms and some choice words that we’ve come to expect from Bisping when his emotions are on high.

The two have been vocal adversaries of one another and things only worsened during the past few days of media coverage including at the open workouts when the fans got into the action.

Hopefully the weight cut leaves Bisping healthy enough to come in 100% tomorrow to level the playing field.

For the sake of his health and tomorrow’s fantastic main event, I can speak for the whole staff in wishing Bisping the best of luck in his weight cut.


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12 Responses to “Quick Twitt | Bisping Has Substantial Amount of Weight to Cut | UFC News”

  1. magoo says:

    pretty hard to cut weight when your that full of sh@t…lol

  2. Time To Wrestle says:

    More like, he is going to beat the sh@t outa Belfort…lmao

  3. C'mon says:

    Don’t count out Belfort! I say if it stays standing I think Vitor will take the win.

  4. drew says:

    i really think bisping takes this fight

  5. stevo the great says:

    I honestly don;t even know if Bisping wil make that cut. That is real tough on the body, and even if he does re hydrate he will have lost so much energy from the cut he will get mopped. I guess we will see….but he should have been more around 8 lbs off.

  6. dante080 says:

    I honestly see this fight being a letdown because Bisping will do to Belfort what he did to Stann and outwrestle him.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The tweet about the weight cut and everything is probably just a ploy.

  8. Time To Wrestle says:

    WHAT?? Have any of you girls ever cut weight?? 12lbs is no le asi…

  9. 123 says:

    this isnt news, its just something bisping put on twitter.

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