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Saturday, 01/12/2013, 11:28 am

Quick Twitt: Benson Henderson Inks New 8-Fight Deal With The UFC | UFC NEWS

UFC lightweight champion, Benson “Smooth” Henderson, definitely has something to be excited about this morning.

The champ, who was previously one of the lesser paid champions on the UFC’s roster has just inked a new 8-fight contract with his promotional home, the UFC, and it likely includes a substantial pay-increase.

Prior to the signing, it was disclosed that the champion was making a base salary of $35k/$35k, which paled in comparison to what the UFC offered, former Bellator champion, Eddie Alvarez as a free agent.

Benson took to twitter and instagram with the news:


16 Responses to “Quick Twitt: Benson Henderson Inks New 8-Fight Deal With The UFC | UFC NEWS”

  1. BJC says:

    Boy right on top of things that happened so yesterday

  2. His will says:

    Yeah yeah, just concentrate on finishing fights. Tired of the new breed of decision-champions.

  3. Thom says:

    He’s almost as annoying as Vitor.

  4. sam says:

    Awesome… this kid is a class act and deserves to be rewarded. Glad to see the UFC step up.

  5. Gram says:

    Please spare us from that Jesus bullshit. awesome fighter though.

  6. Mark says:

    The Black Belt in Unanimous Decision under GSP

  7. Like Benson cares about dumbass fans says:

    “new breed decision champions?” fricken dumb. this dumbass must be new to mma. All the fighters that Benson beat in the UFC don’t get finished too often themselves. but benson beat their asses DECISIVELY. This would be true for every fight except the 2nd Edgar fight. But, no doubt, Benson beat Edgar’s ass in the first fight. If Edgar wasn’t such a pet of Dana and the Fertitas, he wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) have got the rematch.
    Rematch with either Pettis or Cowboy for Benson.

    • J says:

      Come on now. I have a lot of respect for Benson Henderson but both of his fights with Frankie Edgar were controversial, especially the second, which could be easily argued that he lost. First fight, he landed some mean shots, but Frankie still landed more strikes with more takedowns. I agree with you as far as dumbass fans go. Frankie and Nick don’t get finished at all, and the LW division is the most stacked division in the UFC. Mucho Props to Benson, I don’t see anyone else beating him unless Frankie gets a possible rematch or Aldo moves on up (maybe Maynard or Cerrone would be interesting too).

  8. The natural says:

    Please leave this guy outta headlines he’s a pAper champ.
    That’s being nice being he shld not be recognized as champ at all. Boo this guys more arrogant then any other fighter. Really showed he had no clAss in post fight interviews. Guys got no life outside the gym and wants to be praised for it. They were cheering for Edgar in ur home town homeboy. Grasp some reality mommas boy ur own mom knows u lost that fight she was cheering for Edgar too by end of the night

    • The "natural" says:

      is naturally dumb. Edgar lost the first Penn fight too you dumbass! Oh, sorry, you just started watching MMA yesterday…

      • The natural says:

        Good one haven’t ever heard that before. The only prob is I speak the truth. Yes first fight with Bj Edgar might have lost or won but that’s y they had a second, too c if it was a fluke or not but don’t no what that has anything to do with what I said or topic but anyways that’s y they had bendos rematch as well and it proved Edgar was better too don’t know what ur getting ur dick all bent outta shape for. You must be training with bendo in who can hold his nuts longer but he wasn’t paid and hasn’t been paid cause he hasn’t done anything but beat Diaz and show yes he can hang with Edgar but EVERYONE knows he lost to Edgar they gave fourth rnd to bendo. But your comments make u look like u started watching mma last nite If any. Your just made cause ur girl told u my dicks bigger. Who cares if I can do everything better then u in life. Rookie welcome to mma

        • Peter Smalls says:

          Officially, Frankie has three losses. Sorry, guy. Frankie has three losses. He lost to Maynard and to Benson Henderson twice. Officially. Cannot be changed. Besides, why do you like a fighter whose best quality is that he has a big heart? Edgar takes a beating, but is difficult to defeat. That’s his best “skill?” Not his boxing, jiu jitsu, wrestling, karate, but his heart? Oh yeah, he is quick. What is so admirable about being quick and having a big heart? He still gets his ass beat! He strikes and dances away. Admirable? Think about it.

  9. DEE says:

    He should have been paid long time ago. Shame on the UFC for taking so long to pay this guy. Shame on them for offering Alvarez more money before offering their champion. Shame one them for not paying him for the Edgar and Diaz fights. Shame on this organization. And I don’t want to hear this crap about his previous WEC contract either because the same way they can cut fighters is the same way they can pay them.

  10. Sasquatch says:

    Looks like a bunch of evil mofo’s hanging out here. He’s a good respectable Champ and who happens to have strong religious beliefs… who cares!. I’m with Dee on this one, SHAME on Zuffa for their lack of respect for Bendo and grossly underpaying him!

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