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Quick Twitt | Bellator Champ Ben Askren Calls White A Liar Over Drug Testing Issue

UFC president Dana White came out recently and said it would be impossible for his staff at ZUFFA to continually drug test all 315 contracts fighters.

To that Askren responded calling him out as a liar.



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  1. jbeamazing says:

    yeah the iran team gets tested all the time brah stick to dry humping bums and leave the thinking to your manager before talking brah

  2. Ryrie says:

    askren needs to learn to STFU! hes actually one of the most boring, moany fighters ive ever heard in my life! cant take criticism and cant keep his mouth shut! atleast we’ll never havto endure him in the ufc after calling dana a liar!

    • The King says:

      WTF does his fighting style have to do with Dana being a liar?


      Danas just pissed because what he said is true.

      • AJ says:

        Yes, what he said would be true if what Dana White was saying was inended to be taken as a literal statement. It wasn’t though. Clearly it would be possible. But he was saying it is impossible, as in, it is not feasable as a company to continually screen every single fighter because of the monetary cost, time consumed doing so, the mountains of paperwork that come with it, the excess pay for the additional staff that would be required to process such paperwork etc. Askren took this statement too literally. It’s a very basic concept in business that White is tryin to make. it’s common sense.

    • Mayor of Deviance says:

      Don’t be a blind fanboy Ryrie–getting mad because someone doesn’t eat the urinal cakes Dana White pisses on. If what the guy said is true about the USOC random testing everyone, then that’s a relevant counter-arguement to what Dana White said.

  3. jbeamazing says:

    the usoc does not test wada banned substence’s either

  4. &; says:

    talk about narrowing future employment opportunities. He might as well get that Bellator tattoo he has been wanting on his back.

  5. Dinglenuts Magee says:

    Looks like somebody wants to stay undefeated…… on JV

  6. grux says:

    well, have fun in bellator fighting all that top notch competition friend.

  7. STFU says:

    All the fighters are tested by the UFC when they sign their contract, it is the athletic commissions job to handle testing after that.

  8. Jesse says:

    Yes, Askren, that’s exactly how you get into the UFC. Talk shit about the management…

  9. jrog says:

    I think the term liar is being used a little freely. However Danna saying it would be impossisble also a little over stated. They could test em they could test em all they could test em often. The question is how much how often does the UFC want to test them. Even harder question is how much how often do we{the fans} want them to test? I am against sterroids in baseball but I sure as hell liked watchin them hit balls to the moon on regular basis and honestly I watched more baseball when they did. Just food for thaught

  10. Charles U. Farley says:

    You guys all seem to missing the point… It’s not impossible at all to random test athletes in any sport. Look at Lance Armstrong; people literally just show up at his house to test his blood and he’s contractually obligated to drop what he’s doing and give them what they want.
    I don’t understand why people are so defensive about drug testing, it’s basically encouraging people to cheat by coming up with weak excuses as to why it’s too hard to test competitors…
    I think a fighter calling Dana out on his BS stance is actually incredibly Brave. Especially since it could mean he never fights for the UFC. I’m not even a fan of Askren at all. But the fact that a lying cheat like Chael Sonnen can get busted with 16:1 T ratio, then lie about a medical expemtion, then lie further to the commission about and still have Dana defend him, and Still come back to fight for a title sends One very clear message about drug use in the UFC: As long as you can make money for the organization, you can do all the drugs you want… As long as you don’t get caught BEFORE the fight.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Charles U farley you sir hit the nail on head. Dana doesn’t give a rats ass about his fighters being all JUICED up as long as they don’t get caught except in case of CHEAT Sonnen who he defended and showed up with all UFC brass in tow to all Sonnens hearings to defend him and turna blind eye to all his FEDERAL FELONYS and FRAUD convictions and lying to Athletic commisons members. Sonnen is the biggest discrace to ever set foot in MMA yet Dana white treats him like MMA royalty

  11. Jay says:

    Dumbass lost his non existent opportunity of ever being in the UFC

  12. MMAFan says:

    It’s getting to the point where you can’t find a sport without a doping issue.

  13. steveogeezy says:

    As Dana stated he has over 375 fighter around the WORLD! USOC is the United States Olympic Committee big geographic difference there buddy. Think a little before you tweet!

  14. i hate hump fighters says:

    First off Jake Sheilds, Ben Askin, and John Finch can go start a new company where queers can watch them hump for 15 min. Ben is the worst of all he is not a mma fighter he is a wreslter that stalls out the whole fight! Jake is at least trying to work on his standup. And what a dumb ass to call out danna . Good luck getting into the ufc not that u had a chance b4 but u sealed the deal with that comment dumb ass. And i have respect for all aspects of the game so b4 u go calljng me a idiot lear the diffrence between laying on a guy for 15min and lightly tapping his face and taking a guy down to either submit him or g&p pass guard try a sub attemp jot just hold them! So ben askin stfu and have fun in bellitar

    • UFC : Ultimate Fighter Corporation says:

      Jeez, you seriously need to get hooked on phonics.. and maybe a remedial spelling class or two might help.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Whats funny is Askrens wrestling is so far and above what most of you UFC fanboys could ever compehend in million years that he could easily smoke Fitch or GSP in not only wrestling but MMA match but we will never know cause GSP will be retired by next year so he can avoid fighting A. Silva, Jake ellenberger, Hendricks and many more fighters who have gthe skills to take him out. I think its so funny GSP turned down an exibition wrestling match with Askren. Even jake Sheilds took to the mat with Askren and said Askren will be the best 170 lb fighter in MMA in a few short years and that was 2 years ago.

      • McCombski says:

        U are serioulsy a idot if you think that asken could out wrestle gsp or finch. Mabey in a straight wreslting match but i doubt it gsp is way to big for asken he would never last… and there are at least three of four wrestlers that he would loose to in a straigh wreslting match in the ufc ill name a few for you… gsp, finch, koscheck, hendricks, and i in a mma fight he looses to half the devision i guarntee it who has he beat in bellitar for you to even come close to thinking that he was anywhere near good enough to beat the top 5 ww in the world ?

  15. Castro says:

    He can appoint a third party agency to run the testsfor the safety of the few who dont cheat. Is not that white physically will hold the piss cup for 375 fighters.

  16. dante040 says:

    Dana was talking about round the clock testing. The Olympics do before event testing, and only once every 2-4 years. Slight difference.

  17. Jeff says:

    To Dana’s point the only reason we are having this discussion is because someone was caught by the system that is in place. Overeem pissed hot on a random test before the fight. Isn’t that exactly what we want? A system of testing that catches guys who cheat by using peds?

  18. jpeters608 says:

    Dana has already had a beef with Askren for NO reason……

  19. Dan the lobster says:

    What askern says is irrelevant cos he’s borin as shit!!

  20. MIke says:

    It’s not even one athlete a day. That’s gives one man a job for a year with enough days off for travel and holidays.

  21. Ninja says:

    Its only possible for the olympics to test all the ppl because they only happen every 2 years so its not like theyre testing the constantly like they do the UFC

  22. Bart says:

    I watched one of Ben’s fights and I bet he couldnt even hang with the top 10 UFC welther weights. I bet he would fall asleep watching one of his own fights.

  23. Qd says:

    We all know it is possible to test all the fighters … The real question is if it will be a conflict of interest for the UFC .. It will be more detrimental to go down the testing road because dw might not want to find out the truth that may lie down that road .. He might already know and that’s why it is not being implemented … It’s such a great idea .. Every fan is scratching their head saying , ” why won’t they just test em all and get that out of way?” seems like an easy solution but no one is acting on it .. Dw needs to take a big step in the right direction and become a true pioneer in combat sports .. It would be inspiring for everyone involved in sports

    • Qd says:

      I hope the UFC goes down if they don’t clean up the sport .. They have the power to do more now than ever .. UFC is not like boxing business wise .. I hope they do so .. That way theyll have champs that are true champions ..

      • MMA Hawk says:

        You hope the UFC goes down? So they can be replaced by what? Another organization who can’t/won’t test because of the cost of doing them? You think somehow that Bellator or MFC or anyone else is doing it better?

        Wake up bro….cheats find a way to do it. Ask the NFL or MLB if they’re catching everyone….

  24. testing is difficult says:

    I don’t disagree with either Dana or Askren here. Context is key…

    UFC fighters live all across the world. It is tough, even with a ton of cash to test fighters in a post 911 world. Brazil, the Middle East, Europe, Japan, Korea, Australia, etc. I wouldn’t say impossible like Dana, but damn tough and VERY expensive for the UFC. Not to mention the hassle of sending whomever is doing the testing to these countries. Because the UFC really shouldn’t be doing their own testing. They have too much to gain to be 100% impartial. SO that could be suspect. To get a more fair result, a 3rd party should do this, and the expense there is HUGE if the UFC is footing the bill.

    Olympic Athletes are a little different. Most of them LIVE in the US and MANY of them train at the USOTC in Colorado Springs. So, we can find AND test those guys and gals in Colorado, and the ones that don’t train there, MOST of them live in the US. Now, I am sure some of them live outside the US, and they, I am sure are reachable by the USOC and whomever does their testing. The difference with the expense here is that the Olympic gets PUBLIC (read government money) and is subject to oversight by the Gov. Not sure who does their testing, but I am sure that the US Gov can afford much more than the UFC, and knows exactly where to find most of their athletes.

    At the end of the day, while I applaud the UFC for the testing it does do, it falls on the Athletic Commissions to administer the testing as the IMPARTIAL 3rd party/governing body.

  25. Stick to Fighting Ben.... says:

    Hey Ben, do what you do and leave the running of worldwide fighting organizations to people better suited to it. You’re a wrestler who goes to decision as opposed to a President of a company who is making decisions.

    You can have an opinion, but have an idea of the logistics and financial burdens incurred before you open your pie hole.

  26. Unbelieveable tekkers says:

    Basically the UFC is not really that arsed about it’s image as long as it’s making money. I’m in the British armed forces and they drug test us randomly no matter where we are in the world. I know the UFC doesn’t have as much k

  27. Unbelieveable tekkers says:

    Doesn’t have as much money as the British government but if it cared about it’s reputation then surly they would make it there point of random tests. They need to take these steps before somebody gets killed, then the shit hits the fan big time.

  28. jonesy says:

    there one loser that willll never fight in ufc now and make bigger money

  29. al says:

    who the hell are you to be comenting about the UFC for any reason. You fight in a joke of a dividion of mma called belajoke. When your someone who”s opinion means something maybe people will care!

  30. Dom says:

    Yea dana lied but do uk how much money it would cost to keep testing all the fighters its bullshit… He shouldnt have to babysit these pussy fighters that cant do it without peds

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