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Tuesday, 04/23/2013, 08:53 am

Quick Twitt | Anthony Pettis: I’m Still The Best At 155

Following Saturday’s showdown between Benson Henderson and Gilbert Melendez, Anthony “Showtime” Pettis took to twitter to relay a quick and precise message.

Pettis currently owns a victory over the current UFC lightweight champion, one that will never be forgotten. He has also shown flashes of brilliance inside the UFC’s Octagon, but has Henderson’s rate of evolution passed up “Showtime”?


47 Responses to “Quick Twitt | Anthony Pettis: I’m Still The Best At 155”

  1. Sasquatch says:

    I’m convinced he’s right!!!

    • @Mark Irwin on FB says:

      For someone with the “inside knowledge,” you yourself said some pretty retarded statements. “Pitter Pat????” You’re mental if you use those words to describe punches by Bendo, or any fighter in the world for that matter. Take your bogus ego out of this website and go sign in to, you turd!

  2. The natural says:

    What about clay guida. Did he just beat u cause he’s the best or biggest wrestler in the division.

  3. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Mendes will school this kid. I doubt Pettis can beat him. Bendo beat Pettis in the WEC. The screwy judges were mesmerized by that goofy clown kick off the fence and gave it to him. It was just another flash knockdown strike and nothing else. Pettis talking shit, let’s see him beat Aldo first. Which is unlikely.

    • Ddddddd says:

      I’m calling ya out on this one. I think you’ll have a better idea on how to gauge Pettis after this fight. Dude he’s light years away from Mendes in striking as Mendes is in technical wrestling of course. You are not sneaking that bullshit,over night Ludwig crossed with Uriah’s blitz in on Pettis. Machidas
      a real blitz fighter not Uriah. I’m a fan of Mendes for sure but to say he’s gonna take Pettis to school is naive. I understand you have a background in wrestling so be observant with it not bias. I got Pettis all day long and to say his stuff is just flashy seems envious of his styles potential because you’ve already over invested in something that makes for a good base. There are creative wrestlers on the way up and we’ll all be in awe when there flipping and shit so wait your turn. Go back and watch the Stevens fight that bullshit wrestling that Pettis was mixing in and won the fight with was for people like you.

      • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

        That’s cool, you are a Pettis believer. I sometimes come across as not liking him, but I do see his abilities and its high level, BUT until he can actually beat somebody that is top 5, then I’m going to call out his BS ego. If he beats Aldo, then I’ll look at him differently. Roufus is good and can help him. but using the Stephens fight as an indicator of how he can handle wrestling!!?? Now, I’m calling you out on that one. First, I think Stephens beat him and second, Stephens is a bjj guy and NOT a top mma wrestler. Look what Guida did to Pettis and he isn’t a high level wrestler either. Mendes will school him and if you don’t see this then you are inexperienced in how much wrestling controls a fight. All of Pettis’ flashy stuff and kicks are completely neutralized when their is no space. That’s what wrestler’s do, they eliminate the distance. Mendes is stronger than Pettis and he will dump Pettis on his head and I think Mendes will KO him. But Aldo, may KO him before that. So your point about the Stephens fight does not hold water. Now, when Pettis fights Aldo, I will 100% be rooting for him to win, but I don’t think he will.

    • Kenny powers says:

      He already beat the #1 lightweight in the world, and as for Mendes, hed get it just like Aldo gave him but probly earlier in the round.

  4. KIDD433 says:

    I agree with Pettis being the best at 155.If he beats Aldo he’ll be the best at 145.Which is à bigger deal since theirs more talent at 145 than 155 IMO.145 is the new 155

  5. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    He is. I don’t know about 145 because Aldo is on another level but he can beat Henderson again, no doubt.

  6. 757 says:

    Couldn’t beat Guida and others who could wrestle. Pettis is a great fighter but let’s not get carried away……..Oh yeah he could beat Henderson again for sure. Right now the 55 division is being represented by a cocky theatrical thief not a champ. The best guy isn’t even the champ in that division

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