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Friday, 04/26/2013, 11:26 am

Quick Twit: Off Suspension, Mitrione Begins to Call Out Jon Jones


Heavyweight fighter Matt Mitrione used his first Twitter post since his suspension began to call out UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.  This comes only a day after the UFC lifted what turned out to be less than three weeks of suspension.


Following Jones’ response to Mitrione’s comments toward Fallow Fox, Mitrione took to Twitter to fire some insults toward Jon Jones.


In a poorly veiled reference to his comments about Fox, he posted, “Last time I spoke, gotNtrouble4 talking bout sum1 using hands2hurt women, guess thats a lot better than Bentleys&Telephone poles @JonnyBones,” and soon after, “Ur a spoiled brat that needs 2b taught a lesson & I’m the guy2do it.  Come fight me at hvywgt within 1 year or ur a coward, kid @JonnyBones.”


Jones has recently stated that, after a win this Saturday against Chael Sonnen and another in November, he will be content with having set a new record for consecutive light heavyweight title defense and would consider superfights and heavyweight fights.


Mitrione has tried to jump on the opportunity to face Jones, in what would be his highest-profile fight to date, by building hype for this fight early.  However, there are much more intriguing match-ups for the light heavyweight champ than Mitrione.  Daniel Cormier, who recently debuted in the UFC and has talked of fighting Jones, would offer an incredible fight.  Of course, the Anderson Silva fight is something fans have been talking about for years, though it may have to wait for the end of his new 10-fight contract.  If Jones does well, he has even talked about one day fighting for the heavyweight title.


At this point, trash talking is really the only option for Mitrione- who is not ranked in the UFC’s top ten contenders- to get such a big fight.




22 Responses to “Quick Twit: Off Suspension, Mitrione Begins to Call Out Jon Jones”

  1. Thom says:

    lol its so clear to see what matt’s doing here.. he’s a cool guy but not the smartest guy on the roster.

  2. KIDD433 says:

    It ain’t gonna happen.Jones is enjoying beating up on guys half his size.If he goes to HW,he’d fight guys that’ll come somewhat close to him in size.And he doesn’t want that.

    • truth says:

      i somewhat agree… i do believe jones will move up to HW eventually, but not in the near future. he has a lot of time ahead of him. i agree, though, that’ s probably why he didn’t move up yet; it’s because he enjoys that huge size advantage, of course…

  3. Ddddddd says:

    It seems too me Meathead is answering Johnny’s call out. Johnny was talking mad shit about a fighter that had his career on the line. What happens when you threaten a fighters career by insulting his character? Believe it or not his reaction is to want to fight you.

  4. 123 says:

    Jon Jones would smash seven shades of shit out of this idiot & most of the heavyweight division.

  5. blunt says:

    Hey man, i aint no mitrione fan, but he can call out jones if he wants. If someone at ur job started dissin on u, wouldnt u call him out. Even if he could kick ur ass, u still wud let him clown on u. I wouldnt. I would say fuck u jones! Champ or no champ. Cant back down. Gotta stand up!

  6. Hendoo says:

    Wait another 3 years at least the guy is like 25 or something he wont be giving up on the cutting just yet hes still got a few good years ahead of him. Not a massive jones fan (fan of how he fights) but he will still be a dominating force in HW, maybe not champion but for sure he would be top 2 contender.

  7. doc says:

    I don’t dislike Jon Jones. I am not a huge fan of his although I usually watch all his fights, if that makes sense.

    But I do not think he would do as well right now at HW as he would in say 2-3 years.

    I think he has the luxury of youth on his side in this sport for now and he can continue to get better before making that jump.

    As for this Mitrione guy calling him out. Is anybody surprised?

  8. Rodriguez says:

    I honestly don’t think Jones would be as dominant in HW. He wouldn’t be able to throw guys around and control them like he does at LHW. He always looks a weight class bigger than everyone he fights. He would have the reach but he doesn’t have enough punching power to hurt a HW or enough strength to take a top guy down. He would probably lose to Cain…his only shot at HW is to put on mass…

  9. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    If Jones bulks up 30 lbs with out any loss of movement, he’ll be hard to beat. He won’t have an easy time, but he could beat Cain now. I want to see him fight Cormier at 205 first. Cormier was way too risk adverse with Mir, He should have destroyed Mir. He needs to fight JDS next.

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