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Monday, 04/22/2013, 01:51 pm

Quick Tweet: Diaz: ‘UFC more weight classes ASAP’

UFC’s Nate Diaz, days after his loss to Josh Thompson on UFC on Fox 7, sent out this Tweet Monday afternoon:

@ufc more weight classes ASAP ??
More super fights more champion vs champion ,closer to weight better fights more potential …

Diaz had bandied about the idea of returning to welterweight after Saturday’s fight, win or lose.

The addition of three new weight classes in such a close range seems almost preposterous. What are your thoughts on adding new divisions? Would three be too many?


83 Responses to “Quick Tweet: Diaz: ‘UFC more weight classes ASAP’”

  1. Alrekur says:

    If this would happen there better be a 225 weight class added as well.

  2. Negative! says:

    More weight divisions would de-value all the championship belts and thin out the UFC roster (not considering other promotions).
    If Diaz wants to win a championship and is unable to do it in the UFC, he should seek it in another promotion. Or improve in the areas he needs to improve on and then kick ass!

  3. scotty says:

    Diaz’s need to realize this one thing… THIS IS MMA NOT BOXING! Nick always talking more pay in boxing, now nate is talking more weight classes.. They only fight like boxers too! Need to ged rid of perez in your corner and start training for MMA.. These two have amazing JJ but never use it, they sit there and try to box the whole fight unless they get taking down which they will start to use JJ..

    But i always felt there should be a 220 weight class.. Always felt guys like there is some guys to heavy for 205 but to smal for HW.. Dont need 163, 178 and 193.. Then he can have champs in couple weight classes and fight like once a year for each title..

  4. justin says:

    He’s got a point. I’ve always said if there was a 165ish weight class BJ Penn’s prime would’ve lasted even longer

  5. Berserker says:

    Wouldn’t make a difference, neither Diaz brother will ever hold a UFC belt, they’re both too predictable and too arrogant to even think of changing their ways.

  6. The natural says:

    It doesn’t matter u would just have more multiple champs in you think gsp has a prob dropping 6 more lbs or Anderson Silvia wouldn’t b able to weigh 8 lbs less or jones or any champ maybe well then Cormier Belfort macdonald Edgar and Faber would all b champs

  7. Charticus says:

    Both the diazs suck as pro mma fighters its time to hang the gloves up and pick up the bong full time ..

  8. KIDD433 says:

    What Diaz needs to do is man up,and put on some size.À man that weighs 6-1 shouldn’t be trying cut a rediculous amount of weight to compete with lil 55ers.He should cut back on all the triathon shit,Hit the weights hard and fight at class that matches his size.If he bulks up, his ass wont get thrown around so much.

  9. Derpiederp says:

    I dont understand why people think this is stupid. Look at how many weightclasses boxing has. They way the sport is growing, maybe its time for some new weightclasses.

  10. Deejster says:

    I could see a 160, 190, 225-230ish. But i doubt Nate would be a champ in any division. He is really talented, but not UFC top-tier talented. I could see 160 champ being Rory Macdonald, 190- a Phil Davis, Mousasi, Gustafsson mix, & king of 225 – DC BABY !!!!

  11. allmightysandman says:

    I don’t think there needs to be any additional weight classes near the bottom, those guys in the 125, 135, 145 and 155 classes seem to move fairly easily up and down, which to me indicates that there is enough classes down there. (if the weight classes were too far apart guys wouldn’t be able to go up and down, so there’s my rationale.)

    I think they COULD use a 225-265 range or something like that. IMO

    …and as for Nate…I think he realizes now he’s not nearly as badass as he thinks he is and the ‘stalking stockton’ really isn’t a game plan! scowl all you want, taunt all you want, good technique finishes bad attitude almost every time. ( I really did love to see him get finished too…maybe he’ll wake up a little and use more of his strengths in the future and not just try to indimate guys…clearly JT was not intimidated. )

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