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Monday, 03/26/2012, 09:11 am

Quick Shot | Wanderlei Silva Brags About His Cup Size

Ever wonder how endowed you favorite UFC fighter is?

OK, OK, probably not! But regardless, this quick screen cap came out of last night’s “TUF Brazil” Episode 1 broadcast and it is brought to you for comedic related purposes.

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17 Responses to “Quick Shot | Wanderlei Silva Brags About His Cup Size”

  1. Nuitari X says:

    No comment…………….

  2. Aaron says:

    Lmao, get ’em Wand.

  3. Big J says:

    Must be running out of news to post this…

  4. Dick Diaz says:

    he’s talking aout this cup size before competing in PRIDE …. *zing!!!

  5. Jon broken bones jones says:

    Wangerlei Silva.

  6. Bud says:

    I doubt thats what Wanderlia even said…no one could understand that penis wrinkle

  7. B-Lash says:

    Shut up Wanderlei just go stand in the octagon and don’t try and get knocked out

  8. Miguel says:

    This would of been more hilarious if he compared his actual cup to Belforts’. But hats off to him for making this a dick swinging contest. Is this the first time any coach said his junk was bigger than the other coachs’?

    Yet you sometimes just can’t understand Wanderlei when he talks in any language

  9. SeaBass says:

    wtf is this guy saying…hopefully he doesn’t take too many hard shots to the head from belfort so he won’t be tard when he starts doing porn if he is ‘super-sized’ because if he is no one wants to see mongo the gorilla drooling and humping.

    i love that he said that but i dont think he will win the fight

  10. Nightshade says:

    How he looks in that picture its like “Buy the Wanderlei Super-Sized Protective Cup. If you are super-sized down there don’t worry we have a cup for you. Also on each cup to show that its an official Wanderlei Super-Sized Protective cup, it has a picture of me, Wanderlei Silva on it.”

  11. WaG kA nA ! ! ! says:

    Wandy is a double DD???????????

  12. Swampert says:

    Wanderlei go to McDonalds and order me a bigmac with a large soda and a cherry pie

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