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Tuesday, 10/18/2011, 07:31 am

Quick Quote: Tito Ortiz – "I'm the peoples champ"

“A lot of people didn’t believe in me. A lot of people couldn’t believe that I was still here. I had neck surgery, lower back surgery and a lot of athletes don’t compete after that. I showed that I’m able to compete against the best guys in the world, and I think that will help show people that if they believe in themselves, if they believe in their dream, they can accomplish anything. That’s why I changed my name to The People’s Champ. I want everyone to know that I’m here for the fans. I want them to know that they can bounce back from anything.”

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30 Responses to “Quick Quote: Tito Ortiz – "I'm the peoples champ"”

  1. Beard Fasade dammit says:


  2. Daniel R says:

    which people are these??? not my champ of fuck all

  3. oyston says:

    tito is a ledgend!!!

  4. Ricky says:

    Tito’s garbage. I seriously don’t understand how beating Ryan Bader makes you a contender in a weight class you can barely survive in. The fact he’s still employed is pretty amazing, I guess that’s an accomplishment?

  5. tkdwes says:

    Coming back from injury doesn’t mean anything if you can’t perform… Tito’s getting retired at UFC 140.

  6. adrian says:

    Well it was rumored that the winner of bader – jones was going to get a title shot because they were both on a steam roll. Bader lost and then went on to fight tito, which they obviously matched up to get rid of tito. Tito finished bader incredibly fast. then tito loses to rashad, the guy is fighting the winner of Lyoto-jones. I think it shows that tito is still in the mix. Will he be champ? prolly not unless he improves his speed. He is like rich franklin in a sense that he is around but never will be champ.

  7. Jordan lee says:

    And the UFC fan boys of 2011 talk with their tap put shirts.

    Don’t forget tito did quite well in pride and also won all rights against frank shamrock. Give the guy respect as a fighter. Sure his victory dance after r.bader wasnt exactly elegant, but the guy is a veteran and deserves the same respect as the rest of the pride champs.

  8. steven horgan says:

    what are you on about dumb ass, tap put ..its tap out, tito also lost against frank shamrock, never fought in pride, he was a champ in the ufc why are you saying other pride champs as a comparison, tito also dodged lidel when he was champion,and took ages to fight chuck, picken and choosen his opponents and talks alot of complete garbage about fighters, for example saying bj penn would lose to florian and he doesent act like a champion..tito dont know shit and wasent half the champ penn was..but tito does deserve respect as a fighter and for fighting after surgeries, the main reason for that though is to fatten his wallet, nothing wrong with that, and peoples champ is aa name given to you not a self titled name ya just give yourself,you seem like a fan from 2000 yesterday

    • Ricky says:

      Nice. Tito’s garbage. I’ve always said it. He says “I was the longest raining Champ” – when was that again? Oh yeah, it was when no one was really knowledgable of MMA in its entirety.
      Think about it, before Bader, the guy hadn’t won a fight since 2006 and that was against an old, demolished Ken Shamrock. No honor there. Plus, who fights a guy for the third time when you’ve already beat him twice?

  9. steven horgan says:

    it was also ken shamrock he beat, who was 40 plus, over the hill, and not even top ten..bader was the only risen top contender tio ever beat impressively, his record sucks , his only notable wins are silva in 2000…a decision humpfest, vitor a split decision and griffin who in my opinion tito only won round 1…liddell,couture,evans, forrest,machida,matt hamill even jesus he never beat someone in the top ten, and he said bj made excuses after fights tito tought he beat griffin the second time ha ha what a joke

  10. Joe says:

    he aint my champ lol

  11. chris says:

    tito is tito, hes a legend. What have you done on this planet to down talk tito’s accomplishments. Everyone in the UFC from anderson Silva to joey beltran should get love cause they are were alot of us will never be, doing what alot of people will never do… My hat goes off to any UFC fighter.

  12. mike says:

    hahahaha More like the “Peaples’ Chump.”

  13. Fuck Tito!! says:

    Douche Baggggg……..

  14. steven horgan says:

    thats fare enough but a fighter labelling himself something he is not and talking all that shit come on..any way our rights are as fans , peope that buy payperviews and tickets that pay tito and give him his job…thats why we can voice our opinions and we have a right to these,also thats like saying what right do we have to give props to a fighter..tito is only a legend in his own mind theres fighters that have accomplished more han him and dont have that status

  15. ChadCO says:

    There’s only one “People’s Champ” and that’s The Rock. However, The WWE might be a good place for Tito to win some fights.

  16. steven horgan says:

    ha ha ,tito should know his role …….and shut his mouth, tito is a jabroni

  17. P R O D I G Y says:

    sorry buddy but chael is the peoples champ

  18. King Gareth says:

    You have to respect a guy for having serious back/neck surgery and returning to a high-level sport like the UFC. You have to have a spinal injury to understand. It’s incredible.

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