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Tuesday, 08/14/2012, 10:21 pm

Quick Quote | Dan Henderson Responds To Jones "TKO me? I'd Love For Him To Try" | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
Dan Henderson responds to Jones claims that he may knock Henderson out.

“[My right hand] must be a pretty good trick. It’s kept me in the sport this long and people keep wanting to see it. It’s kept me around for a long time. But it’s more about positioning. TKO me? I’d love for him to try. That means he’s coming after me and I won’t have to chase him…. One of the biggest assets I have is my experience, my timing, my striking, my takedowns and the ability to mix it up…. I love being the underdog. I like being a little challenged. I need to step up and prove people wrong. It adds to my fire and motivates me…. I feel right at home when I’m wrestling. He’s taller and longer and gives problems in the clinch. But it’ll give me the opportunity to put him on his back.”

Hendo has an overall record of (29-8) and has three submission losses and five via decision but no stoppages due to strikes. However the Light-Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones  has finished Shogun Rua, Rampage Jackson and Lyoto Machida in three of his last four bouts could he be the man to knockout Henderson ?

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45 Responses to “Quick Quote | Dan Henderson Responds To Jones "TKO me? I'd Love For Him To Try" | UFC News”

  1. jesus korean says:

    that picture should replace the 50 stars on the american flag.

  2. Xaninho says:

    Fuck Hendo. He talks about his wrestling, but he lost to Jake Shields. This is his third shot at UFC gold, and he will fail yet again. Even on TRT he’s weak in the championship rounds, Shogun could have had that fight. Jones is going to take him out just like everyone else, and he’s keeping the beard for good measure.

  3. Um says:

    Don’know ^ jones for life B

  4. slacker says:

    Jones will kick him in the shins and screw up his knees just like he did Rampage. He won’t let Henderson dirty box him. Henderson has never fought anyone like Jones. That guy does anything it takes to win; crawling along the floor, kicking guys shins. I hope Henderson tags him, but it’s a one in a million shot. I see Jones dropping Henderson with a shin to the side of the head and then submitting him.

  5. Wrestler66 says:

    I think Jones could finish Hendo in the later round …. Do I think he will put him out cold probably not but dropping him and finishing with G&P and Hendo not intelligently defending himself possibly if Jones really wants the KO so bad !

  6. axeholes says:

    HA! I’m already betting with everyone that Jones actually will HURT Henderson in round 1.
    It’s gonna be some sort of crazy kick or knee, or some technique that Henderson won’t see coming.


  7. Bjj BB says:

    Does dan remember the last champion that was tall/long? Does he remember what happened? Well im sure he will that night, but this time he wont get tapped he will get KTFO!!

  8. Mwill says:

    Horrible matchup for Dan! Unless Jon just sticks his chin out with no defense for Dan to hit him, I don’t see a way Dan can win and I’m a Henderson fan also. Sorry Dan but I think you will get dominated in every position until Jon wants to take you out.

  9. Xaninho says:

    I know I should just shrug it off and leave them alone, but I just can’t help but be amazed about these dumbasses spending their time posting shit under my name.

    These cunts really have no life at all! hahahaha! Dedicated their life to impersonating me on a MMA site…..pathetic.

  10. What? says:

    Damn everybody already counting Hendo out. It will only take one hbomb to change the fight. If he can get it then who knows?

  11. T.DADDY says:

    Hendo will put pressure on bones and land the H BOMB.. BOOM game over.. new LHW champ

  12. Ku says:

    Bones got no chin he does have a mouth though. Bet he eats a hbomb and doesnt survive the holocaust

  13. bdizz says:

    love Dan but don’t see it working out for him. Machida will be the man. If Machida doesn’t win i dont see anyone for a looooooooooooooooooooooong time beating this kid.

  14. johnboy says:

    why does everybody love jones so much hes coward with tricks!!!! yes hes skilled an yes hes got massive potential but im sorry until your in a true fight how can he be class as a true champion!!!!! hes never really been in trouble cuz he nevers gets involved cuz hes a coward who likes to dance around away from his opponent!! dont get me wrong i no its abnout not gettin hit but this guy is a fake ass bitch an look at him hes got no class he just loves himself!!!! i wanna see a champ who lays it all on the line everytime an acts like a true champ outside the ring!!!! until jones gets beat on an still comes out on top i dont an wont respect him!!!!!!! i hope hendo whips his ass cant see it but who nos!!!!!!!!

  15. Jujitsu Player says:

    I don’t get the Hendo hype train, Jones is going to fucking wreck him. Bader has pretty good wrestling and look what happened to him. Rashad has way better MMA wrestling than Hendo and better stand up and what happened to him. Jones will beat Hendo in every area of the fight. Maybe he’ll try to cut down to 170lb after this to get a title shot there….

  16. shawn says:

    Jon Jones needs to be at Heavyweight, I’m sick of these bigger guys, taller, longer in every which way fighting smaller guys and coaim even to be on p4p list which he’s not….GSP always fights bigger guys than him, Anderson and jon always look down at their opponents, to have an advantage, what challenge do they really have and then beat on smaller people and say yeah man this guys awesome lol….feed Joe Stevenson to GSP and then say wow did you see how Joe was man handled? lol….but no they feed hinm a bigger Tiago Alves then say yup he’s the man.

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