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Wednesday, 02/19/2014, 11:49 am

Quarry Continues: Dana Tips Servers More Than He Pays Fighters

Until all fighters are worth millions (never going to happen) the topic of fighter pay will always be here. I mean, who’s really happy with what they make for a living? More is always better.

UFC veteran, Nate Quarry, took to the Underground forum earlier this week to debate the topic and give his side of the coin (which we covered intensely) and now we have some new insight from the former UFC middleweight title challenger.

In a great interview with’s Steph Daniels, Quarry continued his tirade over fighter pay.

Here’s a snip:

“I always make a reference to my title fight against Franklin. I ask people, ‘What do you think a title fight main event, in the MGM Grand on Pay-Per-View will get you?’ People usually guess about a million dollars. I got paid $10,000. No Bonus, no nothing. When I lost, I went back to my original contract of $5,000 to show and $5,000 to win. People are shocked by that. They can’t even comprehend it. I didn’t know any better. My representation was Team Quest. None of those guys knew how to even read a contract, let alone negotiate one. When I came back after my back surgery, they were putting me back on $5,000 to show and $5,000 to win, and I told them I just couldn’t do that. So they bumped me up to $10,000/$10,000 and I fought Kalib Starnes and Pete Sell for that pay. Then I called them up and I said, ‘I can’t do this. You’re paying me so little and I have a little girl I’m trying to put through college. There’s so much wear and tear on my body for such little money that I’d be better off doing just about anything else.’They gave me a raise, which was much appreciated, and at the end of my career I was happy with the money that I was making. It wasn’t bench riding NBA player money, but it was better than I ever expected, and I was very grateful for it.

The more money the UFC pays to the fighter, the better the fighters they’re going to have. I’ve known plenty of guys who have said, ‘It’s so embarrassing that I’m bartending between fights just to get by.’ If they’re not working as bartenders, how much better prepared would they be for their fights? The fans would get better fights, and the fighters would feel more comfortable. People generally don’t perform well when they’re scared for their jobs. They want to know that their jobs are secure. That even if they have an off night, they’re safe, because the company cares for them. Dana is famous for tipping his wait staff at the restaurants tens of thousands of dollars, so it would be better for your long term career to serve Dana drinks than it would be to fight for him.”


0 Responses to “Quarry Continues: Dana Tips Servers More Than He Pays Fighters”

  1. magoo says:

    It’s not hard to see why Dana and Rousey are so tight, two douche bags……misery loves company.

  2. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    I wonder what Quarry’s agenda is here? He has to be doing this for some gain?? Time will tell….I smell a rat.

    • JJs says:

      agenda, rat? you cannot possibly be this thick. how about you dont write any more comments, its sad…

      • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

        How about you fuck off….lol….The only thing sad around here is you little boy.

        • UsernameAlreadyExists101 says:

          I’m with Gargoyle on this one. Quarry has been a quite little company boy for a LONG time. Now suddenly he throws his hat into this fray. And it’s strange that they are expecting equal pay to sports which have been established much longer and which have multiple billionaires involved. Until you start seeing big money people buying up fight teams you can pretty much expect the climb to higher wages in mma to be a brutally slow crawl.

        • Garhore Wrasslin says:

          You’re an idiot. Quarry is just bringing up his point of view from his experiences. If you were in his shoes, you would do the same things. Sheesh, people are dumbasses these days.

      • joe says:

        Then what is your take? Cant just come in here calling people names without anything to back what you are calling him up lol who sounds sad now? You are breaking a few of the 10 commandments of debating here.

    • Ixider says:

      its a struggle to stay relevant as a washed up fighter.

    • Michael Johnston says:

      I smell a whaaa? His agenda? Does it matter? He’s speaking the truth. What I can’t understand is how people are so quick to defend the abysmal money that the UFC pays so many of its fighters. Is the whole country making minimum wage nowadays? Seems like people are impressed when somebody is making 15 thousand dollars a fight, 3 times a year. Wow, that’s like $30,000 dollars a year after taxes.

      • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

        Yes it does matter. And the truth is only about 2% make minimum wage. Don’t be a sheeple and listen to these libtards. They are NOT looking out for anybody but themselves. Minimum wage jobs are not meant to be your career. Do you know what these fighters make in the small local shows?? So cry me a river about a guy fighting 2 or 3 times a year making 45K.

        • Michael Johnston says:

          Libtards? In the UFC the fighters and fights are the product. Its not a liberal or conservative argument. The UFC is stealing from its talent. We understand that the “bosses” are allowed to pay whatever they can get away with. We also understand that this won’t change until healthy competition arrives by way of a well funded alternate MMA promotion. Its just frustrating seeing these legendary ring performances and watching the fighters drive around in 1995 Honda Accords. What’s more frustrating is seeing people defend this shit. Its fucking greed. I don’t mind greed when you’re selling milk. But in MMA, the product is people. And these athletes are being robbed, pure and simple.

  3. team backfist says:

    I can see how your 1st fight could be a baseline $8,000/$8,000 if you’re a nobody. You win, you get a raise w/ short contract, you lose, it’s still baseline pay (should be 10K) until you prove you can compete at that level..

    It’s when fighters still earn low pay for long periods of time is when it becomes outrageous. So glad this issue is building and shutting the defending shills up.

  4. UFC 84 Forever says:

    First of all it was a totally different time in the UFC and secondly Quarry got totally smashed in that fight. I’m a Quarry fan but his plights just really aren’t all that realistic.

    • gerball says:

      The deal was done before he got “smashed”. That has nothing to do with pay. Thats all they said they would pay him to MAIN EVENT a PAY PER VIEW at a huge event. Even though money wasn’t as good back then as it is now, it was still good enough to pay him much more, and they are still paying like that now. barao made 18k to WIN his last title fight.

  5. Mark says:

    I don’t usually comment on these things, but the fact that players in other sports get signing bonuses of millions of dollars and guys like Anderson Silva (the best guys that bring in the most money) only make $600,000 a fight is quite a gap in itself. And I’m not saying $600,000 isn’t enough, but why then can’t the lower level fighters make, say, $50,000 a fight? That should be pocket change for the Fertittas. I want to know just how much they and Dana make a year. The UFC is the biggest MMA organization in the world. They can afford it.

  6. ☢ Andrew ∆ James ☢ says:

    I’m not sure how much money the UFC has to throw around, but they’re clearly not in the business of losing money… Dana can blow his own wad however he wants, but the UFC brass is probably paying some expensive bean-counter to make these tough choices. When Quarry was making 10/10, the UFC was pretty much on the brink according to Dana (he mentions it every time he brings up the Griffin-Bonnar TUF finale). I think Zuffa’s problem is that they’re basically running their own minor league these days…. and unfortunately, some of these fighters (on bottom half of cards) are still waiting to make the big show.

  7. Someguy says:

    This is like shit actors complaining A listers get paid more than them, Its performance driven, if your the man your going to get paid good, if your not then you’ll get paid what your worth. If your not happy with what your worth, then stop fucken doing it, no ones forcing you to continue fighting as a career.

  8. Keep it Real says:

    It’s a business. You want more money? Get the finishes, or at least bring out the Diego Sanchez in you when you’re in the cage!

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