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Friday, 12/21/2012, 05:00 am

Prospect Watch Ring Girl Edition: Ashley Salazar | MMA NEWS

In the fascinating world of Mixed Martial Arts, the in-cage talent is not just relegated to shirtless men with 8 oz. gloves.


Ring announcers and referees gain notoriety amongst fans, but in this article I’m focusing on the ring girls.


Since 2011 St Louis resident and US Air Force veteran, Ashley Salazar has put herself on the MMA map. This aspiring fighter and up-and-coming ring girl has the rare mix of good looks and determination that saw her rise from the local circuit all the way to the Strikeforce cage.


She continues to promote herself through social media in a way that is nearly unmatched. The business savvy Salazar owns a magazine, a website, does radio is a photographer and a full-time mother.


It’s hard not to admire her not only for her service to our country, but for her hard work and ability to break the odds and become one of the countries most sought after ring girls.


If you want to see more of Ashley follower her on Facebook and/or Twitter.


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  1. Dude says:

    Well god bless america

  2. Angelo Zanolla says:

    Certainly Ashley!

  3. MajorTom says:

    Look at her facebook profile pictures. Her “mum” looks like Gary Busey.

  4. Slim Charles says:


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