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Tuesday, 02/11/2014, 09:53 am

Professional Boxing Champ Vic Darchinyan Signed To Make MMA Debut

The last time that we saw a professional boxer make an appearance in the cage it didn’t go over so well for him. However, it is still a large question in real fight fans’ minds of whether a professional boxer’s hand skills can translate successfully into the MMA world granted that that boxer enter the sport with the proper amount of respect and knowledge.

Vic Darchinyan, 38-year-old former WBC, WBA super flyweight, and IBF champion, is up to the task as he is preparing to make his MMA debut in Australia.

Darchinyan has been considering a career in MMA for some time now.

According to his coach Edmond Tarverdyan, “They actually gave him a fight in Australia already. It’s good pay, he’s happy and he wants to do it.”

The details as to who and where are still in question however, the bout is expected to take place sometime this spring and will be set in the flyweight division.

Darchinyan is expected to begin his training with the Glendale Fighting Club sometime next week, but according to Tarverdyan, Vic is coming in with a similar mentality as to most boxers. Something that might get Darchinyan into trouble in a cage.

“He told me ‘I’m coming around there, and I’m being honest, I just need three or four inches, and then I’ll punch somebody and break somebody’s jaw, even on the ground,'” said Tarverdyan. “I’m like, Vic, ‘it’s not all about a couple inches,’ he goes, ‘no, no, no, all I need is just a little bit of distance, and when I hit him I’ll break him.'”

A strategy that may get him into some trouble against a mixed martial artist.

However, with a record of 39-6-1 in his professional boxing career it’s not crazy to assume that his striking skills may be enough to keep him alive.
So, lets hear it Penn Nation! Do you think that Darchinyan’s boxing skills will be enough to lead him to victory in his MMA debut? Or can we prepare to see another James Toney performance? Give us your thoughts!

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0 Responses to “Professional Boxing Champ Vic Darchinyan Signed To Make MMA Debut”

  1. sawbuck says:

    Unless he gets a quick kayo, it will all be over after the first takedown.

  2. Christian Baltadano says:

    He already lost, he’s going in with the wrong mentality. Boxer’s, smh.

  3. Dafak says:

    This washed up stupid boxer has no chance. He’s probably gonna get KOed within a minute or so. These boxers think that us MMA guys are still the fighters of old – no standup, just wrestling. Well, they are wrong ! An MMA fighter is more then capable of knocking out a prime boxing champ in boxing then a boxer winning an MMA fight with a washed up MMA fighter. Guys like JDS and Cain are as good in boxing as any stupid Klitschko white boy. Look at them, their technique, speed, conditioning. Boxers can’t do that. Not any more. Hell, look at the great kick boxer Overeem, getting KOed left and right by low level contenders. And he would murder a white boy boxer in boxing. Face it boxing fanboys – your sport is DEAD ! Us MMA guys are in the better sport, have better hands, better cardio, more heart and CERTAINLY better wrestling – you have none !

    • Cheyne Le Flamanc says:

      Your one of the idiots that think mma guys can box. If they could, they would, hell there is a lot more money in it for Cain and JDS and Co if they moved to the boxing heavyweight division. Both these guys wouldn’t get past the Klitshco brothers jabs buddy, theyd be blind in one eye by round 3 or 4 and knocked out by round 6 if that. Your kidding yourself. Think about, why can’t the majority of triathletes just dominate one specific sport. I mean, if your the best at all three, surely you can just start riding in the tour de france and win. Or beat the fastest sprinter in a 100m race, or the best marathon runners in a marathon, or the best swimmers in an olympic pool. Their might be a very small minority of triathletes that could dominate one only of the above sports, but very unlikely they could in any more than that. For the most part, most successful triathletes cannot compete in any of the above sports, and hence, that is why they do all three (swimming, cycling and running) rather than doing one in particular, because generally, they are shithouse if they had to make a living at one in particular. Or alternatively, maybe they had the talent to be good in one sport only, but they chose to compete in several disciplines, and they let the talent for one sport slip away because the required training was not undertaken. Put simply, they might have been talented, but without the training in one specific discipline only, theyll never reach their peaks in that one sport. Same goes with mma dude, if you think you guys that train in a whole array of different disciplines are going to beat a boxer (in a boxing match)( who only trains in boxing specific skills, your kidding yourself, your a stupid idiot, seriously, not joking, think about what your saying. Go watch an mma guys footwork when hitting the pads, terrible, watch it in the mma ring when striking, terrible. Watch their head movement, terrible. Watch them leave their hands down all the time and not returning their hands quick enough back to their fact to block counters. They are terrible. Watch an mma guy hit pads, absolutely terrible. Go watch a boxer in training or in a fight, massively betters on all llevels. You are an idiot!!!!

      • Dafak says:

        I’m no idiot, you are just a boxing fanboy. Your example is false – the triathletes can win a triathlon only by being superb in all three disciplines. The champs in the separate disciplines need to be superb only in one. In MMA, the match can end in ONE of three (technically more) ways -Knockout, Submission and Decision. In boxing, you remove the submission. Both sports have one thing in common – the knockout. Both sports can end a match in similar fashion. And yes, MMA guys lack the “classical footwork” or whatever you want to call it but they have speed, strength and conditioning. And let me tell you something – some of your most legendary “boxing champions” have just as bad or even worse footwork and classical technique – Big George Foreman, Rocky Marciano, Sonny Liston … do those guys have “footwork” tough guy ?

        • nick vicious says:

          u cant use classical boxing footwork etc in mma because u have to worry about tds and leg boxing is different from classical boxing because u have to defend against all the different avenues of a boxing fan.i was born into it but people are so fucking ignorant…theyr only doin mma because they cant take a punch? gtfoh u see motherfuckers eating headkicks alot!!lol thats a boxing myth.people do mma because they love the sport and love fighting without the restrictions that come with boxing.boxing is beautiful dont get me wrong but its tae kwon do is limited,like wrestling is is as close as it gets to a real fight.

    • Darrin says:

      I tend to normally agree that most boxers have no hope but I think Vic is a little different. He actually has a background in wrestling as well!

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