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Friday, 06/15/2012, 12:13 pm

Pro Wrestling Not Out Of The Question For Frank Mir | UFC NEWS

According to his conversation with Reuben Villagracia of The Chronicle Journal, UFC Heavyweight Frank Mir is “not opposed to the idea” of pro wrestling.

Although he’d like to have a career in MMA broadcasting when he retires from the octagon, he considers a career in professional wrestling despite his lack of gymnastic talent.

“I like analyzing fights and I like doing color commentating,” Mir said. “It’s an opportunity I would take advantage of when I run into it. Hopefully it’s something I can do full time.”

A possible foray into professional wrestling isn’t out of the question either. “Not opposed to the idea,” Mir said. “I can’t do a back flip or anything.”

Frank Mir recently attempted to take the belt from UFC Heavyweight Champion Junior Dos Santos at UFC 146 only to suffer a loss via TKO in the second round.

With crossover athletes like Brock Lesnar and King Mo going back and forth between pro wrestling and MMA, who knows what the future holds for veterans like Frank Mir.

Do you think MMA fighters have a place in pro wrestling and vise versa?


9 Responses to “Pro Wrestling Not Out Of The Question For Frank Mir | UFC NEWS”

  1. Tapitout21 says:

    Not now that MMA is main stream. Back when shamrock did it there wasn’t any following really at all for MMA.

  2. randy xanders says:

    the head line for this article is kind of misleading.
    the interview really isn’t about frank considering working for the wwe, it’s about post mma career.
    funny how a topic briefly touched on is made into a headline to attract a target audience.

  3. jbeamazing says:

    when your a college wrestler or a jiu jitsu practitioners or Judo or Karate or whatever, the outlet to be a pros is mma why not retire with a bunch off wwe money after your career but frank will be doing what Kenny is doing

  4. Big papa says:

    I would say that headline served its purpose.

  5. rondo says:

    The man will go far,hes got the gift of gab…ie stone cold,sean Micheals and the best of em all Dwayne Johnson….best of luck to you Frank,makes some real money with no serious training! Dana better be careful King MO,Frank Mir,Big country all talkin about doin fake wrasslin for some real cabbage….maybe Vince is smarter then the average bear!

  6. Michael hamlin says:

    Frank would not last in pro wrestling cause he sucks and will look stupid!!

  7. Johnny says:

    Hey what ever it takes to make a dime right.

  8. stephen riddle says:

    Im not a fan anymore and havent been one for years and mma fighters trying to do this isnt gonna get me watching

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