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Tuesday, 04/10/2012, 02:19 pm

“Primetime 145: Jones vs. Evans” Ratings Report w/ Full Episode Video

By Lorenzo Luciano:
The first of three “Primetime 145: Jones vs. Evans” episodes which aired on the FX channel on April 6th, averages a ratings of 462,000 viewers.

The show is a half hour preview of the upcoming main event at UFC 145 between rivals and former training partners and friends light heavyweight champion Jon jones and top contender Rashad Evans.

Jon Jones and Rashad Evans are set to fight for the light heavy championship on Aril 28th at Atlanta’s Phillips Arena. The show focused on the continuing clash between these two onetime training partners, both fighters come from a wrestling background. Jon Jones claimed the light heavyweight championship while Rashad was sidelined with an injury.

The clash is set to be a good one, and will determine whether either one can use the knowledge they gained form training together to come up with a winning game plan.

The show can be viewed In its entirety on page 2:


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  1. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    That’s a huge drop off from close to 1 million viewers.

  2. Dewey says:

    There is no video

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