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Monday, 06/11/2012, 03:38 am

PREVIEW | George Dillman to talk "No touch KO" in MMA on Just Scrap Radio Tomorrow

George Dillman is one of the most well known and controversial martial artists of all time. He has been called a fantasist for his use of pressure points with what he calls “knockout” chi. Dillman claims that chi “Flows throughout the body. Without it you don’t function…and it’s a radio wave”. Despite the fact that scientific research has yet to record any real evidence of chi, Dillman sticks by his methods stating publicly, “I can put the largest person you can find in the world, and I’ve done this, with that finger – I can put him on the floor”.

Dillman appeared on the National Geographic Channel (Link Here: ) During this program he demonstrated his patented pressure point knockouts, but that wasn’t what the focus of the special appeared to be on. What National Geographic highlighted was Dillman’s application of “chi”. In the video linked above Dillman appears to move groups of people by “interrupting their auras”. He also is apparently able to knock people out without touching them using only his “chi”. If this is indeed possible it would revolutionize mixed martial arts.

On Tuesday June 12th live on the Just Scrap Radio show, Grandmaster George Dillman is expected to discuss his methods and how they apply to MMA. Could chi be used in submissions. Would it be legal. George Dillman will give his thoughts when he goes head to head with hosts Jens and Abel Pulver.


0 Responses to “PREVIEW | George Dillman to talk "No touch KO" in MMA on Just Scrap Radio Tomorrow”

  1. Stephen says:

    This is going to get interesting FAST

  2. Marcus says:

    When Jens starts asking questions look out!

  3. Petey Wheatstraw says:

    I am sooooo ready for this to happen

  4. Is That says:

    Rodney dangerfield?

  5. Bliggedy Bam says:

    All you need to see. I’m listening no doubt

    • jones says:

      hahah thats te video i was talking abouit thxx blig bam

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Yeah, this foolish old man was on the same level, with all that finger knockout bs and all that. Didn’t work out too well for him when he tried it out on someone besides one of his students. Didn’t work out too well at all…

      • Jujitsu Player says:

        That is some funny shit, I’ve seen it a few times before. So funny when the guy gets all apologetic after he first punches him in the face.

        I’m sure if someone stood there and let Dillman patiently find a pressure point it might hurt a bit. I’d like to see him find it when he’s getting punched/kneed/kicked/elbowed in the face….

  6. jones says:

    the only thing i saw on this guy was when he was exposed and they could not ko a 120 pound nerd scientist…then the chi mast excuse was he was a non believer or his tounge was in the wrong spot

  7. WrestlingRules says:

    Take a look and take note: This is the face of a Narcissistic Personality Disorder Con Man. This guy is selling snake-oil to the weak minded. His so-called students are nothing but brainwashed zombies that believe their God of their cult and do whatever he says for them to do. This guy is trying to cash in on mma…He is a wolf in sheep’s clothes….a real sociopath, probably a psychopath…

  8. WrestlingRules says:

    btw: the only thing he uses that finger for is picking his nose and his hemorrhoids..

  9. Ben says:

    This guy is a fraud. Youtube george dillman exposed and youll get your answers. This shit dont work. Lol con artist

  10. B-rad says:

    people like this make me sick… its asswipes like these guys that make REAL martial artists look bad. This whole “no touch ko” nonsense is so retarded. You gotta blast somebody to ko them…not just touch them with your finger in a certain spot OH NO!!!!!!!
    Hope jens calls him out like the assclown he is

  11. B-rad says:

    and hes gonna apparently show “how its used in mma”? Are you fucking serious?? this guy must not have ever been in an mma fight let alone trained in MMA. Somebody needs to expose this fool if it hasnt happend already

    • bxer says:

      You are right! Am not a MMA fighter but am willing to step any place anywhere and put my life earnings I can wool his ass before he can tko me won’t his fingers, he is just a clown looking for some attention just like Steven segal with his ninja belly. Hahah lmao

  12. Zack says:

    This shit is fake. You can’t ko someone without touching them. You can infact give someone a fast hard flick to the temple area and that can give them a brain hemerage and kill them days later. Prolly need alot of luck but still Wouldn’t advise trying that

  13. Joe Rogan says:

    I wonder how many girls this man has killed in the act of finger banging.

  14. CamNumbahONE says:

    Take that shit to Pro Wrestling George and you might have some luck selling it to retards, but in MMA you’re gonna get you’re teeth kicked in ,and rightfully so

  15. The f*ck... says:

    Jens is going to have to try really hard not to punch this guy in the neck. I watched a special about this guy on 60 minutes or something where they challenged him to go to a BJJ school that he had never been to and try his “no touch ko” bullshit on some students that were not his.

    He faild 100% of the time. He had ZERO effect on the students from the BJJ school. I was dissapointed, I was really hoping for him to “ko” these guys like he could do to his students.

    DEBUNKED. GTFO. FAIL. Jens is gonna make this dude look like an even bigger fake.

    • The f*ck... says:

      Also: He then went on to say after he failed that he could only do it to something like 40% of people. Because only 40% of the population could be affected by it.

  16. B-rad says:

    probably cause 40% of people are so retarded to actually belive this shit… pressure points dont ko somebody a massive overhand or a nice headkick will tho

  17. Nick says:

    I saw this before at Ripley’s, he even went to a jiu-jitsu gym and tried it there (note: stephan bonnar was there) and it didn’t work to anyone.

  18. Night-Wind says:

    Just waiting when Anderson Silva can actually do this in octagon.

  19. B-rad says:

    hope pulver puts the squeeze on his turkey neck..while doing it saying “this is how to ACTUALLY knock someone out”

  20. B-rad says:

    i watched the video someone linked in the comments…wow i now hate this piece of shit even more! this guy makes martial artists and fighters everywhere look bad. On the video they said hes a 9th dan, in what BULLSHITSU. IDGAF how old he is if i ever saw this fuck i would obliterate him for shaming fighters and martial artists everywhere

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      If that dude pissed you off, you’re really gonna hate this guy. Good thing is, he got his ass kicked and exposed when he tried to pull that fakery on someone who isn’t one of his brainwashed disciples

  21. Jujitsu Player says:


  22. B-rad says:

    yea i remember seeing that video a while ago…i wish that gaywad woulda challegned me i woulda been happy to painfully take 5gs from him lol… the dude who beat his ass wasnt even a technical striker, since he was wearin a jiu jitsu gi it would be safe to say he was a grappler. who ko’d this clown, i hope dilman is next

  23. Most comments here are just pure bullshit. I currently train Military, train major swat teams, received medals from The Joint Chiefs of Staff, train their bodyguards. Listen to my interview and listen with an open mind. Just had a 3 day camp in England, over 550 attended. Went to China, did my Chi at the Shoalon Temple. Most of you assholes, would not get invited to a circle jerk. You are too busy on your own knob. George A. Dillman

  24. Jeff Hansen says:

    No, Dillman. You’re pure bullshit. Bragging about all the dupes you take money from to teach bullshit chi magic doesn’t make it any more legitimate or respectable. You’re a thoroughly exposed fraud. Everyone has seen your silly Youtube fail. You’re a martial arts punchline, right up there with Frank Dux or Ashida Kim. Any time you want to try out your chi magic on me, just holler.

    • DKI_guy says:

      So you’re saying that your training in the ring is more realistic combat application than what the military does in the field? Wow, I’ve run into some egos before, but that takes the cake!

      If you’d ever worked with the military, you’d know that if what you teach them doesn’t work they don’t come home again, and you definitely don’t get invited back to teach more of them.

      Pull up your big-girl panties and come to a seminar.

  25. DKI_guy says:

    To all the nay-sayers, I have but one response — put your money and your body where your mouth is, and go to one of his seminars. Unless you’re willing to put your own statements to a real test, and risk the pain of being proven wrong, you’re nothing but a bunch of cowardly punk-@ss “armchair warriors” shouting about things they’ve never actually tried.

    I know you’re all going to trash talk this post, and that’s fine. Until and unless you actually go and try it, your opinion means less than nothing to me.

    • Jeff Hansen says:

      Plenty have gone to his seminars & put thjeir money where their mouths are. His magic bullshit didn’t work. One such incident is easy to find on Youtube. But I’m guessing all the failures mean nothing to True Believers like you.

      You said : “Unless you’re willing to put your own statements to a real test, and risk the pain of being proven wrong, you’re nothing but a bunch of cowardly punk-@ss “armchair warriors”.
      Will you be stepping into the ring to back up Dillman’s bullshit or are you a “cowardly punk-@ss “armchair warrior” yourself? I’ll be happy to pay your gas money & post the results on Youtube.

      And the military doesn’t use Dillman’s bullshit no-touch chi magic. No one does. Not in the field or anywhere. It doesn’t exist. The fact that you don’t know this means that your opinion is worth less than nothing to any sane martial artist.

  26. Karate Guy says:

    so where is the interview?

  27. Coy says:

    There is no interview. The day before the interview dillman knock himself out by picking his own nose.

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