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Wednesday, 11/07/2012, 08:18 am

Possible Challenge In The Works: Anderson Silva To Sit Cage Side For GSP vs. Condit | UFC NEWS

Prior to his bout against Stephan Bonnar, Anderson Silva’s camp went on about a potential superfight against UFC welterweight champion GSP.

Silva and his team of representatives proclaimed on numerous occasions that the GSP bout is what they wanted next.

According to a recent report over at, it would appear as if Silva is taking the long trip to Montreal to sit cageside at the event for a possible challenge to GSP should he win at UFC 154.

Here is what they said:

A party with a vested interest in the outcome of UFC 154’s main event is heading to Montreal a week from Saturday night.

Sitting front row Octagonside at the Bell Centre will be UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

And depending on how the bout between UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre and interim champion Carlos Condit pans out, there’s a chance that before the evening is over, the wheels could be fully set in motion for a superfight which has long been speculated.

Silva’s manager, Jorge Guimaraes, hinted to’s Ariel Helwani on the Tuesday night edition of Fuel TV’s UFC tonight that a challenge is forthcoming if St-Pierre defeats Condit.


17 Responses to “Possible Challenge In The Works: Anderson Silva To Sit Cage Side For GSP vs. Condit | UFC NEWS”

  1. KIDD433 says:

    If Silva publicly called out GSP,GSP still wouldnt accept.He would come up with another routein injury,or suddenly retire.Guarantee it

    • Aaron says:

      It is so easy to judge when you yourself have never set foot in the cage, especially at the level of GSP. Have you even seen his knee, or looked at any of the medical reports related to it? The injuries are real. He has a long running history of knee problems, all of which have been documented and supported by numerous physicians. He also has the scars on his knee from surgeries, and pics of him in the hospital prior to and after getting it fixed. But yes, I am certain that he is in the habit of faking “routine” injuries, and paying off the UFC and a bunch of doctors (who would be risking their careers) to duck fights…

    • Jon Fitch has beast blood says:

      I hope he does refuse it. It’s a stupid fight, especially if it’s gonna take place at 180 like Anderson thinks it is.

      If anything, it should be closer to GSPs weight than Andersons. Anderson is much bigger and cuts much more weight just to make 185. Not to mention Anderson is the more dangerous fighter. GSP can beat him but the superfight does not make sense.

      The only superfight that makes sense for Anderson is Jon Jones. At least then the size difference isn’t so big, or much of a problem because Anderson would still be the more dangerous fighter.

      I’m getting really sick and tired of Silva only taking fights he can win. He should challenge himself, not try to pad his record. He’s even said that he wants to retire with an undefeated record, so it’s pretty clear what his motives are about avoiding Jon Jones. avoiding Chael the second time, and avoiding Chris Weidman.

      I just don’t respect fighters that pick and choose their fights, especially champions. Champions are the last people that should be choosing fights. He’s only refusing to fight Jon Jones because he may actually lose. I’d be in his corner, I’d hope he’d stomp Jon Jones, but bones can definitely take him down, and that’s a big problem for Anderson.

      Eitherway, I think GSP should refuse the fight and I think he’ll be right in doing so. i mean shit, HE JUST GOT BACK FROM KNEE SURGERY FOR CHRIST SAKE

    • Truth says:

      I hope GSP doesn’t accept this fight! Its BS that Anderson is calling him out anyways! GSP is an awesome fighter at 170lbs, but lets face it, he hasn’t finished anyone in the last few fights, he just came off a major surgury………total wessle move by Anderson when the more fair fight is Bones vs Anderson. Total loss of respect for Anderson if he calls GSP out after his fight!!

  2. Big daddy says:

    He needs to call out Jon jones and quit ducking that fight. If he does end up fighting gsp, hopefully Gsp beats the shit out of him for 5 rounds.

    • jbeamazing says:

      I agree I’m losing respect for the guy he hasn’t challenged him self in a long time. So lets fight Bonner and then go straight to a small guy coming off of a year lay off. This is the first time I want gsp to dry hump a man for 25 minutes no homo

    • Tbone says:

      Agree 100%
      Super Silva should go up to Jones not down to GSP. Quit trying to bully GSP and show some true skills vs Jones! I would hope for double KO if he did fight Jones.

    • BJJWhiz says:

      that fight would be bad for silva and jbj gsp and siva is win win situation and thier the top 2 fighter in the world jbj debatable top 5

      • Jon Fitch has beast blood says:

        I agree. The reason I still consider Dan henderson the greatest all time is because he has never avoided or ducked anybody. he’s never tried to pad his record, and he has always tried to challenge himself. Not to mention all he’s accomplished including to this day being the only fighter to hold belts in 2 divisions at one time.

        Anderson on paper is better, I know, but when you consider the people he has fought in the UFC, and his weakness in wrestling, I just can’t consider him the best. If he beats Jon Jones absolutely, but as long as he he avoids taking fights that he can lose, he doesn’t deserve to be called the best.

        I’m a strong believer in not judging fighters based on their opponents, it should be based on their skills and achievements, but not only has middleweight been incredibly weak since Anderson got in the UFC, but the majority of his UFC wins were against guys that didn’t have the style to beat him.

        Hendo may have lost more fights, but he embodies what MMA is all about, and that’s why he’s the greatest.

        Anderson needs to fight Jon Jones. GSP has never fought at middleweight, Anderson has fought and dominated at 205, it makes no sense for Anderson to fight GSP instead of Jon Jones

  3. wilson says:

    I’m a fan of gsp, anderson, and jones and I’ve tried my best to be a humble fan with that being said, Anderson has fought at light heavy weight three times now and I understand he doesn’t want to fight the lwh champion because his teamates have that goal, but yet he’s fought a former champion, Forrest Griffin and there was no problem. You can do a non tittle fight, which will not prevent his teamates from possibly getting the tittle. I do agree with it being unfair for Silva to call out gsp after a year off where gsp was rehabilitating a knee, not sitting around or training in the gym. To me this issue has gone way too long, if jones and silva want to say they want to fight the best, then fight the best. GSP is not going around seeking other weight classes, so why force him. Where as in silva and jones are willing to go to different weight classes. I understand you don’t want to lose your major sponsorships or the possibility of either fighter getting losing in a assuring manner is too much of a risk, but if that’s the case stop calling out a fighter who doesn’t want to fight you. In jones defense, at least he’s contemplating going to heavyweight and so far not being picky.

  4. Michael LaGrange says:

    Anderson Silva is not ducking anyone. The Anderson/GSP fight has been wanted for years not just before GSP injury. Theres literally no fights that make sense othan that Silva vs GSP and Silva vs Jones. I think Silva vs GSP will happen first. After that i think Jones fight is likely to happen.

  5. You don't Get it. says:

    you guys are clueless.

  6. Kemet says:

    Cmon these are grown ass men not girl scouts what’s wrong with Silva calling out GSP it’s obviously a fight people will pay to see and GSP isn’t that much smaller than Silva and he’s a great fighter in my opinion. Silva and Jones already said they don’t want to fight each other so get over it idiots…

  7. GRT 3000 says:

    This Site needs some serious tech work man. I swear it gets worse each time. Frickin’ capchas now?! that don’t read correctly half the time. pffft.

  8. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    after GSP eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeks out his usual SNOOOOOOOOOOZEFEST 5 rounds of boredom he will tell the world he has an OWIE maybe he pulled an abdcutor or bumped his arm taking a dump eitehr way i would be willing to bet my house GSP wils ay he is injured an dkeep putting off a fight with Silva until he is 45 yrs old and retired. No way GSP has the balls to fight THE TRUE GOAT. GSP will continue to fight more 155 lbers like Sherk, Serra, Penn, Menjvar and prob 5 -6 more i can’t think of. Its ok for GSP to fight guys that are 30 lbs less than him but he can’t fight Silva at 180lbs. NO way GSP will ever be considered GOAT EVER

  9. MMAMayhem says:

    Once GSP beats Silva, the match between JBJ and Silva will be irrelevant.

  10. KIDD433 says:

    @get rid of fitch.Well said man.Thats what I predict too.GSP and his dumb excuses.Do u got Twitter bro?.Hit me up @KIDD433

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