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Monday, 10/15/2012, 06:30 am

POLL | Who Should Anderson Silva Fight Next?

Anderson Silva put on a performance this past Saturday that only further amplifies his already legendary status.

In the UFC 153 main event in Rio, he was able to take Stephan Bonnar out with ease after playing with his opponent for most of the opening frame.

Everyone in the MMA world is talking about who he should face next. Some call for the GSP match, others say
that after last Saturday’s performance Jon Jones is the logical step, but Anderson Silva himself says he wants to go back down to 185 and finish out his career defending his middleweight title.

So what sa you Penn Nation? Take the poll and cast your vote now!

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51 Responses to “POLL | Who Should Anderson Silva Fight Next?”

  1. CanILive says:

    super fight = Jon Jones
    Title fight = Chris Weidman

  2. the realness says:

    jones fight will never happen, gsp unlikely, neither weidman or boetsch deserve a title shot, so it gotta be the count.

    • JustAFan says:

      As much as i hate SPITSBING, id love to see that fight. He wouldnt last very long woth Silva, and seeing him get KOed in brutal fashion would be great. Spitsbing needs to fight for title atleast once so when he loses hell never fight for it again. Hes by far the most over rated fighter in the UFC. Theyve protected him long enough, THROW HIS TEA SIPPING ASS TO THE WOLVES ALREADY!!!

    • dude,have you ever watched weidman fight.i think he could submit silva.if he can take him down he needs to work on kicking silva’s legs like eddie murphy did to rick james when he kicked mud all over eddies couch.then work him on the ground.silva is the greatest but can be beaten and has

      • Shawn says:

        Weidman hasn’t fought anyone significant. Most high profile fight (only high profile fight) he’s had was with Munoz. And that wasn’t saying much, fighting a guy off for over a year, recovering from injuries. And sure he beat Maia by decision when he was still in MW, but that was lack luster. He would get man handled by Silva. Weidman has earned his way to fight top tier fighters, now he has to prove himself against the top 10. Plenty of guys in the MW to prove himself. Belcher, Boetsch, Lombard, Okami, Palhares, Shields, and Stann.

  3. jason says:

    GSP. Jones only before Silva retires

  4. Mike b says:

    Gsp or bones.those are the only guys who I think would be a challenge for him.bisbing,Tim,and Weidman are great fighters but I think he will bonnar,griffin them for sure.

  5. Eric says:

    Jones, not gonna happen unless Dana forces them too. not sure how they’d do that, but both fighters have to agree to the math up by signing the dotted line.

    gsp, is more of a possibility than jones, however that fight wont be for a long time. gsp has condit, then of course depending if he doesn’t get injured you have another set of months, say 1 month off, 3 month camp, leading up the fight. which would make for a long lay off for silva.

    bisping, i think is the only one deserving a title shot. also would keep with a time line for silva, gsp to happen afterwards, IF silva defeats bisping i imagine.

    Chris weidman is starting to make a buzz, but i say 2-3 more fights and he’d be up there. Tim who again? haha j/k but out of the three, Bisping should get the shot.

  6. Vinny says:

    I’m beginning to think Silva is unbeatable. I think his next fight needs to be with like 3 navy seals at the same time… i mean his fights, he makes it look so freaking easy — so calm, his timing is impeccable, then his strikes are just all on target… damn…

  7. The MMA Story says:

    Jones may not happen. But if the poll is to see what I want. I want Silva/Jones to happen. Both GSP and Silva have agreed to the Superfight. the fight is supposed to happen at 180lbs and is to be held (this is still preliminary) at the new Dallas Stadium. they will need a venue that big because even *I* will be buying tickets for that fight. I wouldnt even care if it was the worst fight ever. That is a historic fight. Dana will also crowd this card with every amount of talent he could because he’s smart. As far as contenders, Bisping I think has shown enough to be Silva’s next victim. Weidman and Boestch I think have one more fight pending who wins that fight between them.

  8. duncan says:

    he needs to fight jones now and gsp after if he wins the jones fight. i dont think he can afford to wait a year or 2 for jones after waiting six months to fight gsp. If he wants to win he should fight jones now before jones gets any better and anderson gets any older; he cant afford to be aging against the bigger opponent who will just be more of a threat later on. nip jones in the bud then go after gsp and finally retire.

  9. duncan says:

    who cares about their sponsorship deals anyways. we want a little more money for a couple more years so lets rob everyone of the greatest fights they would ever see? seems a little greedy. I know the ufc would be kicking themselves for waiting too long and not making this happen now, their main concern as a business is always money and they would be losing out on ,realistically, Billions. every ufc fan in the world would pay to see the jones vs silva fight.

  10. Bitch Ass Greg J. says:

    Poll says who I want Spider to fight next?. I’d like to see Aderson take on Bones. The size difference is not as significant as the size advantage Silva is going to have on GSP. Plus, Anderson Silva is not getting any younger, and the way he looked on saturday seems like he’s still P4P the best in the world so let him fight Jones while he’s still in his prime and Jones still looking unbeatable. If they can’t give us Mayweather-Pacquiao, well at least give us this fight.

  11. Jean says:

    All this Buzz stating Silva should fight Jones or Gsp is ridiculous. We re not in a video game or movie. fans dont choose lets make fight lesnar vs aldo to see what happens… It s a professionnal sport with sponsors, money and divisions. Jones vs Silva makes no sense, they have nothing to linked them, silva has only beaten cans in LHW and suddenly he should fight the best of all ??? Jones is a HW and much bigger than Silva. GSP is much smaller than Silva qnd also not in the same division. We re not in Avengers, we dont put captain america vs hulk vs thor etc…
    As a logical sense, Weidman should fight silva and deserves the fight, he won all fights in middleweight. Nice fight or not, he deserves it. Condit deserves GSP, he won and was due to fight GSP.

    These guys have fought their mother to get a title shot and won their previous fights and suddenly just becoz fans say ” lets make a superfight between ” him vs him just to see wot happens ” so everything cancels…

    YOU ALL ARE RETARDS !!!! And stupids to think that MMA works like this.

    • heydumbass says:

      I guess you weren’t around when UFC had no weight class bullshit..

      Matches like anderson vs bj happened all the damn time.. and guess what usually the little guy won.. Size does not mean jack shit in MMA

    • Bitch Ass Greg J. says:

      Read before u post u damn idiot. It says who do u think Silva shud face next, meaning who do we want to see the Spider fight next. U mouthin off like a female on her damn period, go elsewhere with that bullsh!t.

  12. Bobby says:

    Add (Rampage) to the list since he wants to fight a striker so bad. That fight would be excellent!

  13. ERk says:

    He should clearly be fighting GSP. That fight has been spoken about and lingering for a half decade now. GSP was the original consensus #2 p4p for YEARS before Jones became big so I think he deserves that P4P fight WAYY more than Jones (who is also a selfish cunt and shouldn’t be treated to such a payday quite yet).

  14. Joelster says:

    1st Choice Anderson Silva vs Nick Diaz, 2nd would be Silva vs GSP, and 3rd would be Anderson vs BJ

  15. rcs says:

    Why isn’t Sonnen on the list.

  16. Can you please pass the TRT? says:

    I hate Silvas reasons he wants to fight GSP, He is smaller I can push him around and I won’t absorb alot of damage. Be the flippin GOAT and go in there and go to war with someone if that person has to be Jones then so be it

  17. dana black says:

    jon jones at catch weight 195

  18. James Eccles says:

    Chuck Norris!

    • Josiah says:

      chuck norris would be great…if he brings a machine gun but my best bet is steven seagal.

      seriously i think silva might kill GSP, he can kill much larger guys and i can just imagine what will that do to a smaller guy like GSP. jones, will do great, so is weidman, not with Boetsch, but bisping will be perfect.

      bisping is always asking for his title match and i think its fair enough to feed him to silva. just to shut him up and to let him know that he belongs to a bad weightclass.

  19. DEH DERP☺☻♦•◘♣♠ says:

    I WANNA SEE GSP COME UP TO 185 AND FIGHT HIM. GSP has ducked Silva. He wants Silva to drop in weight and come FIGHT HIM?? Thats a joke, make the man cut more weight to fight when you guys could have a evenly good match at 185.

    • Josiah says:

      you’re kidding…why would gsp do that? his weightclass is pretty stacked with promising talents, GSP has a lot to prove in 170, unlike silva whose literally looking like a bully in 185. and can you imagine what GSP would look like in 185? he’d be a miniature roy nelson, except for the hair though..

  20. Cody says:

    Anderson Silva got beat by Sonnen 4 rounds while on his back. yeah he was on roids but still he exploited a weakness. So i think if gsp fought anderson i think gsp would come out on top in decision. If chris fought anderson he would win a round or two but get finished or lost by decision. Bisping would stand the best chance as a middle weight right now. he has the most experience and has the best chance on the ground against anderson in my opinion. i dont wanna see jones fight anderson because the likleyness of jones fighting a heavyweight will be slim if he gets does the anderson fight. He will use the excuse “i already fought out of my weight class” or something because he seems scared. But thats just my take.

  21. GSP fan says:

    Alright I feel like GSP and Silva would make the most buzz and get the most buys and would probably sell out the day it’s announced…But with that being said, I don’t think it would be as close of a fight as people think..GSP has great wrestling but he is much smaller and I don’t know if he can keep Silva down…and in the stand up we all know what should happen…I say Jones next…and if they really refuse to fight, throw Bisping at him and watch him toy with the Brit.

  22. Secludedly says:

    Dana is VERY intent on making Jones and Silva fight. He is probably going to offer them well over one million for the fight. He’s trying desperately for it now, but honestly, this fight with Jones/Silva won’t happen until Silva retires. It may be his final fight. If one of them loses, it will almost negate the other’s marketability as unbeatable. The company and the fighters cannot risk that right now, and since Silva is much higher in age than Jones, we’ll have to wait for Silva to put the gloves aside, which in Silva’s words will be in five years.

  23. Mac Brazilian BJJ says:

    let`s to be honest. Spider has no challengers in his division any more. Bisping, Boetsch?? It sounds like a big joke..hilarious. This guys are true legends (AS, GSP, JJ) …if we miss the opportunity to watch fights like this – AS X GSP or AS X JJ, right now – we’ll be forever sorrow for it. I dont care about divisions or who the fighters want to fight ou do not want to ….this is about history. Dana, please make this happen !!

  24. Yeahrightman says:

    The 43 percent who said John Jones have just proven my theory that 40% of people are idiots. The two are two weight classes apart. Total miss match. Man it’s just infuriating that this is what MMA fans want to see. Jones has already used cheap tactics to beat 3 ageing legends of the sport and now you want him to elbow and kick his way to a decision over another legend? Screw you all.

  25. Freddy says:

    I’m thinking:

    GSP for super fight and Bisping for title fight.

    I think the biggest threat to his legacy is Bones and with all those crazy Canadian fans GSP will bring in a bigger payday.

    This is also the case for Bisping. Bigger payday compared to Weidman.

    • Josiah says:

      with the exception of money i don’t think GSP will stand a chance against silva. weightclass are made for a reason and that is to prevent crazy fights like this. silva though has proven himself that he can manage at 205 but GSP has never been at 185. it wouldn’t be fair for GSP.

  26. Jeremy says:

    Really the only person that would have a chance @ beating Anderson is Jones. I say chance because i Believe Jones would try and take him down. If he could do that just because of his size i think he could win. GSP wouldn’t beat Silva. GSP would get embarrassed just like almost everybody else that fights Anderson. Of course GSP would try and take him down but it wouldn’t work. I don’t think he would even get close. Remember @ 185 lbs Anderson has one of the best takedown defenses. GSP is a smaller guy which would make it harder. THen it would become a Stand up fight and we all know what would happen. Dana said what i was telling a buddie after the bonnar fight. Anderson is the greatest! GSP and Jones are great. Extremley talented, but Anderson is the greatest!! Nobody can do what he does plain and simple. he’s great, the best to ever compete in Mixed Martial Arts. I just believe Jones has a chance to beat him because of his Size and wrestling. But know man in the world can have a stand up match with that man in MMA and win. Thats plain and simple. To good, to great. Honor to watch him fight seriously!!!

  27. slacker says:

    I would like to see him fight Bisping; see if he can last longer than Chael. At one point, I thought GSP had a good shot in a superfight, but not anymore. Jon Jones is the only guy with a genuine chance.

  28. This is just getting SAD says:

    Put Anderson on TRT and let him loose at Jones. Other than that I think Jones is just too big. It’s a heavyweight vs a Middleweight…..

  29. Rowaaan says:

    Personally, Jones is a much better match up. GSP is a big WW, but a small MW. If anything Bendo vs GSP and Jones Vs Silva or Jones vs Junior. It just makes sense that way. Jones and Silva two tall champions. Bendo and GSP are roughly the same height and weight too. It wouldn’t be logical with GSP vs Silva. Reach would fuck Georges Up too much. But, the wrestling would dominate Silva, if he can get his hands on him.
    Jones Vs Silva

  30. punchkick says:

    bones vs silva. length vs length. striker vs striker.

  31. 757 says:

    Bones is not a striker Anderson is. Bones is mostly a wrestler who is learning to strike, and his length helps. Anderson is a striker with BJJ also.

  32. Bramzz says:

    Bisping FTW by far! jones will never happen

  33. Lol says:

    the count, what everyone else with a brain said – Jones won’t happen GSP would be at a massive disadvantage, sure the count doesn’t have anything for him but atleast he’s been around the block in the same weight class

  34. CombatRusse says:

    I would love to see him giving a lesson to GSP who claims that his goal is to become the best martial artist on the planet. I also wanna watch GSP dancing the chicken dance (as after his first fight with Serra)

  35. jon smith says:

    He’ll have the Weidman/Boetsch fight winner and end his contract with a “superfight” against GSP. This gives GSP time for a bout or 2 to get back in the swing of things (assuming he wins, which he probably will)

  36. JAY says:

    GSP…Stop it! Let the man fight in his own weight class and finish his career. People at middle weight deserve a shot at the title. Regardless if he will totally beat the crap out of them or not. Bisping, then whom ever is the #1 contender after that.

  37. whatever says:

    Man i don’t get this people are so naief. There bitching for fking YEARS to make the gsp vs silva fight. Now it’s gonna happen and there bitching that it should be jones vs silva. seriously… They say MMA fans are the best fans, i love MMA but MMA fans are a bunch of fking whiners.

  38. Sencala says:

    Jones is just the latest puzzle no one can solve. Plus Silva has said he doesn’t want the Jones fight. Remember when we were all yelling for Silva vs Machida? How’d that work out? Granted the reasoning for not taking the fight from silva’s perspective was different.
    Now lets look at the GSP vs Silva fight. This fight has maintained it’s draw and is still a fight between two of the worlds best. GSP Vs Silva has lost some of it’s luster due to GSP being out of the cage so long.
    This is how I see it going. If GSP comes back and dominates Condit it’ll be GSP Vs Silva. If GSP wins in a lack luster performance I See Silva fighting to defend his title against someone. If GSP loses I’d say Jones vs Silva happens.

  39. koolg says:

    jones, i want silva to kill him.

  40. MMAMAN says:

    What the fuck? He’ll beat the shit out of bisping are you crazy? He needs to stop fighting people he can obviously beat. The competition should get harder the more he distinguishes himself. Hector Lombard and Nick Diaz would be better fights all together. Though i think he should be fighting Jones or GSP before anyone. Those are fights we’d want to see. Plus before he gets any older and decides to retire. Also Weidman???? Really?. He’s fought two people nothing of the caliber of “greats”. Weidman has a little bit more before i think he deserves that.But he is definitely not ready at all. Really Anderson. If you’re the best fight the best there is to offer. Don’t rack up wins just increase your record. Bonnar was such a waste of time.

  41. morbidmark says:

    nobody in the middleweight division is a challenge for silva , so the easy thing to do is stay there , but if he is the greatest he should have the desire to be challenged when he fights , jon jones is that challenge , if he fights jone jones it should be for the title . ( or he could put his head down ,and tail between his legs and retire ) A true champ want’s to fight the best

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