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Tuesday, 09/10/2013, 04:18 pm

Poll reveals that 76% of MMA fighters are in favor of a union

In the September 16 edition of ESPN the Magazine, “MMA Confidential” unveiled the results of a quiz that was taken by 38 mixed martial artists, most of whom fight under the UFC banner, on a variety of hot topics.

Here are the results:

51 percent believe fighters are taking some form of performance-enhancing drugs

47 percent are convinced that abstinence will benefit them on fight night

29 percent worry about a fighter dying inside the Octagon

41 percent believe Georges St. Pierre is the best MMA fighter on earth

16 percent admit that sweat is the grossest thing about their opponents

96 percent are opposed to having a transgender athlete compete in MMA

27 percent have competed against opponents who lost their bowels during a fight

74 percent are against promoter-mandated “super fights”

76 percent are in favor of a fighter’s union

For the record, the UFC employs over 300 mixed martial arts fighters. Which means around 90% of the fighters on the active roster were not quizzed.

Some other interesting facts from the quiz results include:

The average fighter salary ($70,307)

The average amount of weight cut prior to a fight (17 pounds)

The results of the poll are very interesting, but it is hard to judge how accurate the percentages really are with so few fighters being quizzed.

What do you think Penn Nation?



2 Responses to “Poll reveals that 76% of MMA fighters are in favor of a union”

  1. Nate "THE ROID CHEAT"Marquardt says:

    That’s only because 5% of MMA fighters make 95% of all the money and the other 20% are fighters on the verge of breaking into that ELITE 5% that make all the money.

    UFC/MMA wealth distribution will always be similar to MEXICO where 5% of the population is wealthy and the other 95% is living in POVERTY and like Mexico the UFC will always be run by crooks and NOONE will ever be able to change that

  2. doc says:

    This is how Obama polls. Poll %10 of a particular demographic and say that the mass % are for his bullshit.

    76% of mma fighters that were polled NOT 76% of MMA fighters.

    What if they only asked 3 of them and 3 them agreed? Would you write that 100% of them are for it? NO

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