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Friday, 02/10/2012, 12:00 pm

Poll Results | Who Thinks Diaz Beat Condit?

In our latest polling here on BJPENN.COM we weighed in on the topic of last weekend’s main event between Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit.

It was a crazy fight that in the conclusion had man fans, fighters and analysts crying robbery based on the judge’s decision to award Carlos Condit the victory.

It is these kinds of fights that often times get booked for a rematch immediately. However, as I am sure everyone is aware, in the midst of booking the rematch between the two welterweights Nick Diaz was found guilty of using banned substances in his post-fight drug screening.

In the end, Carlos Condit walked away with the UFC’s interim welterweight title, and if Diaz had won, he would have been stripped and the bout turned into a no-contest upon the realization Diaz tested positive for Marijuana.

But who do the fans think won?

After nearly 10,000 votes, it was close, but your guys picked Diaz as the winner.

Nick Diaz drew in 53.3% (5,014 votes) of your votes and Condit garnered a close second with 46.7% (4,394 votes).

In the end, even though it was a close vote-off the fans have spoken and Diaz crowned the “people’s interim champ.”

Thanks for participating in this week’s poll, come back Monday for the next installment.

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87 Responses to “Poll Results | Who Thinks Diaz Beat Condit?”

  1. James Troy says:

    yes. everyone with a working brain knows diaz won. everyone else is retarded or a delusional condit nut hugger. or they are the UFC who rigged the entire thing because they knew diaz was getting high leading up to ufc 143. they couldnt strip diaz when he won cause that would waste everyones time so they said “let condit win”. all condit had to do was not get finished and he would win. condit ran away and did like he was told and got a belt in return.

    • Pedro Sassin says:

      I thought it was because now that the UFC’s on Fox & appealing to a larger market, they’d need a better role model than Diaz.

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        I don’t think him as a role model amounts to anything. You have rapist, drug addicts, patrons of prostitution and cheaters in Boxing and Football but they’re doing just fine. Don’t get me wrong, he just smokes pot. But it’s all just entertainment.

        All I am saying is the UFC didn’t ask Diaz to be their role model. He isn’t Cain Valasquez, GSP or JDS.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          Also UFC isn’t a family friendly sport since fighting in real life situations can get you in trouble and it can be quite violent.

      • slacker says:

        Good point. Maybe not role model, I agree with Dollop. But yes, his behaviour needs to conform more to mainstream cultural norms. White has said many times that the U.S. has been so slow to embrace the UFC and so he needs his fighters to create a more moderate and less extreme image of themselves if they are going to get into more people’s homes. Disciplining his behaviour sends a positive statement to conservative people in the U.S. who are not so liberal and open to smoking weed as being an acceptable lifestyle. Those same people may over time come to accept MMA as a “sport” and acknowledge that it has safety conscious officiating and reputable post – fight physical examinations, thereby gaining new fans. Other than that, a rule is a rule. Diaz knew, and he chose to ignore it although he knew the potential consequences. Too bad for him and his fans.

    • Reasonable Thoughts says:

      You are an idiot. Condit out striked, out moved, and out classed Diaz. They were close rounds but Condit won and there should be no question about it. The problem is that the majority of MMA fans are morons like you who have no idea what they are talking about and they think because you walk in a straight line and throw punches that you should win the fight, even if you don’t cut off your opponent like Diaz did. You are a moron and insulting to the sport. This isn’t boxing, fights don’t get rigged. Learn the fucking sport before you open your mouth. Have a good day!

      • steeler says:

        maybe you dont know the sport because in ufc they even say being aggressive and having octagon control are the most important things and i think diaz out struck him the first 2 rounds condit landed a bunch of leg kicks but nothing to important dont get me wrong condit was holding his on and diaz wasnt in the fourth or fifth but he got the take down so he won that round so it was 3-2 for diaz and have a good day ;)!!

      • Ronnnin says:

        Pffff fuck off! Youre the one that doesnt get it, cockmunch. Have a good day too!

    • Sheek says:

      So the ppl who say nick diaz won are’t nut huggers? This only shows how big of fan support nick has and that majority are nut huggers. Many ppl thought it could have gone either way. The fact is nick is a professional fighter,or supposed to be anyway. And if he was gonna get high,he should have chosen a better time to get high. He’s a dummy and it’s his own fault that he can’t get his rematch. People’s champ or not he’s over rated.I prefer Nate over Nick any day and he is the one who really deserves a title shot. Not his brother who only was getting a title shot because he was a champ at strikeforce.

    • Jujitsu Player says:

      Saying he ran away shows you know fuck all about the sport so just stop posting. This story is getting old, Condit won fair and square so get over it.

    • mikej says:

      Stupid conspiracy. And Diaz didn’t deserve a win. He didn’t counter Condit’s strategy. He fought the same fight he always fought and lost because he left the fight up to the judges.

  2. LEO says:

    condit won…thats a fact…diaz lost thats a fact….deal with it.

  3. Stevo the great says:

    That’s right even Stevie Wonder saw Diaz won that fight!!!!

    • Dam…..come on B.J Penn. Com. Post the numbers of punches landed and kick landed plus significant punches. So these idiots that don’t know mma and think the guy that moves forward is the winner, can snap already and give it up…..

      • Thom says:

        instead of looking at overall useless striking stats u should score each rd seperately and after doing so u will see diaz won rd 1,2 and 5 and legends like gracie, anderson, chuck, hendo etc agree!

        • Mo says:

          But all 3 judges and countless others don’t, So everybody STFU and get over it. If he won the fight then lost to GSP, he would’ve said the same thing and quit like a BITCH ! My son is a better sport than him, lil guy is only 7..FANS OF THE MMA WORLD, PLEASE READ SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY WITH ME: DIAZ LOST THE FIGHT AND IT DOES NOT MATTER HOW MUCH I WHINE AND BITCH BUT I CAN NEVER CHANGE THAT.

        • Don,t get the opinion of two fighters that went out getting their ask beat. Let’s get the opinion of the future gsp, bones, Anderson, dominator and they all picked condit..

      • mikej says:

        agree. MMA fans can be complete morons. The fighter avoiding damage and counter attacking with impunity is winning. Diaz was chasing condit around the ring and getting kicked repeatedly. What did Diaz do? He threw some good punches, and a lot of kicks and punches into the air. Diaz didn’t deserve a win. He didn’t beat Condit.

  4. banks says:

    Haha condit got the interim title and lost fans and respect.. diaz lost title but gained fans and more respect… fair trade

  5. wow says:

    Poll is pointless, the diaz fans will vote diaz, and conit fans will vote condit. Even though condit wasn’t the aggressor he landed more strikes and won. It’s that simple.

  6. banks says:

    Sure condit won we get it but who really wants to support the leg kick warrior haha not me

    • mikej says:

      Easy calling him “leg kick warrior”. You see his fights before? See him put Dan Hardy to sleep? Hardy went the distance with GSP. Condit had good submissions and power in his legs, knees and hands. The strategy of the fight was to avoid getting punched in the face over and over again against a brilliant boxer. BJ Penn should learn something from this fight.

      • banks says:

        Yoo i agree condits sick. and i was lookin forward to the dog fight hetalked about but didnt happen cuz he decided to contradict himself n play it safe.. He won and congrats to him. im jus not the type to support that type of fighter is all.. n this is a discussion thread if ur tired of discussing the topic why read and post comments¿¿

  7. LEO says:

    he won ppl shut up

  8. LEO says:

    he won fair and square move on there wont be a rematch!

  9. LEO says:

    i like diaz and condit and condit won thats the fact and people need to stop with the bs he wasnt robbed condit won fair and square regardless if you believe it was a good fight he won thats is the fact

  10. Amarob says:

    James Troy aka “the guy nick Diaz has sex with” is crazy… Confit landed more… Why do these idiots think that the guy walking toward is the guy winning… Tell that to most of liddells opponents in his glory days… Just because your backing up doesn’t mean your losing… Counter punching is what won it for condit… Nicks face was way worse looking and his leg was messed up bad from those kicks… Condit won… Nuff said

    Also Troy if the UFC didn’t wanna cut him from the fight then why did they just do exactly that for the rematch…

  11. anonymous says:

    I agree with Thom. Scoring each round independently most people will say he won 1, 2 and 5 which should have won him the fight despite being outstruck overall. The judges simply disagree. And I doubt this was rigged, judges just do stupid things.

  12. Ballz Mahoney says:

    So “baby leg kicks” really count? Nick won the fight by controlling the Octogon and dishing out more punishment. Take away the “baby leg kicks” and Nick out struck Condit. Those kicks don’t count they never hurt or slowed Nick from chasing Condit down and laying clean power shots. I think I saw Condit land 2 or 3 decent kick punch combo’s other than that Nick dominated in the pocket.

  13. LEO - Fail in person. says:

    LEO strikes again! LOL!

  14. Chris8o8 says:

    I really didn’t care who won this fight. But to me i think Condit won the last 3 rds and Diaz 1st 2nd. Condit to me was just playing it smart not letting Diaz just tee off on him. I mean he was kind of fighting like Machida hitting and moving away. which also frustrated Diaz just like how Machida does to his opponents. You don’t just stand in front of your opponent and let them hit you. Of course that would make a less exciting fight but still.

  15. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I wasn’t impressed with this main event. It was probably the worst main event I have seen in a while. I want to see Condit defend his belt that way we can see if he deserves to be in that interim ww champ status, a real fight.

  16. banks says:

    Haha jus cuz condit landed more strikes doesnt mean he won fight he could land 100 leg kick in one round lose the rest and still have landed more strikes.. i jus dont like play it safe fighters

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      You know, this fight was easier to call in favor of Condit than Cerrone vs Nate. How much is a take down worth and how much do strikes weigh in? Cerrone got a shit ton of sweeps on Nate and still lost but he also got out pointed by a huge margin.

      • slacker says:

        True. Grappling is second behind strikes. Condit hit Diaz with a shin kick to the head that just about dropped Diaz earlier that round. If he had, he would have jumped on him and probably finished him. Whereas, Diaz never really got close to submitting Condit in a ground exchange that saw Condit control his wrists almost to perfection, and ended with Condit reversing him.

        • learntoread says:

          “just about dropped” him? lol.

          Sorry man, Diaz was no where near close to going down. Sure it was Condit’s best strike of the entire fight (as for the rest, let’s face it, they were pretty weak looking strikes in terms of damage)…that kicks you speak of hardly even phased Nick, didn’t even move him really. When Nick hit Condit hard with punches during various rounds, you clearly saw Carlos’ head bounce/ricochet backwards.

        • slacker says:

          Yeah, he snapped his neck back with that kick. On power strikes, it was very even with Condit landing more power combinations and Diaz some single power shots. Also, in the 5th, early on, Condit buckled Diaz with a “baby leg kick” to the back of the leg. So much for the argument that Condit’s kicks were having no effect on him. A worthwhile note is that, when you have two guys with incredible cardio and incredible chins, it will be very hard for either to finish. Thus, the superior gameplan by Condit’s side.

        • learntoread says:

          Yes, Condit hit Diaz with ONE good inside leg kick for sure, that was it for ‘effective’ leg kicks, the rest were pretty weak in comparison. And yes, ONE clean kick to the face, but it really didn’t even phase Diaz in the least (I’ve seen dudes get rocked by head kicks and wobbled/rocked, like what Cerrone did to Siver a couple times, that did not happen in this fight though bro).

        • slacker says:

          One?!! He hit him with 3 or 4 power kicks to the back of the leg in the first round alone. He nailed him with some “every” round and you could hear those things land. It was that accumulation of power kicks to the back of the legs that caused him to buckle in the first minute of the 5th. So, to me, that says this guy is ready to fall – accumulative power kicks were adding up. As for best chance of finishing, you are saying Diaz had the best chance on the ground there in the 5th. But Carlos controlled his wrists the entire time, except for that moment where Carlos pushed his arm off his chin preventing any secured submission attempt. Otherwise, I would be inclined to give you the nod on that claim about best chance to finish. It was a very dramatic ending, but I think the claim that he was close to finishing him is highly exaggerated by Diaz’ fans. For most, it’s an attempt to discredit Condit and strengthen their push to influence others and themselves into believing that Diaz won that night. It was a great last minute effort and if he had gotten his arm under his chin or straightened that arm on the arm bar he was going for, then yeah, Condit would have been in threat of being finished. But it never happened.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          The reason I hate that fight so much is because no one was in any real danger. Condit was in the most danger in rd 5 when Diaz got his back but it was a fleeting danger. I would watch it again to back up my claims but then someone would need to pay me….

          I think Condit won but he didn’t prove anything to the rest of the division. He needs to defend his championship by fighting Ellenberger or somebody… I forget who he is fighting on Fuel.

        • slacker says:

          Yeah, I agree. I prefer a fight at least where one guy wobbles or is in danger of being finished…. something like that. I think he proved to the other guys that he has more ways to win than just standing and trading. That makes him very dangerous indeed. If you want to win more fights, hold onto a streak or be a champion, it makes sense to me that you don’t want to stick your chin out there every single fight. That’s my opinion. Even Koscheck, who likes to stand and trade is realizing that he needs to fall back on his wrestling sometimes to secure a win.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          I think Kos is lying when he says his face is numb near the orbital bone. He has been looking real tentative in his striking has looked really shitty lately even in the Matt Hues fight.

        • slacker says:

          You mean you think that he is understating how bad the injury is? It’s much worse than just numbness? Any thoughts on what it could be?

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          KOS always squints his eyes and twitches his nose, like it is runny. I am unsure of he always has done that but I can assume he is either afraid to break his orbital again or it’s his Achilles Heel and he doesn’t want anyone to know about it.

        • slacker says:

          Yeah, right. I see what you are saying. I saw him twitching his face in the Pierce fight too. It instantly reminded me of his fight with George. Well, his stand – up has improved since he first started, but he has still never been able to establish an effective jab on the feet. His reach is 74″, which is pretty good (Jake Shields is only 72″). Guys who do have effective jabs like George and Pierce seemed to be bringing out that weird facial reaction and maybe his difficulty in fighting through it. I dunno. Yeah, maybe he has some physical issue he was born with or maybe George did some permanent damage.

  17. Ly-er says:

    Well this question is pointless now, cause regardless this would have been ruled a “no contest” even if he did get the decision! Couldn’t just have waited for his “victory puff” after the fight, geez!! LOL

  18. Brandon Wheaton says:

    If you can bitchslap a guy mid fight and get away with it, you win.

  19. Anon Ymous says:

    LOL @ this meaning the “fans have spoken”.

  20. BigHurt says:

    Hey who won the Diaz vs Condit fight? Oh that’s right Condit won, Less QQ Diaz fan’s!

  21. LEO says:

    LEO – Fail in person

    Suck it up

  22. Matt s says:

    Its irrelevant who won anyway. Because of nicks negative drugs test if he had of beaten condit it wud b a no contest. So it would of been nixed anyway.

  23. Natural says:

    Ok so popularity contest make u the people’s champ how rediculos can this get.
    Well really then Bjs the people’s interim rutile holder then

  24. banks says:

    Since when do warriors play it safe.. Im not a judge but im also not a fan of the guy who talks big hype and then back peddles and kicks legs not sayin condits gameplan wasnt a good one.. jus not one i find entertaining at all.. i hope george takes him down n splits his head open so condit can go back his fight to finish against non title contenders style

  25. stone cold says:

    nick diaz and bj penn should fight for ther interim belt! no pussies should be the champ. this is a fight not a triathalon. int he meantime i gotta watch that fight again

    • mikej says:

      I am a boxing fan, so I like strategic victories as much as brawls. I really enjoyed the fight. Imagine if you were in a fight with someone that you had no shot at out punching or boxing. What would be your strategy? Stand with them until you get overwhelmed and knocked out? Or avoid damage and counter strike until they hopefully tire and weaken or make a mistake.

  26. Amarob says:

    For all of the guys that say nick hit with more power punches and the leg kicks didn’t hurt… Did you see his face and leg… His leg looked like fabers after Aldo… And his face was worse than condits… Also condit landed like 3 or 4 clean head kicks… He did so well on the feet that nick changed his game plan and tried to take the fight to the ground… He got beat on the feet… Suck it up…

    • bbjr says:

      His leg looked like Fabre after Aldo??? You gotta me kidding me. What Jose Aldo was landing were leg kicks that actually did damage. Nick wasn’t even limping are you kidding me???! His face was worse than Condits cause he got a couple scrapes. Look at the medical suspension list dumbass. Condit got suspended for a right cheek laceration….Nick Diaz absolutely fine.

      • mikej says:

        Technicality. A laceration could happen to anyone just with the angle of the punch or area. Obviously if YOU WATCHED THE FIGHT you’d have seen that Condit was whipping some hard leg kicks. Diaz can take punishment, thats no question.

  27. magoo says:

    Now that Diaz got busted for smoking pot….is he really the real winner?

  28. slacker says:

    Diaz fans are just envious because Condit was faster with his so -called “baby leg kicks” than Diaz’ oh – so damaging “pitter – patter” punches, which always drive up “his” punch stats and highly distort and misrepresent his striking effectiveness. lol

  29. Ronnnin says:

    Diaz shouldve sprint to that motherfucker

    • slacker says:

      Maybe if he wasn’t high, along with his brother, who must have been “high” to tell him he was up 3 – 1, going into the last round, maybe he would have been more alert and pushed the pace.

  30. Brett says:

    Why are people so bias with there opinions? condit just used a strat that was effective and it worked it beat diaz to the punch and won him the fight. diaz should have used power punches he might of won the fight with on power punch.

    • Axeholes says:

      I agree, Brett, and here’s another reason Diaz lost…
      “As above, so below” principle:
      If people think Carlos was successful at running away from Nick, then maybe Nick sucks at cutting off opponents in the ring.

      Oh, I’m sorry, there’s no “maybe” about it. Nick’s cutting off Carlos’s escapes sucked ass. Learn to cut off the ring, Nick! That’s boxing/kickboxing 101!
      Dan Henderson knows how to do that perfectly!

  31. Gareth Hobbs says:

    I wanted Diaz to win the fight. At first I thought Diaz won it, but after watching it again, it was clear Condit won.

    Diaz pressed the action & took Condit’s back in the 5th. His game plan was his downfall. He fought as a boxer & failed to adjust his approach until it was too late.

    Condit landed more effective strikes & looked the fresher fighter after 5 rounds.

    Sure if you make changes to the scoring system you can argue for a different decision. The judges didn’t have that option.

    If you listen to Joe’s comments during the fight (pre outside influences), he could see Diaz was in trouble.

    It was a unanimous decision right?

    • learntoread says:

      Yes it was a unanimous decision, so was Machida vs. Rua 1.

      And no, Diaz was never in any “trouble” during the entire fight. Condit, on the other hand, was in some trouble on the ground at the end of the 5th. That’s really the closest the fight ever came to being finished.

  32. slacker says:

    Rogan’s loudest reaction during the entire fight was to the shin kick across Diaz’ face in the 5th which almost dropped him. Diaz didn’t come close to finishing Condit, and Condit reversed Diaz’ before the fight ended. Of course, the always honest Diaz, said if he had known he was down 3 – 1 on the judges’ card, he would have just submitted Carlos by armbar. lol Oh yeah. We believe you Nick. You could have but you just didn’t bother. Let’s translate what Nick truly meant here, minus his pompous ego: “Knowing what the judges scorecards were, was irrelevant to me in that moment. I was trying to straighten Carlos’ arm so I could make an armbar submission attempt, but I couldn’t because he was physically stronger than me.”

    • learntoread says:

      Sorry man, there was absolutely no “almost dropped him”. That kick didn’t even move Diaz back. lol

      The closest the fight ever came to being finished was when Diaz had dominant position and had Carlos’ back, that was the only time through the entire fight that either fight was in any “trouble”.

    • sick of whiners says:

      Nicely put

  33. slacker says:

    haha. Well, I can tell your over – compensating firmness on that makes yourself feel better anyways.

  34. giggaplex says:

    the poll don’t lie

  35. Ale says:

    relax, diaz lose the match, it’s fact !

  36. GET RID OF FITCH says:

    I think if the cage door had swung open during the Diaz/Condit fight Condit would have ran out and kept running all the back to New Mexico. Carlos ” calib starnes” Condit or the natural born runner should be his new nickname because after that discrace performance of running away from Diaz for 25 minutes he can no longer call himself teh natural born killer. WE all know Greg jackson is the one that made Condit fight like a pussy and run away like a bitch so he could come back and fight another day.
    What really sucks is I (WAS) a huge Condit fan until that (THEFT) of a decision he stole from Diaz. Let’s just pray the old Condit comes back and fights against GSP next year. Please don’t even get your hopes up GSP will be out another year TRUST ME

    • Matt says:

      You are the most biased person ive seen in awhile. Not only did Diaz lose he lost definitively. Just because you like him doesn’t mean he won. And you have balls calling a man who has more finishes than Diaz has wins a natural born runner. Thats called movement and its part of good boxing unlike Diaz who just has good hands. Diaz couldnt finish it and neither could condit cause they are both very good. I’m a fan of both but your out of it if you think Diaz won.

  37. wootty says:

    Im sorry to say it ,, I wanted Diaz to win ,, so I could see a Diaz gsp fight ,, but I do think Condit out foxed him ,, if Diaz was smart enough he would of adjusted ,, mid fight instead of waiting untill the end of rnd 5 ,,, unlucky pot head ,,, I beleive in octagon controll and aggression only , if your not eating shots on the way in .

  38. sick of whiners says:

    You guys that think Diaz won must be HIGH (Pun Intended) Look at the numbers. Numbers don’t lie. Sinifigant Strikes Condit 159 Diaz 117. End of story. Quit penalizing Condit based on the FACT that Diaz couldn’t hit him.

  39. Chartmonster says:

    Bunch of fkn idiots out here! Condit won easy and made Diaz look stupid..well thats not too difficult to do! Carlos by UD!

  40. killa says:

    diaz won 1,2, and 5.

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