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Friday, 03/16/2012, 08:50 am

Poll Results | Who takes the rematch Chael Sonnen or Anderson Silva?

We are still a few months out from the proposed middleweight title fight between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen. However, we wanted to take to our polls and get everyone’s early predictions on this highly anticipated rematch between the two top middleweights.

Having already faced each other, Chael Sonnen and Anderson Silva have what can only be considered the most bitter rivalry in Mixed Martial Arts today. Chael has been campaigning against his Brazilian counterpart steadily over the past two years and has become a fan favorite in the process.

The two last fought at UFC 117 in 2010. In the original matchup Chael Sonnen outworked and clearly beat Anderson Silva for the first four frames of action only to give up the fight when he got submitted in the final round.

He then went on to get suspended for abuse of testosterone and through a highly publicized Athletic Commission case got suspended for 12-months.

Since his return to action Sonnen has taken out all that have stood in his way, but can he do it against Anderson in the rematch?

In this week’s poll, we asked, are you Team Sonnen or Team Silva?

Almost 6,000 votes were cast but the fans have spoken and they stand behind the Brazilian.

64.9% (3,758 votes) of you who took part in this week’s poll are in favor of Anderson Silva retaining his title over Chael Sonnen and the other 35.1% (2,034) believe that Chael can finish what he started back in 2012.

Thanks for participating this week. We will get a new poll up sometime in the next few days!

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43 Responses to “Poll Results | Who takes the rematch Chael Sonnen or Anderson Silva?”

  1. true that says:

    anderson, healthy, will bury phael

  2. Dave says:

    The poll was closer than I thought it’d be!!

  3. Xaninho says:

    So 35.1% of the people on here are clueless fanboys?

    But good to see at least 64.9% of the people on here knows a lil something about martial arts and MMA.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      C’mon, X, you know there are some blind as hell, biased, nuthugging, clueless ass Phael Sonnen fanboys on here that say Phael will beat Anderson “again”. Pathetic as they sound, they are out there

    • Kyle says:

      Because pulling for the fan favorite means your an mma expert. No what it means is that 35% of people arent band wagon nut huggers. Ive never been a silva fan, nor a lesner, nor a gsp. Doesnt mean they arent good fighters

  4. Jason N says:

    Is this a serious question?

  5. Jason N says:

    He said last night on MMA uncensored that he was never accused of wrong doing. Seriously. When hi isn’t talking out his ass he isn’t that bad of a guy. Problem is he talks out of his ass a lot. Trying to like the guy.

  6. slacker says:

    I wish this would be close like last time, but it won’t be. Chael will be lucky if he gets one take – down: Silva’s footwork will be back to it’s speedy self without the rib injury. I think Silva is going to give him the “Smell my foot special” to the chin. Or, he might just have fun with him and beat him up for 5 rounds just to discipline and humiliate his ass.

  7. Ronda shite says:

    cheal you suck monkey balls for breakfast you irish bug

  8. Magoo says:

    Chael can finish what he started back in 2012…???? WTF???

  9. Mat says:

    I’m not a clueless fanboy. And I am a huge Anderson Silva fan. But since I gre up in West Linn Oregon I want Chael to win, and nothing any of you say is ever gonna change that. Of course Anderson is the favorite. I expect Anderson to win. But I think if Chael can implement his game like he did last time, and fight a bit more defensively, he can win. Not saying I’m positive it will happen, but Anderson is getting old. I think if anyone at MW can beat Anderson right now it is Chael.


    • Xaninho says:

      I can understand you will root for your local fighter. Nothing wrong with that. In the coming fight between Overeem and JDS, I will root for Overeem cause he’s Dutch like me. At the same time I’ve always liked and respected JDS alot so I won’t mind much if he wins it.

      But back to the subject, I don’t think Sonnen has what it takes to beat Silva. His victory over Bisping was by a very controversial decision. And Stann’s performance was very, very disappointing.

      But rooting for your local fighter isn’t wrong.

  10. kevin says:

    I want chael to win, but im not stupid. Chael has no chance in winning in brazil.

  11. This fight it’s gonna be nasty for Chael, he’s gonna get his ass whooped big time…

  12. Nolo says:

    what he started back in 2012 huh?

  13. charlie says:

    so 35% of the people polled actually think that a b-level fighter is going to beat the best P4P fighter in history? interesting.
    in mma, anything’s possible….but it’s a long-shot.
    i could see a guy like munoz, or maybe vitor if he got another chance, possibly pulling off a miraculous upset. but chael isn’t even qualified to wash anderson’s jock. he wouldn’t even be in the UFC if he didn’t talk so much.

  14. bizzle(boss of all bosses) says:

    Silva takes rematch again.. Easy payday.. :)

  15. jonesy says:

    i think silva will take rematch….BUT I ALWAYS WONDERED WAS THERE ANY PROOF THAT ANDERSON WENT INTO THE CHEAL FIGHT HURT >??? OR DID HE REALY GET HURT FROM CHEAL ??? and im a anderson fan,,just always wondered

  16. lupo says:

    sonnen is a dick imagine him as champ that would suck silva by ko

  17. Chlamydia Pants says:

    I can’t believe Chael is going to give Anderson a rematch. He decisively beat Anderson at 117..he even has the belt to prove it.

  18. Mike Hawk says:

    All you Anderson dick riders are beyond fucking stupid. You don’t whoop someone’s ass for almost 5 rounds on accident. Chael had multiple subs he could have went for but never did. Why do you think he tapped Stann out? Have fun you filthy fuckin morons

  19. Mike Hawk says:

    All you Anderson dick riders are fucking beyond stupid. You don’t just beat the shit out of the champ for the better part of 5 rds on accident. Not to mention Anderson has dominated one of the WORST DIVISIONS IN THE UFC. Just look at the fact that a large # of his opponents aren’t even in the ufc anymore!!!!! James Irvin Travis luter (missed weight) Thales leites Nate Marquardt and okami just got destroyed.

  20. Brooksy says:

    Haha shut the fuck up mike hawk you cocksucker chael Sonnen didn’t even beat Bisping let alone the greatest fighter to
    Walk the planet and he’s gonna get the shit kicked out of him in brazil END OF STORY!

    • syn says:

      bisping is way stronger then anderson silva whole other skill set bisping is a far worse match-up for chael not saying i think chael has this one in the bag but its 50/50 atleast

  21. JEFF KIMLER says:


  22. GET RID OF FITCH says:

    I would willing to bet any amount the UFC will allow Sonnen to be JUICED up out of his mind again and that is why the fight is going to be in Brazil. UFC will not test Sonnen. all Dana cares about is the fight being competitive and he knows unless Sonnen is JUICED up out of his mind he doesn’t stand a chance. Only reason Sonnen did as good as he did in last fight was his 3400 testosterone level.

    • K2 says:

      I’m not sure if it’s standard practice for Brazil but I believe all fighters who are in a championship fight have to take a drug test. At least in the states they do, not sure of it’s a UFC thing or a US thing, but all championship fighters are tested. And if you ‘popped’ on a test before you have a higher chance of being tested after a fight as well.

  23. Ruben says:

    No testosterone = easy money for Silva

  24. Anderson Silva is G.O.A.T. says:

    Chael is gonna lose. All of you that think he didn’t do steroids, let me ask you this… why do you need TRT? Realistically, there are only two legitimate reasons why Sonnen would require TRT:
    1) Chael Sonnen is experiencing a genuine case of Andropause (a.k.a. male menopause), lowered testosterone levels due to age. Although possible, at a visibly healthy and vital 33 years old, that should lead folks to suspicion.
    2)Chael has congenital hypogonadism, meaning he was born with it. But if this were the case, Sonnen would probably have a record of TRT spanning his MMA career.
    As for the obvious, more logical illegitmate reasonings:
    1) It’s likely that Chael Sonnen, as an attempt to get an edge in this strenuous sport, may have cycled anabolic steroids, and as a result he experienced decreased testosterone levels. In order to bring his “test” levels back within normal range, he was prescribed testosterone replacement therapy. But, then again, his post-UFC 117 test levels were above normal — suspicous yet?
    1)This whole TRT thing is a paid off doctor’s mask for an anabolic steroid cycle.

  25. Ifan says:

    Just in case you guys have something mixed up – EVERY SINGLE ONE of these guys is juiced up. To hell with all the “testing” they do.
    In pro sports EVERY CONTENDER is juiced up to the head.
    To those of you, who are gonna say “U sonnen nuthuga silva iz gunna beat sunnens ass cuz he no tak steriods cuz he skinni az heel” – get this – Silva is on juice as well. He’s not caught just like Brock Lesnar was never caught, just like Overeem was never caught and so on.
    On a different topic, I still think Silva is going to get the win over Sonnen.

  26. Adam says:

    Lol whoever says Silvas gonna knock him out first round. you need to get you’re head straight cause clearly you did not watch the one sided slug fest the first fight was and all these “healthy” comments no fighter is ever healthy or 100% when they fight. if any of you ever played a contact sport you would understand this.

  27. brawler says:

    Chaels a convicted cheater. He should just shut his mouth and take another loss. Silva will knock him out this time.

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